Be in a few days ago, dynamical cell dragon one, Long Erxiang afterwards releases the 3rd quarter reported 2021: Ning Deshi is acting (SZ:300750) realizes Chan Jiying to receive twenty-nine billion two hundred and eighty-seven million yuan, profit of net putting in a mother 's charge 3.267 billion yuan, rate of net putting in a mother 's charge is amounted to 11.16% ; And although LG new energy resources sells dimensions not small also, reach 3.48 billion dollar, but calculating general ledger is anaemia however 320 million dollar, business profit margin is - 9.2% , losing, glacial fire is double day. Since appear on the market, the share price of peaceful heart times advances triumphantly all the way, but attention point of everybody often drops in its battalion to close, net profit, installation amount, produce can plan to wait for rigid index to go up. Together with is peaceful this year heart age movement is frequent, accumulative total pulls a hand to cooperate look forward to of 30 more than homemaking, bring about have an important information by market oversight. This message is: On October 27, the contemporary Mabisi of peaceful heart times and Korea signs technical license and cooperative intent agreement. According to this agreement, ning Deshi is acting authorization Mabisi uses CTP technology, support Mabisi batteries product is supplied related the CTP inside Korea and even limits. A short cooperation agreements, the meaning of deep administrative levels of backside even no less than exceeding anticipated 3 quarterly reports. It is moment is setting with this technology collaboration, the Ning Deshi besides newspaper of the money below understanding took the place of. The new nickname   of times of 01 peaceful heart regards big dynamical cell as manufacturing base, ning De gives the outside intuitionistic impression is: Produce can dimensions position of big, market capability of firm, gain is strong. Since appearing on the market 2019, collect of accumulative total of peaceful heart period endowment more than one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two, the yield of the program can have exceeded 600GWh, entire industry of be far ahead. In the meantime, layout of catenary of industry of peaceful heart times also is perfected inside course of study, from upriver ore natural resources, wait for 4 old stuff to black lead, electrolyte, arrive again lithium phone equipment, return layout batteries to reclaim even domain, catenary of industry of whole lithium battery has Ning Deshi's acting figure almost, light calculates already pulled a hand to cooperate this year more than 30 enterprise. Look from market share, according to SNE caliber, 1-8 month installation amount was peaceful heart times 2021 50GWh, 31% is as high as in outfit engine portion, banner at LG new energy resources 24% with below the pine 14% , sit firmly throne. See home market again, ning De still is holding half market share, investment group call his ” of “ peaceful king. However, also there is no lack of on the market appear additionally one kind of sound. Peaceful heart times can have today's place, those who lean is financing, enlarge is produced, industrial catenary is integrated this 3 broad ax, dynamical cell business is produced actively in enlarge now, collaboration, how long can dimensions advantage of Ning De last? True condition is, in a lot of people anxious Ning Deshi takes the place of how to defend a city when, it has infiltrated the base camp of abroad competitor. The   of real significance   of 02 CTP technology [1] the   of hard nucleus index of dynamical cell is well-known, the development of dynamical cell industry 3 core are: Increase energy density, reduce security of production cost, safeguard. How increasing energy density among them is capability of technology of business of trial power cell, main from data system and construction of system two respects innovate. Although dynamical cell includes positive electrode, negative pole, diaphragmatic with electrolyte 4 old stuff, long-term since the innovation of data system more it is focusing in positive electrode material, the lithium of phosphoric acid iron that is familiar with namely, 3 yuan 523, 3 yuan 811 wait. And innovation of construction of system basically is through optimizing a system, rise compositive degree, achieve systematic efficiency rise and of cost reduce, for instance technology of today's leading role ——CTP. Go more than 20 years, dynamical cell business upgrades through be being improved ceaselessly chemical material, will increase energy density, but it is more and more difficult that the innovation of material level jumps over in the future to be met only. For instance 3 yuan of batteries to go after higher ability density, present tall nickel to turn a tide, nevertheless as nickel content rise, the stability of positive electrode material drops subsequently; A lot of precious metal keep away from as far as possible even in the meantime, walk out of price of a sex to come than higher approach. Prospective data system wants to achieve essential breakthrough, need even from