Inc. of group of Jinan emperor spring on May 19, 2022, on Shanghai stock exchange card way develops a center to interact with video and network means was held 2021 year and quarterly outstanding achievement and cash share out bonus explained 2022 meeting.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shengquannian is produced can will achieve 670 thousand tons of outstanding achievement to be able to go up, holy spring group shows, it is normal that the company produces management situation at present, after project of colophony of 230 thousand tons of phenolic aldehyde of company builds go into operation entirely, produce per year can will achieve 670 thousand tons, it is manufacturer of big production of phenolic aldehyde colophony. Holy spring is straw green energy-saving and integrated use the person that lead and airship of ” of “ god boat to return manufacturer of raw material of cabin heat preservation, colophony of dominant product furan and dimensions of produce and sale of phenolic aldehyde colophony rank home, front row, chip photoetching glue uses a variety of products such as steel of small core of spring of electronic colophony, emperor to break foreign monopoly with PCB of communication of colophony, 5G. The company has mature price to adjust a mechanism, can seasonable basis the element such as raw material price and market supply and demand, timely adjust product sale price. Many product product line already all built aspect yield a line, holy spring introduces on the meeting, at present Daqing project is in trial production, plan to be advanced normally according to the company, the carbon of implementation decreases a quantity to had not changed at present show channel. The company produces per year product line of project of colophony of glue of 500 tons of photoetching to already built, product line product already passed client attestation, begin to be used for goods for the client. The design of Zhuhai subsidiary is produced can be colophony of 60 thousand tons of phenolic aldehyde and epoxy resin of 10 thousand tons of special type, among them colophony of 20 thousand tons of phenolic aldehyde and epoxy resin of 4000 tons of special type already built first phase put into production, 2 period colophony of 40 thousand tons of phenolic aldehyde and epoxy resin of 6000 tons of special type will build go into operation 2023. About the charcoal element positive pole with wide perspective, holy spring expresses, colophony of electric conduction phenolic aldehyde replaces traditional coal tar pitch to produce charcoal element positive pole as bond is a brand-new phenolic aldehyde colophony application domain, the market guides the time with proper need, only at present a few products are sold, gained the wide attention of the market, approbate spent promotion as the market, will form a quantity to produce in succession. Picture outstanding achievement grows but the outstanding achievement that durative insusceptible announces according to holy spring shows, the company realized business income to be 8.825 billion yuan 2021, grow 6.08% compared to the same period; Vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder is 687 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 21.62% . The company realized business income to be 2.226 billion yuan first quarter 2022, grow 16.53% compared to the same period; Vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder is 125 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 21.81% . Notable is, while Shengquanji's round net gain drops, money of company receivable Zhang and receivable bill remaining sum are in however climb litre. Can see in the annual report that publishs this, holy spring managed cash shedding to be 2021 - 227 million, and 2022 quarter, only cash reserve in a bank of company generation management sex flows for - 825 million yuan, continue to be pour out of condition completely. To this, holy spring responds to his to basically fasten raw material to rise in price in survey reach sale to increase bring about goods in stock and receivable Zhang money to increase be caused by. Investor notices, the data that examines is checked to show in look forward to, up to now, the juridical copy clerk that involves holy spring group shares 474, among them business contract dispute amounts to 300. Cash of tall look forward to of amount of receivable Zhang money, management sex flows state aggravation, investor people fear whether the group meets Shengquanji in succession existence reclaims risk. Holy spring group makes a response say to this, sufferred epidemic situation effect first quarter 2022, on one hand the company supplies catenary risk to be on guard, increased safe reserve, on the other hand, the sale answers a paragraph to suffer epidemic situation to affect somewhat defer, accord with market condition and industry characteristic. Additional, means of main settle accounts is company sale payment for goods bank acceptance, company of one season end still had remaining sum of 800 million much bank acceptance 2022. On put together, afore-mentioned circumstances won't affect a company the dominant position in industrial catenary, also won't affect company outstanding achievement to grow but durative.

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