Du Bang company announces now, investment about 30 million dollar saves city of Home Zhang harbor to build a manufacturer in Jiangsu. New plant faces production the adhesive product of automobile industry client, mix with contented car electrification light quantify trend of two great progress. Factory general 2021 the 3rd quarter begins construction construction, predict will at the put into production at the beginning of 2023. New production facilities is located in free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor inside garden of industry of chemistry of Yang Zijiang international, aim to satisfy the market the demand that to Du Bang the solution of advanced adhesive technology of traffic and material career ministry increases ceaselessly, the hot interface material that the batteries when including to be mixture motivation car and pure electric car to charging and move among them heats up management to provide support, use at batteries sealed with assembly composite material adhesive, and use at structure of car automobile body to stick received structural adhesive with batteries. This investment revealed “ we urge car electrification and the commitment that can develop continuously, will consolidate we are in further the lead position with Asian market. Traffic of ” Du Bang and Shi Rui of president of material career department (Randy Stone) express, “ because our advanced solution conduces to car manufacturer generating huge client demand to pure electric car and transition of mixture motivation car, and new production facilities conduces to what we support automobile industry better expecting growth. ”New plant will have advanced craft ability, outstanding product quality, enough yield can and the traffic traffic condition that facilitates particularly and content shed a dominant position, provide technical support in order to satisfy the requirement of region market, ensure top-ranking client experiences. In addition, du Bang still is in Japan nearly eaves palace built an adhesive manufacturer, in order to support the development of car electrification. Du Bang traffic and material career ministry are in North America, latin america, Europe and Asia-Pacific area to have much office production and establishment of research and development. (reporter old its penannular jade ring)

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