On November 22, lamina of report of the own development, B1030A that owns completely own intellectual property wind is in Oriental and electric group report of Oriental Shandong wind is born, this lamina length 103 meters. B1030A lamina is main the 13 million made of baked clay social estate that Inc. of electric wind report develops east of form a complete set independently is maritime and wind- driven generation set, use rise block is compared / the wind- driven generation set of sensitivity of low surface roughness is special wing section a group of things with common features, assure to generate electricity exceedingly goodly efficiency; Be based on crankle coupling technology, realize pneumatic - structure - load mutual coupling, ensure overall the beautiful balance of function and load; Use the carbon fiber data that be measured high than the model and compares intensity high, make with low lamina weight whole airborne carry on one's shoulder and dependability achieve actor; Use modular production technology, shorten effectively blade production is periodic, raise dependability. Oriental and electric group holds to innovation motivation, accelerate wind cable technology ceaselessly pace of own research and development, firmly will be wind report lamina, dynamo, electronic-controlled the crucial core technology such as the system masters in him hand. In blade domain, advance technical innovation continuously, achieve the breakthrough with blade new length ceaselessly, lamina of report of wind of ceaseless refresh home grows a record. Today, sheet raises length 103 meters B1030A lamina gets offline smoothly, indicate electric group has an east completely already high-power of 100 meters of class is maritime engineering capability of design of research and development of wind report lamina, production, will thrust moves report of our country maritime wind to develop.

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15-18 December

New York City