Marine and anti-fouling coating is homebred change a process to quicken be born, partial product already came end of test and verify. The reporter learned a few days ago, near future of below division of Chinese shipping group 725 institutes already was finished multinomial and homebred anti-fouling the exercise such as the besmear outfit of lacquer.

“ ocean is anti-fouling painting technology threshold is very high, be waited for for a long time by Japan forestall of developed country place, this kind of coating can solve marine biologic adherent problem, the voyage efficiency that can improve a ship considerably, life that promotes sea tool equipment. An energy agrarian chemical industry tastes ” the personage inside the course of study of research and development introduces to the reporter.

Anti-fouling coating is homebred change the process is quickened

Marine and anti-fouling coating is homebred change a process to just show hill dew till today, it is the complexity of craft on one hand, the cycle of time test and verify before throwing actual application namely on the other hand is longer. It is reported, marine and anti-fouling civil level test and verify needs paint 5 years normally, put in army article go up to need investment of ability of test and verify 7 years to use the least.

“ this test and verify is not to accomplish in one move, (research and development) very let us headache. Anti-fouling in the lab the material with very good effect, put real marine test Tian Li is washed-up, every time test and verify should pay very big time cost, can overthrow ceaselessly only come again. A personnel of industrial research and development expresses ” , dimensions changes the element such as production, process cost, many appetent block into the enterprise of the bureau was in besides enclosure.

Disclose according to industrial public figure, “ homebred ocean is anti-fouling the end that coating already began to enter cycle of test and verify in respect of civil, for military use, partial breed is shown those who come out is anti-fouling efficiency already rivalled abroad product. ”

The reporter notices, in the detailed list of project of bear the palm of award of 2023 year science and technology that Chinese shipping group published recently, 725 institutes direct research " biology source ocean is anti-fouling and active corporeal development and application " the project obtained his the technology inside the system invents first prize. The biology source ocean that this project development gives efficient environmental protection is anti-fouling and active material, the live thing that built anti-fouling and active material is sensitive answer and temperature is sensitive answer suit oneself accuse commentate technology, raise utilization rate of anti-fouling and active material considerably 50% above, prevent biology blemish effect remarkable.

According to reporter understanding, become at present produce a business anti-fouling to homebred ocean the industrialization application of coating is relatively exiguous, place of courtyard of much faculty scientific research considers to make progress. In appear on the market company level, the company that has had clear introduction to this kinds of product is rare also, china flexible science and technology (002453.SZ) expressed on interactive platform recently, marine and anti-fouling agent material (project) still be in inchoate product application to study level at present.

“ is anti-fouling the coating that the market space of coating is existing and marine equipment, ship is replaced, 2 namely in recent years the increment market that shipbuilding tropics comes to. The personage inside course of study is narrated to express before ” . Accordingly before place of survey of a gleam of knows, at present domestic shipbuilding demand goes strong ceaselessly, cycle of berth of domestic large dockyard, dock discharges 2026—2027 basically now year, dockyard can accept the order without empty dock almost.

It is reported, at present on market anti-fouling agent use cycle is normally 1 year or so, after arriving at term of service, need hull trice, physics clears after adherent marine biology, recoat outfit, stability of its market demand is taller.

Live thing is adherent and great affect equipment efficiency

Marine biology blemish is to show microbial, animal and plant are in ocean the equipment surface adsorption such as hull, biology that grow and breeds place is formed dirties. By current and anti-fouling technical cent is physics anti-fouling law, chemistry is anti-fouling law and biology are anti-fouling law.

Among them, physics is anti-fouling the law needs artificial mechanical perhaps purify, relatively expend man-hour, and chemical and anti-fouling the law uses ion of stannum, copper to undertake biology is killed before except, solve adherent problem thereby, but this kind of product has virulent sex, at present this kind of craft is being washed out.

In concept of ” of “ environmental protection how-to below, use active material, with the environment friendly model, decontamination of small poisonous avirulent craft becomes industrial consensus. Meanwhile, the branch also raises the requirement that key of most advanced coating breaks through related the country.

“ marine biology what go up in hull is adherent, will increase a ship to load considerably, besides the fuel in aggravating and locomotive process use up, return goods of will great influence locomotive ability, cause immediate pecuniary loss, use efficient anti-fouling coating, can let efficiency of sail a boat raise 40% above. The personage inside course of study is narrated to be told then before ” .

Introduce according to its, by the ship of marine biology blemish, weightening finish of every square metre can exceed 50 kilograms, great increased shipping voyage resistance, reduce speek of a ship or plane, still can jam ship pipeline, the influence generates electricity the normal movement that waits for equipment. In aquiculture respect, still can jam the mesh that breeds box, bring about breed biologic death.

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