Material is the cornerstone of human civilization, and the discovery of new material, research and development and applied promotion are leading a society revolution of progress, technology and industry change. Of the party 18 big since, new material industry is in from the quantity accumulate march toward qualitative leap, march toward the promotion of systematic capacity from the breakthrough of the dot. Generation new material casts generation new clothes to have, powerful generation industry. New material is to point to what develop recently or developing, the structural stuff that has superior performance and the functional stuff that have special quality. New material industry involves advanced glass material, advanced ceramics material, fiber and composite material, new-style housing materials to wait for important and professional domain, cover on 10 thousand kinds of particular products, it is our country equipment of medicine of traffic of IT of new generation electron, aerospace, orbit, biology, high end is made, the crucial foundation raw material of the domain such as energy-saving environmental protection, supporting our country strategical the development of burgeoning industry. Applied limits is extended continuously

New material industry is the foundation of production powerful nation, it is the cornerstone that industry of new and high technology grows and forerunner. Of the party 18 big since, height of party, the State Council takes development of new material estate seriously, establish new material industry to develop leader panel. Relevant section and various local government send force in coordination, published a series of relevant policy that support development of new material estate. 2020, xi Jinping's secretary-general emphasizes, insist to support the strategy that free-standing self-improvement regards science and technology as development, phase of new development of base oneself upon, carry out new development concept, compose to build new development pattern, promote high quality development, face forward position of science and technology, face economy to stand for war field, face significant demand, face life health, thorough executive science and education allows a country strategy of strategy of the strategy, talent powerful nation, innovation drive development, hold general trends, race to control first machine, it is straight side issue, difficult to greet and go up, perfect innovation system, accelerate powerful nation of construction science and technology, science and technology of implementation high level is free-standing self-improvement, it is important that this was offerred for direction of main attack of new material industry abide by, raised taller requirement. In recent years, new material is deepened ceaselessly in the action of each domain. In composite material domain, the application of new material already was extended to civil industry gradually by the industry such as aerospace, in sports the domain such as recreational, car, traffic gets applied extensively; In housing materials domain, the wide application of new material is the important grasper that the our country that prop up spans to building materials powerful nation by building materials big country. Peak of dawn of secretary of Party committee of housing materials union, chairman thing gate of a lane expresses, to carry out the relevant and decision-making deploy that fulfils party, the State Council to drive new material industry to develop actively, come for years building materials federation began a series of propulsion to work, organize a work out early or late and release to whole society " housing materials industry is burgeoning the industry grows outline " " building materials is burgeoning industrial “ 3 100 priority discipline carry out a batch of ” plan " wait for new material relevant directiveness file. Come nearly two years, more the industrial catenary modernization in building materials new material, supply catenary safety to change, innovation catenary high end is changed waited for a respect to begin a lot of innovation sexes to work. “ passes much square joint efforts, development of new material estate already appeared deep, great, welcome change, strong propped up industry of our country building materials and relevant fluctuation to swim high quality develops safety of industrial green low carbon. ” Yan Xiaofeng says. Innovation ability increases steadily