atomic measure proceed with. The CTP technology that from construction of system innovation sets out is leap of dynamical cell technology undoubtedly. It does not involve material, and more it is body designs production concept now, can solve again at the same time add add ship, reduce the problem such as cost. [2] the batteries bag of the advantage   tradition of CTP technology is comprise by modular group, every model group contains core of 10 or so report. And CTP technology was to jump over modular group, direct an electric core is compositive wrap to batteries. Same batteries is wrapped, can put into more electric core, natural energy density is carried. According to the news that Ningde announces, use CTP technology batteries to wrap integral utilization rate to raise 20%-30% , traditional batteries wraps energy density to be 180Wh/kg on average, and density of energy of CTP batteries bag can achieve 250Wh/kg. At the same time CTP technology cancels modular series part, also do not need modular group to produce a line, component amount decreases considerably 40% , produce the remarkable promotion of efficiency, achieve 50% . [3] the   of top production level of CTP technology map beyond of masses acknowledge is, CTP technology jumped over modular group this one flow, component and manufacturing process are corresponding less, to production character is meddlesome, but the test that its make to integral production also twice increased. Discuss this next matters simply, because electric core is by extremely piece fold those who rise, interior of core of a report exceeds 100, if the average ply deviation of every report core exceeds 0.1 millimeter, a 20-30 electric core of the amount, accumulative total can produce the deviation of 2-3 millimeter, will cause batteries bag to cannot be assembled. So this is about to beg each layer pole piece ply deviation should be less than 1 micron, the extremely tall requirement that the consistency of this report core raises. Altogether, although you knew the principle of CTP technology, this is a pace only, only top project engineering capability can make electric core direct and compositive become a possibility to batteries bag. Needing what reiterate again is, the CTP technology of peaceful heart times not the data with specific demarcate, more it is concept of a kind of design, can use Yu Sanyuan data not only, also can use in material of lithium of phosphoric acid iron. In fact, be in the German Frankfurt of 2019 early international car is exhibited on, peaceful heart times promoted CTP technology, of the same age September, batteries of CTP of peaceful heart times wraps official capacity to produce, devoted quantity produces model application. Up to now, technology of CTP of peaceful heart times has applied at model of more than 10 home; In the meantime, ning Deshi takes the place of to also will come to an agreement with Meisaidesi in August this year, run quickly EQS model also will carry CTP technology. Preamble of   no less than mentions 03 production new spokesman, the market still stays in a times to Ning De's attention, and will look from qualitative angle, we look at ” with new eyes when “ to Ning De. [1] from make go to sea the technology goes to sea   should plaint firmly of dynamical cell business masters produce can when speech counterpoises, the dynamical cell company that represents in order to could there be for you when heart aims at overseas market already, making in active open go to sea mode. After the German base of times of afterwards peaceful heart begins construction, follow the footstep of eldest brother, in the one numerous enterprise such as tall division of a small room of boat lithium report, honeycomb the sources of energy, country starts abroad project in succession. This year first half of the year, the battalion of peaceful heart overseas closes amount to 10.2 billion yuan, soar compared to the same period 355.4% , the battalion outside its condition closes occupy Bidada to arrive 23.1% , rise compared to the same period 11.2% . Ning Deshi's acting abroad income cannot have been ignored, making new growth extremely. Accept rapid growth sense than abroad battalion greater is, ning Deshi is acting CTP technology course of study of foreign enterprise of second accredit sea, this lifted technology of production new page — to go to sea. Introduce contemporary Mabisi simply first, its serve as contemporary case inferior automobile group one of 3 large main force, it is the car component company with big Korea, put complete, also can discharge before entering 10, the report of the rich world that it is equivalent to Germany in the position of Korea automobile group and action, Japan is installed. So problem nature came, korea homeland has the batteries magnate such as SDI of LG chemistry, SamSung, especially LG is chemical, it is contemporary core supplier all the time, and, the supply of Korea battery business catenary closes relatively, its supplier is given priority to with indigenous industry, the foreign enterprise is very difficult encroach on, besides still is the part with dynamical so