August 9 go situation, the conform to that before be being mixed basically, forecasts. Annulus oxygen chloric propane / market of double phenolic A is horizontal dish arrange. Annulus is chloric small go up (+ 200 yuan / ton) , shade of double phenolic A drops (- 100 yuan / ton) , colophony cost face still is balanced. LER maintains the current situation to give priority to, downstream and wait-and-see state of mind is changeless, clinch a deal delicate, a few just needed to exchange views. Because the factory has early days order to be in hand and delivery slants close, offer actively adjust less. As we have learned, this week annulus is chloric stop production device restores, may have a bit effect to the market; But the city after double phenolic A has uncertainty, come extremely likely with current condition a reverse (annulus is chloric weak double phenol is strong) . Interest is at present much with benefit sky the message is short of break, below appear extremely likely bigger trend sex is fluctuant, nominal and bull will compete each other, act according to circumstance it is good to hold.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City