Compare with phase of material of traditional metal construction, composite material has higher strength / quality comparing, use composite material to make hull and structural thing, its quality is lighter, be used up in fuel and raise respect of speek of a ship or plane to have much better property. In the meantime, it is anti-corrosive, good without magnetic, plasticity that composite material still is had wait for an advantage, accordingly, be versed in there is main effect in course of study in shipbuilding all the time since composite material comes out, the applied research on shipping is each attention focus of main shipbuilding from beginning to end. Be opposite in article marine composite material undertook introductory simply, right marine the course of domestic and international development of composite material and applied current situation undertook elaborating, right on this foundation marine the development trend of composite material undertook analyse and be expectationed. The definition   of composite material composite material is by a kind of two heterogeneous that plant or become solid material. Although each constituent material still carries composite material its are opposite independent character, but what the function of composite material is not constituent material function however is simple add and, show the performance with far both excel however. There is one photograph to be successive photograph in composite material normally, call matrix, felt of in order to, fixed, maintain enhance material to become definite figure; Another photograph is dispersive photograph, call add wild phase or strengthen put oneself in another's position, enhance material not to make successive appearance in composite material, it offers intensity and stiffness below matrix support. Dispersive photograph is distributing with independent configuration in whole and successive photograph, can be to enhance fiber, also can be the stock of grain shape dispersion. The classified method of composite material is very much, basic can divide according to base material type for: Polymer base composite material, its matrix is organic polymer high polymer; Metallic radical composite material, its matrix is a metal, be like aluminium radical composite material, iron radical composite material; Inorganic is metalloid base composite material, its matrix is material of pottery and porcelain (also include glass and cement to wait) . Marine   of composite material classification is current, marine composite material, apply at the composite material of ship structure especially, with polymer base composite material is given priority to, can divide the plywood that it is a layer by the structure (fiber enhances composite material) with interlining construction composite material two big kinds, include the important and compound thing of 3 respects among them: Enhance material, colophony (namely matrix) with core layer material. Marine composite material according to bear the weight of position is different can divide for: Advocate bear force structure, second bear force structure, blame bear force structure. Can divide according to the function for: Structure, damp, acoustics (include sound absorption, sound insulation, show voice) , concealed body (include to suck wave, appear wave, reflex, frequency to choose) , defend wait for material of 5 old series, marine the classification of composite material and applied place are shown 2 times like the graph.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Marine the advantage of composite material function basically reflects in: Light qualitative excel in, can raise the reserve flotage of hull effectively; Structural function unifinication, the function below the circumstance that bears the weight of in contented structure can be designed, have acoustics, radar normally, decrease brace up, defend, the other property such as low magnetism, average data shapes the process is to written guarantee compose shapes likewise process; Anti-corrosive, can satisfy tall salt, tall wet, ultraviolet wait for requirement of harsh ocean environment; Be able to bear or endure ageing, can satisfy marine to grow life to ask. Above character has not at material of construction of other boats and ships, also be its advantage graph 2 marine composite material and structure are main of type and representative application reflect. Begin from small-sized mosquito craft, composite material experiences 3 level probably in the application on shipping. Level, basically use on the small-sized shipping such as mine dredger, performance demand is low, but whole shapes. The 2nd phase, get on big, medium-sized shipping the part is used, but use concept still confine is designed at traditional hull, composite material aboard just rises to reduce quality, raise a part anti-corrosive the auxiliary action such as ability. The 3rd phase, shipping is mature in the beginning of design a variety of complex situations that in using, face, use composite material regards main hull as material, achieve the effect that other data cannot come true or achieves hard. Current, marine composite material had broken through the 2nd phase, develop to the 3rd phase. Marine composite material development and   of applied current situation are inchoate composite material is to apply on small-sized coastguard cutter and landing boat. Relatively poor production quality and hull stiffness restricted marine length to cannot exceed 15 M, displacement does not exceed 20 T. In recent years, as cost of composite material design, preparation reduce, and mechanical function rises, composite material begins to be in large ship vessel, if application receives on hunt thunder a light boat and light-duty frigate. As technical development, marine length shows stable addition trend, the boat of warship of sea of complete composite material that already 80~90 M grows now. The United States is composite material science and technology development is advanced, composite material application wide, dosage is big, in the applied respect of shipping composite material, its dimensions and technique take advanced line. American navy built traffic a light boat at using polyester glass reinforced plastics 1946, it is to go up a vessel of composite material ship, made boat of landing craft of glass reinforced plastics, job wait again subsequently. Develop to accelerate marine of glass reinforced plastics, the United States is naval in 20 centuries 50 time metaphase sets 16 M the following shipping that he must be made with composite material. 1954 around, hand paste of the United States shapes craft is mature with each passing day, built the small-sized mine dredger of 2 different configuration 1956, began glass reinforced plastics to study in the application in mine dredger. 