On Feburary 22, 2022, empty guest announces what its develop to wear 0 discharge plane ZEROe project to enter new level, this type will be pushed 2035 to the market. This is meant, the demonstrative project with this old by a definite date is started formally, the hydrogen in be about to begin pair of grounds and sky can the technology has full-scale test. Design of ZEROe demonstrative machine uses hydrogen to be able to burn motivation of technical generation flight, its success development will make empty customer firm is coming true in the round it is important to be stridden on 0 discharged roads one pace. This project will check platform to go up in A380 pair of aviation hydrogen can the technology undertakes study. Empty guest A380 is the jet-propelled plane with big, at present capacious dimension, its dimension suits to be used as test platform very much. Be in early 2015, wear A380 MSN1 plane to had been used at the ground of A350-1000 type and flight test. Now, plane of A380 MSN1 test is appointed to be again frame 0 discharge a plane the test platform of relevant technology. The rear of ZEROe demonstrative machine will carry storage tank of 4 fluid hydrogen and an installation the hydric combustion engine at machine back ministry, finish then a lot of revolutionary 0 discharge a technology. Dispatching system will pass fluid hydrogen regulating system gaseous state of fluid hydrogen translate into, subsequently hydric be guided engine, burn then generation thrust. It is reported, this project is not empty customer firm to be opposite aviation hydrogen can second attempt of the technology, be in early 2000-2002 year, the main member that empty guest already regarded European Union Cryoplan as to study a project undertook study to this technology. Current, hydric combustion technology had developed aviation new level. Hydric combustion engine cooperating related is the crucial part of ZEROe demonstrative project. For this, on Feburary 22, empty guest and CFM international company (the joint-stock company that GE and Safran establish with 50/50 scale) sign an agreement, can set an example with respect to hydrogen the project spreads out collaboration. Specific will tell, CFM company will with using hydrogen active force is premise, system of the firebox to engine of fan of GE PassportTM eddy, fuel and control system undertake transforming. And with engine dimension, advanced turbine the structure is designed and fuel flow ability is a basis the choice of engine. Include engine of fluid hydrogen storage tank, hydric combustion and fluid hydrogen dispatching system inside every technology component has independence strict ground trial run, the area that has whole system again subsequently and flight check. Second flight test predicts will at future finish inside 5 years.

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