Epoxy resin application is characteristic: 1, the form is diversiform. All sorts of colophony board, the requirement that system of solidify agent, modifier can get used to all sorts of application to put forward to the form almost, its limits can burn solid to Gao Rong from inferior viscosity. 2, solidify is convenient. Choose all sorts of different solidify agents, epoxy resin board the system can be in almost 180 ℃ of 0 ~ the solidify inside temperature limits. 3, conglutinate force is powerful. Epoxy resin board some of the solid in molecular catenary relatively sexual hydroxyl and the existence that ether bolts, make its have very high conglutinate power to all sorts of material. Epoxy resin board the contractility when solidify is low, the internal stress of generation is little, this also conduces to increase conglutinate strength. 4, contractility is low. Epoxy resin board the reaction of the solidify agent that uses with place is react through direct addition or oxygen of the annulus in colophony board element base response of open loop polymerization will undertake, volatile without water or other by-product is given off. They with not saturated polyester board photograph compares colophony of colophony board, phenolic aldehyde, very low contractility is shown in solidify process (be less than 2% ) . 5, mechanical function. The epoxy resin after solidify board the system has good mechanical performance.

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