New material industry is strategical, fundamental sex industry, also be the crucial domain that new and high technology competes, we must try best to catch up, try hard to catch up. Extensive building materials field uses in new material, production value of new material property is occupied than already by 2014 14% add to nearly 20% 2020, breed lamina of report of a carbon fiber, wind, car early or late light the industry that quantifies composite material, electron to indicate 100 million yuan of hundreds many production value such as Xi of glass, black lead, and special underlay of insulator of high-pressured pottery and porcelain, sapphirine, twinkle the industry of billions of yuan of production value such as gel of crystal, gas. Not only such, after course of traditional housing materials is improved, function rises apparently or produced new function. Glass of law of our country float came true to build what vitreous domain shows a field to information to span by the tradition type develops, broke through automobile glass, ultrathin information to show lithium of glass, excel in is aluminous the special type glass such as silicon glass is crucial preparation technology realizes industrialized production; The special type vycor of own development, infra-red glass applies at month of heavenly palace, visit, north to fight wait for multinomial and major project; Enterprise of fine of before our country 3 big Bo held the 50% above of crop of complete Bo fine, the new material such as fine of Bo of oxygen of fine of Bo of report of fine of fine of fine of excel in Bo, high standard Bo, electronic class Bo, low interpose, tall silicon already realized industrialization. The development way that “ composite material uses is implementation application is light quantify, low cost is changed and green environmental protection is changed. Clean of a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it of the first month expresses secretary-general of association of industry of ” composite material, in car domain, the high-powered composite material such as carbon fiber is replacing traditional material, car bear the composite material application that new material of force structural member develops is occupied than ceaseless promotion. Car of new energy resources reduced car weight to measure greatly through using carbon fiber composite material, aid car of power new energy resources to promote add boat capability together with the new technology such as batteries, Chu Qing. As dimensional layout reasonable with each passing day, effect of assemble of new material industry increases ceaselessly. Annulus Bohai Sea, long triangle, bead dominant position of omnibus industry group highlights new material of area of trigonometry and other places, center-west region the base of new material industry with a batch of bright characteristic also takes shape. Come for years, new material industry insists to give priority to body with the enterprise, all circles is sent jointly force, mutual cooperate, develop synergism from the respect such as system mechanism and cent prescription form, guide assemble of element of of all kinds innovation, quicken compose to build it is oriented, “ for main body, market with the enterprise politics produce learn to grind the technical innovation system that gold takes ” photograph to be united in wedlock. New material key laboratory, project (technology) center of technology of research center, industry and actual strength of place of scientific research courtyard promote considerably. “ at the same time, we also should realise new material industry starts soberly late, a copy kept as a record is poor, technology of new breakthrough, crucial core is obtained to come true to be able to accuse independently on primitive innovation, catenary of innovation chain industry supplies the respect such as catenary deepness confluence and safe safeguard to still want farther promotion. ” Yan Xiaofeng thinks, we need from strengthen policy guiding, solve core technology and problem of special equipment bottleneck, promotion to achieve ability formerly, breed “ only enterprise of new ” of spy of essence of life, strengthen the respect such as talent team construction to drive implementation of new material industry to span type develops. Homebred material grows quickly

In recent years, ability of safeguard of new material product promotes our country key apparently. Inc. of carbon fiber of answer god eagle breaks through technology of industrialization of carbon fiber of kiloton class T800 in, base of production of carbon fiber of 10 thousand tons of class is in Qinghai Xining put into production, the mark is worn our country realized “ key in domain of high-end carbon fiber very quickly ” ; Limited company of group of ability of triumphant Cheng Ke builds home product line of law of float of glass of 8.5 acting TFT-LCD, bo group Inc. builds home south product line of industrialization of glass of lithium aluminous silicon, the long-term forestall …… that broke abroad to show vitreous field to our country high quality electron fill of more and more product of homebred new material blank, get in relevant domain dimensions turns application. The new coronal that faces arise suddenly is pneumonic epidemic situation, new material company begins science and technology actively to fight epidemic disease. Triumphant Cheng Junheng limited company breaks through neuter boron silicon technology of key of industrialization of 5 vaccine bottle, donate 200 thousand vaccinal bottle to support our country vaccinal research and development to produce; Rely on preparation of glass of special type of building materials industry and treatment key laboratory, the sulfur that housing materials science studies to total courtyard offerred urgent development fastens infra-red glass and infra-red camera lens many 13000; The Bo fine filter paper of research and development of designing institute of research of Nanjing fibre glass, biochemistry detects fasciculus is prevented for epidemic situation accuse, nucleic acid detects provided important material safeguard; The “ Lu Ban that Inc. of building materials of boreal new group produces is all-purpose board whole house of ” product and “ assembles technology of systematic ” core to apply successfully in construction of hospital of Wuhan square cabin. The new material of our country own research and development solved problem of multinomial and crucial technology, serve major project effectively. The composite material that academy of Harbin glass reinforced plastics develops advocate structural member applies successfully at our country the propulsion of dimensional station day and core cabin system of subsystem, power source; The large size carborundum that institute of silicate of Shanghai of academy of sciences develops independently composite material applies radical of pottery and porcelain successfully at many satellites, in domain of satellite of dimensional remote sensing implementation application is broken through and ensure independently; The tellurium that limited company of data of photoelectricity of the building materials in Chengdu develops changes cadmium to generate electricity glass applies successfully at Beijing Olympic Winter Games short way fast the major project such as slippery house; The low hot cement of research and development of total courtyard of research of housing materials science applies Yuwudongde successfully 300 meters of thin level on hydroelectric station are especially high arch dam; The high-powered TPO that waterproof technology Inc. produces rainbow of Beijing Oriental rain is waterproof success application is in a material go in for sth in a large scale in project of construction of Olympic Winter Games of International Airport, Beijing. Face high quality to expand a demand, industry of our country new material is sure to supply catenary safety in safeguard industry catenary stable, own can accuse a respect to assume bigger responsibility. New material industry wants firmly to grasp historical opportunity, carry out innovation drive to develop the strategy to make important contribution deep continuously for our country. (wall of Zhu Jun of economic daily reporter)

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