On April 14, airbus helicopter company shows, according to European “ clean sky ”2 plans, the ” of gyroplane of low cost of “ high speed that by 13 countries 40 companies participate in research and development (RACER) the project already was finished in of envelope of airframe, flank and other and main part make, the factory is about to hold high to enter general assembly phase in the Buddhist nun in French horse, the plan began test-fly activity 2022.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The airframe in this machine by Elie Carafoli of Romanian aerospace institute (INCAS) the RoRCraft group that forms with aerospace company ROMAERO is made, main part uses metallic composite material to be made, roRCraft group still undertook to these main parts ground test and stress are analysed. Flank envelope nots by Germany Laoenhuofu is cast, composite material and processing technique institute use new technology to make. New-style envelope uses carbon fiber composite material (CFRP) make. With before handcrafted craft photograph is compared, rate of new technology automation is higher. In the meantime, the mechanical property that develops personnel to return pair of envelope material had a test, whole technological process also accords with flight attestation to permit the main demand of the orgnaization. Canopy is made by the Fastcan group of KLK Motorsport company of Germany and composition of M&F Gerg company, this kind of canopy is made by material of new-style carbon fiber, not only weight is light, and eye shot is good, next inspecting capability is strong, windshield is anti-corrosive, intensity is high, although also can bear below high speed condition,the bird bumps. Fuel system is made by ActionRcraft group and StrongCraft group combination. The design that former and responsible fuel puts lay aside system and make, latter is responsible fuel allocation, metric with ventilated system. Current, the ground test that RACER fuel system is accepting different weather condition and flight check. Wing by company of British AERNOVA Hamble Aerostructures and Nuodinghan advanced production institute designs the university jointly and make. This kind of new-style wing is made by high-powered zoology material, whole presents ” of distinctive ala of “ double deck (call ala of “ box type ” again) local, its weight efficiency of light, aerodynamics is tall, the lift that provides for airframe is bigger, can extend the range of RACER further. The ANGELA group design that landing gear develops a company to comprise by system of technology of Italian aviation research center, Magnaghi airline and Lithuania, make and check. This landing gear is compositive in wing and airframe interior, the obstruction when packing up is achieved small, the track when putting down is bigger, can land for RACER safety provide strong safeguard. Current, all sorts of tests that this landing gear is having comfortable boat place needs in Naples test center. Hind airframe uses design of empty guest technology by group of development of technology of company of empty straight Spain, use 3D to print a technology to make. Airframe dimension, weight is mixed after asymmetry cross section hovers in what optimize RACER plane function while, won't produce any effects to cruise flight. Additional, h form empennage and double tilt perpendicular / the stability that water decides a face to be able to increase a flight already in safety, can reduce the specific power consumption of the plane again.

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