Time look 2021, domestic epoxy resin goes up to drop greatly greatly, with one climax following another, like a rising wind and scudding clouds, whole presents “M” model go situation. Colophony of Chu Huadong liquid is low in January offer all valence is in 20050 yuan / ton, push by March go up to all valence 34500 yuan / ton. End epoxy resin of Hua Dong liquid will soare on April 14 reach 40500 yuan / ton, go up relatively the beginning of the year turns over times, for annual big amplitude, achieve the history new tall. 2 quarters turn around drop, drop sign is clear, ji Jun price 32336 yuan / ton. After second half of the year appears to go up first as before, drop go situation, face Hua Dong of close the end of the year colophony of liquid of outfit of bucket of the last ten-day of a month will offer in December in 25500-26500 yuan / ton between. The Spring Festival will come, small long holiday has no new year's day downstream stock up evidence, market new sheet buys air cooling Qing Dynasty, year end of partial colophony factory yields benefit sales promotion, hand in deliver on the low side of centre of gravity, gross profit closes narrow. 2021, because home market is supplied abroad is extremely nervous, cold first quarter weather influence, and periphery heavy goods rises it is good to wait for benefit drive, double phenolic A and epoxy resin are brushing New Year ceaselessly inside new tall, double phenolic A is tall offer reach 30000 yuan / ton, go up compared to the same period 250% . Chloric propane of oxygen of annulus of another important raw material also is being chased after tall, tall times dish 21500 yuan / ton, farther exciting epoxy resin continues to climb tall. Because epoxy resin goes up bigger, face costly raw material to be digested hard downstream, market of the last ten-day of a month will come in April by June, 128 prices begin domestic liquid epoxy resin to be adjusted downward continuously, main because of downstream demand a large number of reducing, of early days price rise considerably, bring about a part to issue tourist door gain to turn to be worth to lose, and partial terminal industry appears a few substitute, decrease stage by stage to the demand of epoxy resin downstream. 5-6 month, downstream wind-force generates electricity demand is decreased suddenly, electron and coating industry also appear reduce a current, integral demand decreases considerably, manufacturing business inventory increases, new sheet offers yield benefit and price of double phenolic A goes suppress raw material situation, market price case is in passageway of be issued to lower levels. 7-8 month epoxy resin still basically gets raw material impact of double phenolic A is bigger. Double August phenolic A all valence breaks through 27400 yuan / ton achieve the 2nd monthly inside year new tall. Get cost drive, epoxy resin is entered again go up passageway. Especially every week attention of the person that contest of double phenolic A pats petrifaction of 3 short for Zhejiang Province to get mart job fully, contest pats valence to affect double phenolic A to go directly situation, additional inside and outside of double phenolic A dish supply insecurity, import the influence such as freight delay, perch runs the main trend that makes double phenolic A to go situation. Because this is under high cost drive, epoxy resin market level goes up ceaselessly. Enter September, double phenolic A dives considerably, suffer a disastrous decline. Epoxy resin of the first ten days of a month will appear in September narrow cut fall after a rise, but suffer subsequently double accuse to affect annulus of another important raw material chloric soare, epoxy resin continues to maintain go up posture. Double raw material of prep close behind of market of the epoxy resin after the National Day changes to next phase the gender is adjusted. Chu Huadong will be installed 128 pails in October offer 37500 yuan / ton, end market of colophony of liquid of Hua Dong area will offer on December 30 in 25500-26500 yuan / ton, solid sheet can be discussed. On one hand, the slump in price of chloric propane of oxygen of raw material annulus, regression comes the level before a few months, be in especially around will drop November situation for apparent, be in up to referenced on December 30 price 15800-16000 yuan / ton. Factory of ECH of early days home centers the overhaul, the market is supplied slant close, and raw material fluid is chloric go up greatly with glycerine price, the price of ECH is pulled quickly from this litre. As the fall after a rise of fluid chloric price, manufacturer of propylene law ECH takes the lead in depreciating, in the period of be issued to lower levels of whole of industry of downstream epoxy resin, the price drops continuously, occurrence cost of plant of glycerine law ECH is hanged and fall the phenomenon of negative stop production. On the other hand BPA of four quarters raw material drops sign is clear, the many sided benefit such as put into production of buy of end of overhaul of plant of a few pairs of big phenolic A, new clothes is empty, double phenolic A goes considerably drop, double December phenolic A already fall after a rise comes relatively low the price, the manufacturer continues the space that “ cuts fleshy ” is not large, enter long-term low confuse situation. Domestic liquid epoxy resin and double raw material went 2021 spend related situation bigger, among them 1-8 and double phenolic A walk along situation conform to, dependency is bigger, chloric dependency of epoxy resin and annulus is bigger September, the four seasons spends double raw material all influential, and end of four quarters demand is entered low confuse posture, the market is unusually quiet, short-term difficult character improves. Annulus oxygen is chloric 2021 propane price all the way wide go up narrow drop, the raise on concussion, annulus oxygen is chloric in September after propane spurt in prices, start calendar year new tall, progressively regression is subsequently rational, annual whole in order to go up situation give priority to. Current, certain price of raw material propylene is given priority to, glycerine market is held firm move, cost face is propped up finite, the market anticipates supply increases, downstream demand follow-up is not worth together with, the market is handed in project aura delicate, predict short-term inside, market of annulus oxygen chloric propane or will weak force are arranged give priority to. Annulus goes chloricly situation still have variable actually, rise at the beginning of next month, shandong some is big the works falls because of reason negative 7 when becoming 20 days; Suffer effect of Olympic Winter Games, heibei predicts 1.28 ~ twice 2.15 meetings jockey; Jiangsu some is big the factory receives exit sheet, there cannot be spot sale before the middle ten days of a month in Feburary, of market supply decrease to let annulus chloric price invert likely. 2022, the epoxy resin of Jiangsu luck constant is about formal and ablaze come on stage, the chain of annulus oxygen industry that the group turns in is about to laugh be proud all corners of the country; Licence of a year of safe production is lain between to already was gotten when national capital of elder brother hill in one's hand, full load production does not have an obstacle after the Spring Festival; The epoxy resin device such as Lin of division of state of a person of extraordinary powers of Zhejiang Wu Zhong, Zhejiang, Fujian first half of the year will in succession put into production, the annulus oxygen device such as peaceful of constant of hill of star of Anhui of second half of the year, copper also builds complete, more annulus oxygen projects in the ascendant, epoxy resin 1000 army the situation of 10 thousand Ma Qi go into battle has been formed. Grow Lv turn back, future but period, 2022, the road before epoxy resin produces supply and marketing is boundless, road block and long, whetstone is sent all right far, travel criterion will come, is everybody ready? Be ready! Always preparing!

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