On June 22 14 when 47 minutes, generation set of wind-force of straight drive of the 5.5S-172 that limited company prepares report of Oriental and electric wind independently permanent magnetism and the net generates electricity, this is the stand-alone capacity that investment of our country stage runs the onshore and wind- driven generation set that amounts to 6 million made of baked clay grade, also be current domestic stand-alone capacity the unit of onshore wind cable with impeller big, big diameter. Its succeed and the net generates electricity, indicating our country land is windward report enters “6MW times ” formally. Group of electric machinery of wind of straight drive of 5.5S-172 permanent magnetism is Oriental wind report the new generation that in going up in the light of domestic land, area of high wind speed develops is onshore group of high-power wind electric machinery, stand-alone capacity can amount to 6 million tile, impeller diameter 172 meters. In the design wind speed falls, only station set can output 22 million degrees of clean electric energy every year, what can be 11000 3 homes to offer one year is normal with report, can reduce coal fired to use up more than tons 7150, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge more than tons 17300, 2 oxidation sulfur discharges more than tons 120, azotic oxide discharges more than tons 180. Group of wind electric machinery develops the onshore, maritime high-power that the development of this aircrew is based on Oriental wind report to mature experience, plan as a whole dependability and economy, use concept of a lot of innovation and technology, solved a series of “ ” of old difficult problem, component of core of farther promotion aircrew crosses platform generalization modular level, better get used to batch to turn application, offer for ” of “ par times stronger prop up. New lamina   and aircrew match covered lamina, it is Oriental wind report a new development, train in excess specified length that has completely own intellectual property is flexible blade, use divisional design and use new data, reduce blade load and weight effectively; Through Xie Jian and Liang Maojie compose lay up is designed, solved train in excess specified length flexible blade reduces brought blade energy of life to play a problem because of stiffness. Design of structure of unit of new structure   is compact, solve onshore exceed group of large wind electric machinery to carry dimension to limit an issue, reduce carriage cost; Use corner structure of auger of big angle of elevation and blade headroom distance to monitor feedback to control a system, solved train in excess specified length flexible difficult problem of blade mast headroom; Use structure of flange of new-style leaf root, raise blade to reach further change the dependability of paddle bearing. Aircrew of new electric   uses design of double loop electrical system, can realize odd loop to move independently; Use full power convertor, structure of double loop of 3 n odd ark, union is circumfluent restrain algorithm, implementation convertor odd loop is controlled redundantly, promotion utilization rate and generate electricity rate; Use technology of the new-style slip ring that twist cable, solve orthodox going off course to seize the issue such as the dynamical cable trouble that cable means brings, promote aircrew on the safe side the gender further. New electronic-controlled system of   unit main control uses distributed IO and fiber-optic communication design, apply mobile debugging aids, have environmental suitability and powerful patulous ability, interference rejection capacity, the test safeguards intelligence convenient. Change paddle control system uses high reliability complete works to become driver, independent and redundant theft-resistant link chain is designed, maintenance-free of tie-in complete lifecycle is designed, more intelligence, safer, stabler. This aircrew will pass the batch after sufficient experiment test and verify to turn application in experiment wind field, change for the sources of energy, accelerate urge implementation of target of ” of “ double carbon, green low carbon develops make due contribution.

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