On March 29, have station of completely own intellectual property, country onshore dynamo of wind-force of straight drive of 5.5 million made of baked clay permanent magnetism is in Shandong of limited company of electric machinery of east of Oriental and electric group wind report electric machinery makes base get offline successfully, indicating home is at present onshore development of big dynamo of wind-force of permanent magnetism straight drive is successful. This type is onshore in body of quantity of “ of area of high wind speed is custom-built ” , have reliability efficiency is tall, tall, maintain cost low characteristic. This electric machinery uses platform to change a design, arrive to get offline smoothly from foreword when using only more than days 20, created the new record that research and development of wind report electric machinery makes industry high capacity. Aircrew of tall   of sex of · aircrew on the safe side uses direct empty cold technology, cooling efficiency is tall, promote a dynamo effectively property. Introduce line of straight drive technology, transmission catenary is simple, rotate without high speed component, reliability is high. The dynamo uses double bearing to support a construction, carrying capacity is high; At the same time box of applied magnet steel defends technology, prevent magnet steel demagnetization and fall off. Electric double loop devises plan, can realize odd loop to move independently, promote mean time between failure. Without system of lubricant of high speed drive and dynamo collector ring, reduce fire hidden danger. Grind oneself electronic-controlled system, be based on concept of multiple and redundant design, time of average failure free operation amounts to 3000 hours of above. Outstanding   is in · unit generating capacity year of below average wind speed equivalent of 8m/s use hour of number more than 3600 hours. Home of dynamo efficiency prep above travels together 1% to 3% . Efficient flexible blade design, use the advanced technique such as eddy current generator, flap and toothed end predestined relationship, function of pneumatic of effective promotion lamina and reduce blade noise. Use 3 n grade of voltage of 1140 bend over, bring taller generate electricity efficiency and better electric energy quality, generate electricity efficiency promotes 1% to 1.5% . Time of dimension of carry of low   of cost of dimension of · unit motion is short, unit part is little, the workload that decide check is fewer, the machine down time that decide check is short, generate electricity the loss is small. Introduce line of straight drive technology, of core of leave out gear oil, filter and dynamo carbon brush change regularly, material of bad news of unit motion dimension is little. Structural design is reasonable, field assembly debugs workload small, later period carries dimension goes to the lavatory. In addition, the platform that Oriental electric machinery covers with tiles for 5.5 million the dynamo develops wind-force of permanent magnetism straight drive, but according to user demand, agile and adjustable, enclothe 5.5 million tile to cover with tiles to 6 million group of grade wind electric machinery, for follow-up aircrew development laid solid foundation.

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15-18 December

New York City