important cell. Why the LG that contemporary Mabisi wants to abandon native actual strength losing and SamSung SDI, and the peaceful heart times of the choice? The answer also is very apparent actually: CTP technology of Ning De is more competitive. Serve as the source of the motivation of electric car, the Chongzhongzhi that dynamical cell is every car look forward to is heavy, concern car look forward to to be in dynamoelectric the life and death that dies a times lives or die problem. Early before, the dynamical cell order of the E-GMP platform that Ning Deshi takes the place of to had taken next contemporary cars, this the accredit of CTP technology proved Ning Deshi's acting technology gets abroad car look forward to again approbate. Notable is, contemporary car last year in October recall motor-car of report of 82 thousand KONA; General motors will begin to distribute model of Bolt of second recall Xue Folan in November from last year, eventually recall car achieves 142 thousand, afore-mentioned car are the dynamical cell of chemistry of embarking Korea LG. On the 3 quarterly reports of LG chemistry, the company also alludes, because of additional the reserve that deducts general motors recall, whole assumes deficit position. [2] arrive from apprentice of the master take off change   Ning Deshi's acting development history, had been told about a lot of times by everybody. Be born out of at consuming electronic bibcock ATL, can say the company that is ATL come down in one continuous line, peaceful heart times surmounts ”ATL of “ parent company, TDK after independence, grow those who be dynamical cell is gigantic without bully. The dimension that this is dimensions system capacity is spent. Be in early the article before " true Ningde times, conceal in two ordinary announcement " in, we unscrambled times of peaceful heart city and ATL to sign mainly " alternate technology permits an agreement " this announcement. ATL, could there be namely constitutionally the “ master ” of heart times, the technology that should pay 150 million dollar every year nowadays to peaceful heart times allows fee, the students surpasses the teacher that this is a model and excel blue. The dimension that this is a technology is spent. And Ning Deben second CTP technology accredit contemporary Mabisi, the technology that means peaceful heart period can have represented industry high level. [3] aggression is good defend   backdate history, peaceful heart times holds water 10 years short nevertheless, what implemented scale not only is banner, still realized technical output, those who lean is ceaseless aggression. The investment of research and development with continual 1) is premise   well-known, the development of dynamical cell industry 3 core are: Increase energy density, reduce security of production cost, safeguard. All these cannot leave research and development, and as what the technology develops now more and more complex, the technical progress difficulty of the industry is to present an index kind increase, this is as similar as integrated circuit industry. Accordingly, doing not have “ money to burn ” is no good for certain. The person of enterprise of familiar day Han knows, their consistent style on research and development is high investment, before 2015, ning Deshi takes the place of to be returned before LG is an ordinary person of the same trade, investment of both research and development cannot be the same as day and language. From 2015 later, ningde overtakes like times risk one's life needlessly, to 2018 when, the defray of research and development of peaceful heart times has caught up with LG chemistry. To today, the investment of research and development of peaceful heart times has swung LG chemistry in back. The backside that high specified number throws, those who bring is the amount with banner industry. Up to on June 30, 2021, peaceful heart times has 3357 churchyard and 493 places outside, outside the churchyard that applying for and condition aggregate 3379. The exploration   of system of 2) new material looks from data system, peaceful heart times is early quantity produces 3 yuan of businesses of 811, density of energy of core of its sheet report is in for a long time echelon formation. In the meantime, ning De also is in the data system such as batteries of layout solid state. This year on July 29, peaceful heart times holds the news briefing on the line, released its formally batteries of ion of natrium of product of batteries of acting natrium ion. Still be in in everybody immerse oneself in grind only 3 yuan, phosphoric acid Tie Li when, peaceful heart times runnings in front of the team again. The breakthrough   that 3) limit system builds this year on September 28, ning Deshi is acting by economic forum (WEF) choose for ” of “ beacon factory, make a battery plant that obtains this to approbate. Those who obtain backside of this special honour is Ning Deshi those who take the place of to create a field in limit system is old accumulate. Specific and character, intelligence of labour of choose and employ persons of profit of peaceful heart period, advanced