Recently, hair change appoint institute of the sources of energy but the big environment that edify of vice director of center of development of second birth energy analysed development of report of wind of current our country to be faced with, he points out, this year in January, job of ” of double to “ carbon had the economic job meeting that 6 collective learn thirtieth of the Political Bureau and will hold last year in December overall deploy, emphasized “ of current economic situation firm word pawn, advance steadily the core idea of ” . Point out, realizing carbon to amount to peak carbon to counteract is a complex project and long-term mission, put forward to create specific power consumption of conditional general “ double accuse ” to “ carbon double the demand that controls ” transition, promoted new energy resources the external environment of development and rigid demand further, gifted the meaning with positive development of wind cable industry. From but in light of side of development of second birth energy, as increase development of base of scene of area of desert, desert, wilderness, and construction of large base of maritime wind phone raises the position with be mentioned more significant; Cleanness of form a complete set is efficient, energy-saving coal cable unit; During 945 ” of “ add newly a certain number of special high pressure is defeated change the resource inside this kind of limits configures circuit —— , will become report of stimulative home wind to install the important step of machine growth. Scroll of project of new energy resources is changed to advance a mechanism to fall in dimensions, predict domestic scene added outfit machine dimensions newly to will achieve 120GW left and right sides 2022. Among them, electric field of report of maritime wind report, dispersive type wind, old old wind / aircrew transforms the market of increment of new energy resources that will form “ diversity ” , it is to prop up wind report to be able to develop 3 continuously important board piece. “ is transformed to electric field of current old old wind, the commercial pattern that the individual thinks exploration gives maturity is more important. ” edify says, “ finds out policy to ask to agree with a dot with what develop business demand, successive ground advances market of cable of the wind that put an amount to grow in order, with seek larger market share, it is the only way that promotes whole wind report development quality. ”

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City