Our country has opened “ now the carbon fiber composite material that issued a variety of model norms, what realized low cost partly even is homebred change. But, want a preparation of these carbon fiber raw material to become the component that uses on high-end equipment, the figuration that needs research and development to give more automation that face composite material component to make to digitlize intelligence to change equips, if automation digitlizes a shop to put equipment, automation to digitlize three-dimensional staff facilities, this kind of equipment a few still be current what need home is badly in need of breaking through is short board technology. ” is on meeting that held recently, chan Zhongde of president of university of aerospace of project courtyard academician, Nanjing points out. 70 time have 20 centuries, home began the relevant research of composite material, study in basic research and actual application the respect obtained striking progress and positive result. But in the world, automation of composite material of such as fiber braids equipment to waited to still execute technical block to our country.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Production technology of “ advanced composite material and equipment are advanced one of production important delegates, main still support mixes the three-dimensional and prefab style of component of composite material of a few large carbon fiber artificially mechanization, semi-automatic change make, production equipment of figuration of component of composite material of three-dimensional work out is changed in automation, digitlization, intelligence on have space of very great progress, in fundamental theory respect of technology of method, critical process and systematic equipment returns need innovation to tackle key problem. ” Chan Zhongde expresses. Yan Chuliang of academician of academy of sciences points out, automation produces a technology to had become the main workmanship of composite material structure, include automatic muscle among them the shop is folded, silk of automatic shop belt, automatic shop, but our country lags behind relatively in production technology of composite material structure. “ generation material, generation craft, generation equipment ” , this is material domain familiar to the ear can a word of detailed. Extensive aerospace field uses in composite material, need composite material component to make the series breakthrough that develops to equipment more. Yan Chuliang expresses, at present the composite material of plane of branch line of the ARJ21 on civil aircraft is 5% , dosage of C919 composite material is achieved 12.5% , photograph comparing develops, our country carbon fiber and its composite material are occupied in the application of aerospace domain at present smaller than still slanting. Not only such, technology of colophony of aerospace domain composite material still lags behind, “ is thermoplastic colophony composite material agrees with automation production, can shorten production is periodic, can use circularly, abroad already the high temperature position that high temperature composite material uses colophony radical on the plane, and home did not see applied ” basically. Yan Chuliang says. In addition, yan Chuliang still points out great majority of flotsam of domestic composite material is used smash recycle or burn directly processing, control by building materials industry for the most part, aerospace industry did not recover accordingly technology, and American Boeing company built composite material to use a plant circularly, had begun operation. Look in Yan Chuliang, the application of our country composite material is the difference on method of design concept, design and method not only, still have the difference of basic research of the difference that applies dimensions and standard, data and form a complete set, production method, technological equipment, but this kind of situation general promotes ceaselessly as level of design of our country aircraft still can produce major change. What how can you just realize composite material technology and equipment better is own can you accuse and is the technology banner? Chan Zhongde expresses, composite material technology and equipment are field of main forward position research, foreground applies in the domain such as traffic of aerospace, orbit, car capacious, market demand is big. It is better to want to come true those who realize technology of advanced composite material and equipment is own can accuse, need to increase investment to support innovation research and development more, gather together the scientific research force such as place of courtyard of college, scientific research, enterprise, compose builds innovation combine and innovation community to undertake associated tackling key problem, the breakthrough ” that nods from “ tackles key problem to “ systematization ” , the high-end figuration that realizes high-powered, high quality makes equipment can accuse independently, future can promote international competition ability further, the trend leads a gender, more the exploration of forward position. “ is on the foundation that studies system of composite material technology deep, want to make composite material industry develop policy, build composite material to develop wisdom library, release current situation of technology of domestic and international advanced composite material and market information regularly, develop convoy for relevant industry health. Produce the advantage such as platform of the information of guild and society, expert, technology at the same time, strengthen technology of industry of advanced composite material to groom promote education with the profession, assure an industry the vigor from personnel of course of study, produce the advantage of scientific research system, strengthen industrial combination, those who promote technology of advanced composite material innovate in coordination. ” Yan Chuliang says.

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