20 centuries 60 time are inchoate, american navy made a coastguard cutter of complete glass reinforced plastics, 80 time end built 20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time composite material hunt / mine dredger, body of a light boat all is used advanced a benzene polyester colophony, make with semi-automatic impregnation exercise, the corresponding period made the coastguard vessel that uses construction of Kaifulazeng's strong polyester colophony simple housing. Subsequently, american navy introduced composite material again go greatly implement make. What used black lead fiber to enhance epoxy resin to build 1966 is deep go implement, its submergence deepness can amount to 6096m. After entering 21 centuries, the United States strengthened the application that composite material makes in shipping further, use carbon fiber of new-style excel in / structure of layer of vinyl resinous with filling, replace the low intensity fiber such as traditional fibre glass, built new-style shipping stability tall, speek of a ship or plane is fast, have concealed body, go instead, ability of thunder of turn one's coat. Industry of shipping of European composite material also very develop. 20 centuries 60 time metaphase, england used glass reinforced plastics to make the hunt thunder a light boat of the large mine dredger of 450 T and 625 T early or late, used composite material to make a light boat of thunder of turn one's coat of complete glass reinforced plastics 1973, its use the rapid development that promoted composite material successfully, 20 centuries 80 time are inchoate produced ship of Lei Chuan of turn one's coat of many 200 complete composite material. 20 centuries 90 time, england applies carbon successfully - Bo jumbly fiber built motorboat, coastguard cutter to wait, as technical development, in recent years successful still application reclaims material of plastic bottle rework builds naval vessel ship, reduced cost not only, still accord with material biology degradation and the development way that use circularly. Sweden built the mine dredger of glass reinforced plastics of an interlining structure 1974, 90 time developed 20 centuries successfully to go up a composite material is invisible experiment a light boat, and work up formed what be a characteristic with high-powered carbon fiber and clip core structure to make way, development made part technology of advanced composite material and concealed body technology the series at an organic whole is light-duty chaser, enter the water successfully already enlist in army. Italy at 20 centuries 80 time metaphase begins to build mine dredger of many glass reinforced plastics in succession. Japan from 20 centuries 50 time rise to begin to build ship of glass reinforced plastics, the respect was built to obtain in high-powered boat, gig and luxurious houseboat not the achievement of common. Enter 21 centuries, japan begins to consider to produce ship of for military use of high-powered composite material, build a mine dredger of composite material of glass reinforced plastics successfully already to be thrown at present use. The composite material product that each country navy uses still includes shipping superstructure, propeller, mast to wait. French navy began to use composite material in shipping superstructure 1992, can reduce shipping quality effectively. Before Russia uses composite material propeller early at solid boat. Sweden advances an axis at beginning to develop composite material 1989, different to thousands of kinds material and finishing method undertook experiment and assessment the beautiful performance with obtaining an axis, the propulsion that makes axial quality is light, stretch good, adaptability is not strong, electric, anti-corrosive. The United States begins to use composite material to study advanced whole sealing mast from 1995, equip successfully to wait at chaser, aircraft carrier. Can drop marine radar signal as a result of composite material in addition feature and infra-red (hot) signal feature, because this composite material returns wide application,bear the weight of at grade of chimney, bulkhead, board, helm structure, the contribution that reduces serious side place to do in concealed body and structure is very remarkable. The application of research and development in ship side is initial 1958, a light boat of job of glass reinforced plastics is born at Shanghai. A light boat of mine sweeping experiment that in 20 centuries 70 time metaphase ever had developed close 39 M of an overall length, after this turns over the research and development of mine naval ships to worked to interrupt more than 10 years to GRP/CM. 20 centuries since 90 time, as the technology development and craft are introduced, our country used composite material to produce a large number of houseboat, caique, rescue boat, and the coastguard cutter with the taller speek of a ship or plane such as inspect of public security, armed police, sea, custom, execute the law a light boat of accurate military affairs such as a light boat, coastguard cutter, but had not designed the naval ships and boat of thunder of naval turn one's coat that makes content of a high-tech up to now. In respect of component of composite material shipping, our country in 20 centuries 60 time end developed cover of diversion of composite material sonar successfully, apply at submarine, development already formed relatively mature application up to now. Development of 80 time later period developed 20 centuries housing of cover of antennae of composite material radar, mine is devoted use, 90 time developed 20 centuries successfully to apply at mast of composite material of large surface marine and superstructure to wait. Compare with foreign photograph, our country is at present marine limits of composite material application and dimensions are lesser still. In raw material respect, the glass reinforced plastics that at present our country already can manufacture variety of the great majority on the international market is used enhance material, but develop to be compared with industry, there still is bigger difference in the respect such as product technology level, breed, norms, quality, the high-powered fiber such as fiber of carbon fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon still relies on an entrance, after colophony produces can severe also flump. In processing respect, RTM craft produces character amount with its advanced advantage gained efficiency of good, production wide attention and rapid development, develop to already developed to should mature in industry, and tend ceaselessly perfect, and our country criterion from 20 centuries 80 time just begin to introduce RTM craft and device, devoted production is little, utilization rate of equipment and installations is low, at present RTM craft still is in development phase. Compare with foreign photograph, show level our country to be in the applied technology of domain of shipping composite material and respect of research and development still relatively backward, still have very large development space. The problem   of existence although composite material already had longer applied history in foreign naval power, and although the respect such as cover of the mosquito craft of our country, diversion also applies somewhat, but progress is slow, its reason depends on the characteristic of composite material oneself and traditional metal stuff differring, composite material is had extremely strong can design a gender, closely related its material function and workmanship, and data of standard, experience and dependability are designed to evaluate system of technology and quota related lack at present. Current, the problem that composite material exists in shipping application respect basically has the following sides. 