Recently, dust gram Sen Meifu rolls out Aijide high-powered polyethylene (PE) colophony. This product holds concurrently hold out degree of He Ren sex outstandingly, and machine easily, can innovate the filmy product that food, industry and agriculture use. High-powered polyethylene colophony applies to 3 brands that inspire confidence in sb approves Aikesenmei to sell in the market to play velar product line for the most part, the packing bag that can be used at agriculture and industry to need big norms and agricultural silo bag, reduce fuse-element pressure, raise yield. According to introducing, colophony has Aijide function of exceedingly good physics, reducing filmy thickness while the property that keeps outstanding, produce more durable single material product; Or the reworked material content in increasing a recipe, help thereby of all kinds the innovation that pack and filmy applying. In addition, this colophony still is had fight puncture outstandingly gender, impact resistance and fight tear off a gender, and low fuse-element pressure and push a performance high, conduce to make more level off, not easy metabolic is filmy, rise to presswork and package line efficiency; Offer more durable flexible package, raise customer satisfaction to spend. Vice-president of business of polyethylene of company of chemical industry of inspire confidence in sb expresses Aikesenmei, this company has cooperated successfully with more than 75 clients, use the innovation opportunity that high-powered polyethylene product brings Aijide, development went a variety of 100 different application solutions.

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