Recently, one unit enlarge can transform liquid of device of colophony of ministry of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction the project drives successful. One unit passes colophony device liquid this second transform, manufacturing process, man-hour shortens further, the craft that move actor is achieved after producing condition firmly, produce per year can will promote 50 thousand tons by 30 thousand tons, the quality parameter such as diaphaneity of product colour and lustre, condensate promotes considerably, specific power consumption and contaminant discharge gross to be reduced continuously, manufacturing cost fry batter in a thin layer is thin, can satisfy LED better, adorn taste the high end such as lacquer of face of level ground of ground of oxygen of material of glue, UV, annulus to use field requirement. This enlarge can transform a project on December 28, 2020 start working, hand in in Feburary 6, 2021. This finish those who pitch the many process such as makings to transform, include the shift of much stage equipment, the installation of cop of nearly 2000 meters of craft, many appearance and electric equipment, and DCS enlarge look upgrades etc. This second transforming is in produce per year product line of epoxy resin of 30 thousand tons of liquids formerly of aspirant travel online transform, production and ability change to undertake at the same time, construction difficulty is greater. This ability changes unit of group, production and construction unit science to plan as a whole, elaborate organization, realized “ the project goal of advanced, safe, high grade, efficient ” .

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15-18 December

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