01 liquids - operation time   handles time (also be working hours or operating period) be solidify time partially, after mixing, colophony / solidify agent mixture is remained it is OK that the liquid is mixed the job and suit to apply. Receive to assure to be stuck reliably, total construction and position job should be operated in solidify had done inside time. 02 gel - enter solidify   mixture to begin to enter solidify phase (also call ripe change level) , at this moment it begins gel or “ choppy ” . At this moment annulus oxygen is likely without long job, also will lose agglutinant. Any interference cannot have to its in this phase. It will become hard rubber like soft jello, you are pressed so that move it with thumb aux will be able to. Because at this moment mixture is local solidify only, new use epoxy resin still can be linked with its chemistry, accordingly this unsettled surface still can undertake sticking receiving or react. Anyhow, these ability are in the mixture that is close to solidify reduce. 03 solid - eventually mixture of oxygen of solidify   annulus achieves solidify to turn solid into level, at this moment can sand milling and whole model. At this moment you already were pressed with thumb do not move it, in at this moment epoxy resin makes an appointment with those who have 90% to react eventually intensity, because this is OK,eliminate secures clip, put it below room temperature to maintain a certain number of angel it continues solidify. (The epoxy resin that this stylish uses cannot have chemical link with it, because surface of this this annulus oxygen must undertake pretreatment is like burnish appropriately, ability gets be stickinged well receiving mechanical strength.

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