1) the shipping of high-powered, low cost uses composite material since the design is as old as production   , in major shipbuilding application, composite material and traditional material (besides lumber) photograph comparing, do not have competition ability on cost. Up to now, structure of major composite material uses colophony macerate to increase to material is made and be become, this craft is periodic long, labor concentrated, cost is high, and control product quality hard. The composite material that produces high quality needs shipping manufacturer to introduce new production method, and the production cost that shipping manufacturer is lacking model and large and stable database information to forecast composite material structure. 2) marine technology of evaluation of composite material dependability and quota system   are in when shipping structure be pounded, shake, when collision and fire, produce invalidation extremely easily, can have not decided its at present however whether the analytic tool of invalidation. In addition, as a result of the anisotropy of composite material, its shrink put regulation particularly complex, accordingly, want than the metal when beginning a structure to design complex much. 3) marine data of basis of composite material property accumulates the data with finite   to accumulate block the composite material application on shipping. Composite material structure needs to adopt a series of strict provisions, content involves physics aging behavior of mechanical function, environment, fight air current concussion, fight function of underwater vibration attaint, fire prevention (sex of whole of flammability, bright fire, soot, noxiousness, structure) , fragment / ballistic protection and radar / sonar function. Is extremely finite, and the test decides composite material is in concussion, oscillatory, ballistic the property that leaves with bright fire condition, it is a time the work with long and high cost. Evaluate the security of composite material and dependability, contented design requirement is a when application of the shipping on composite material is faced with main problem. Marine   of trend of composite material development composite material has huge advantage in shipping application respect, the design that accelerates composite material and research and development are to resolve obstacle the main problem that its use in ship side. Future is marine composite material develops direction is design technology first to improve. Composite material develops a trend to depend on a design making composite material of high-powered, low cost, drive composite material by blame bear force structure to advocate / second bear force structure develops, from local use extend to large-scale application, increase the research and development of composite material and applied strength, make its are had low cost, high-powered, muti_function, optimize the characteristic such as join, long life period, on the safe side. By onefold bear the weight of functional structure composite material to what hold body of concealed of a ballproof, sound insulation, sound absorption, damp, radar concurrently to wait for character muti_function model composite material develops, its and steel structure are reached between structure of composite material of research and development of form a complete set at the same time between convenient, reliable join technology. Marine the design that the another development direction of composite material is pair of composite material, craft and make have comprehensive research, establish the design standard of uniform standard, begin composite material function to evaluate technical research at the same time. On the foundation that at present function of composite material galley proof studies, the key is an object with unit of construction of composite material type, local model, begin function of aging behavior, fatigue function, flame retardation, antiknock, impact resistance to be able to wait for the test of performance data, form the function experiment method that covers unit of composite material galley proof, typical construction, local model, drive composite material to turn application in the dimensions on shipping. In the meantime, development is marine technology of assess of composite material craft, with marine the typical place of composite material structure is an object, research craft appearance quality consistency, form marine the method of assess of composite material craft. In the light of marine the applied environment with different composite material undertakes analysis, Baconian, with a few kinds typical composite material is research target, rely on environmental experiment platform, through composite material function of a large number of long-term ocean environment experiment (be like: Briny immersion, current difference, air insolates etc) can experiment with lab imitate acceleration, get the function evolution law of the composite material below ocean environment, build life to forecast a model, form marine composite material is able to bear or endure the evaluation program of marine function, flow and method, long-term and the structural design that is composite material, reliable application, safeguard, transhipment of through cargo offers a technology to prop up. (origin: Material science and technology) industry of     shipbuilding accepts the order the quantity is successive 3 years the 2nd, 7 years, the market with baronial, broad future is having dimensions taller composite material and product requirement; The composite material application of shipbuilding industry is in start level, composite material product demands exceeds supply, achievement of more forward position science and technology repeatedly wait for industrialization. Implement 945 programs to be carried out in the round, drive shipping and catenary of industry of marine project composite material to optimize upgrade, study communicates craft of the advanced technique of domestic and international shipping and marine project composite material and goods, forward position and tendency of the market, branch of a light boat of boat of shipping industry guild and answer ability network on March 2022 27-29 day sponsors forum of “2021 shipping and height of application of marine project composite material and plant site to demonstrate to groom jointly in Guangdong Zhuhai the expert scholar deepness that meeting ” invites shipping and marine engineering field discusses communication, stress study communicates current situation of technology of this domain composite material, application current situation and market development trend. 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