analysis and brim / the technology such as cloud computation, only below the rate that produces every groups of batteries to cost 1.7 seconds billion came true inside 3 years the ratio of defects of 1/0, improved labor productivity at the same time 75% , contemporary Mabisi also saw this naturally. Coming TWh period, the consign of efficient, high quality will be the core competition advantage of the enterprise. The batteries product that if why fall in extremely complex technological process,gives high quality with faster manufacturing rate production is the issue that every battery business needs to think. Anyhow, already firmly control is produced can the Ningde times that speech counterpoises, its core competition ability is early already from dimensions cost outspread to more the advanced technique of harder nucleus. Style or manner of writing so far, told the example that so much takes the place of about Ning Deshi, actually Ning Deshi rises abruptly actingly more resembling is a reduction that makes new era fall today, we saw from body of peaceful heart times make arrive by dimensions cost get victory the change of technical advantage get victory. 04 make by arrive greatly strong metabolic     [1] of the technology exceed   to be in actually instead a lot of production domains, production technical source comes to enterprise of Euramerican day Korea. Administrative layer of Ning De ever was the core backbone of ATL, in inchoate development phase, of the technology that Ning De also got ATL and channel support energetically, become its earlier and successful key. Nevertheless at the beginning, the technology of Japanese enterprise and technology are really good Yu Ningde times, peaceful heart times can be in only kongfu of firm of fluctuation of research and development, the overseas business such as LG chemistry is pursued quickly on the technology. Once, most production enterprise needs to introduce abroad technology, idiomatic means changes a technology with the market namely, now, times of such as peaceful heart such enterprise is chased through the technology realized a technology to be outputted reversely, become the footnote that a times changes. [2]   of transition of magnitude of value is in in the past, production enterprise often is centered in the bottom of ” of “ smile curve, namely the segment with small magnitude of value. Production enterprise can earn scanty treatment fee only, output of technology of very difficult implementation makes money. No matter be this second sign with ATL before CTP technology accredit is early still " alternate technology permits an agreement " , it is the transition of magnitude of value constitutionally actually, peaceful heart times sells overseas business the technology, and every annual fee value does not poor. Those who pass a few years of reforming and opening chase, the enterprise has opportunity savor eventually the benefit with banner technology, eventually can tycoon of Xiang Ou beautiful day is same, rely on a technology to output the profit that earns high value. [3] the manufacturing industry that changes competitive ability   to review our country, although dimensions body measures a coronal absolutely, but major production company stands at homeland, go to sea the company that enlists competition is not much. It is with dynamical cell business exemple, the dynamical cell of our country is in produce can mix supplying catenary side is banner complete, but the shop that sets overseas is rare still, contrary, below the pine, the abroad tycoon such as LG chemistry already overseas opens a plant. Indeed, it is market of big new energy resources, dynamical cell business still can enjoy the native welfare of a paragraph of period, sweep across as the tide of new energy resources however, overseas market is fast also and arisen, you look Europe was surmounted last year become in those days market of big new energy resources. Anyhow, abroad having larger market space, certainly will of dynamical cell business should go to sea participate in lead competition even. But problem also subsequently and come, went to the dynamical company of native land advantage coming whether overseas base oneself upon, this is to be placed before the enterprise real problem. Abroad after all industry catenary is not perfect, labour cost also is outclass home, and the thing peddles at the door the factory in the competitor, light relies on the price to be able to won't do, you must want to have solid dozen of real hard nucleus skill. This peaceful heart times infiltrates smoothly abroad supply chain, opened a good head for everybody without doubt, this is representing dynamical cell business to be able to participate in competition not only not only, still can win out in competition, technical speech masters to counterpoise gradually in spending competition with the company that Ning Deshi represents for you, from bibcock of Japanese lithium report keep on retreating, be immersed in deficit lair to Korea enterprise again, the times of dynamical cell is invented more bright.

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