Abroad of colophony of not saturated polyester studies progress is tasted quickly, newly in recent years emerge in endlessly, for instance: Low contractility colophony, anti-corrosive colophony, obdurability colophony, low bibulous model colophony of not saturated polyester, transparency is colophony of not saturated polyester, low colophony of the colophony of not saturated polyester that styrene incomplete measures free, PET not saturated polyester, low volatile colophony, gel coat colophony, epispastic not saturated polyester. What function of resinous of 5 kinds of not saturated polyester and application face to undertake below is analytic. Include low contractility among them colophony, corrosion resistance colophony, low bibulous model WCUP of colophony of colophony of not saturated polyester, low volatile colophony, hydrous not saturated polyester. (One)   of low contractility colophony is alleged low contractility colophony, use thermoplastic the solidify that colophony will come to reduce gentle and UPR is contractive, already made in SMC in get applied extensively. Commonly used small contractive dose has polystyrene, get together methylic acrylic acid armour ester and benzene 2 formic acid polymer of ester of 2 Xi third. At present abroad is divided outside using polystyrene and its copolymer, still developed get together the ester inside personal acid (polyurethane of LPS-60) , modified and acetic acid cellulose are fourth ester. Japanese grease (individual plant) changed finished product institute to study UP resinous is new-style low contractive additive (LPAS) , this kind new-style contain stretch catenary paragraph with the chain that can hold with UP colophony paragraph, those who be used at UP colophony SMC/BMC shape in craft, make goods surface burnish, shrinkage low, and chromatic performance is good. American Ohio establishs an university from expand learn, morphology and structure learn, those who considered to contain modified is thermoplastic LPAS additive but system of microtherm solidify UP/ST/LPAS, introduce Co- accelerant DVB in microtherm solidify system, with the 2nd monomer 3 hydroxide are methylic propane 3 methylic acrylic acid ester (TMPT-MA) , make colophony gains better control in the systole in solidify process. Canada with thermoplastic PVAC joins UP colophony for LPAS of small contractive dose in, solved contractive problem well likewise. Japanese clear and high polymer company are passed add solid of small contractive dose, can make not saturated polyester forms content stick receive intensity to amount to 2.45MPa, linear and contractive coefficient falls to 0.32% . Hill of Japanese the first month is industrialized learn a company to use get together acetic acid ethylene (DenkaASRM4) serves as low contractive additive, development goes shrinkage to expect for the moulding of 0.096% only. (2) colophony of corrosion resistance of corrosion resistance colophony has double phenolic A not saturated polyester, ask benzene 2 formic acid colophony and colophony modified are not saturated polyester. It is reported, the colophony of 8250 ethylene ester that company of Japanese eaves department develops, not only corrosion resistance is good, and period of keep in storage can reach 14 months. Japan is used ask benzene model, double phenolic A or colophony makes vinyl ester not saturated polyester be able to bear or endure respectively the fibre glass composite material of 25%NaCl aqueous solution. Obdurability colophony is taken seriously increasingly, at present abroad basically is used join saturated resinous method to raise tenacity. If add saturated polyester, butadiene styrene rubber and balata of upright carboxyl fourth nitrile,wait. The not saturated polyester that company of chemistry of American A Mo Ke uses extreme to contain hydroxyl and the resin that reaction of 2 ester of different cyanic acid make, its tenacity can raise 2 ~ 3 times, commodity brand is Xycon. Japanese clear and the SD colophony tenacity that high polymer company develops are good, can use extensively at making a scagliola. Brazil will be flexible get together catenary of silicon oxygen alkyl paragraph (APTS) passes graft copolymerization, ester of glycerine of methylic to containing acrylic shrink (the colophony of not saturated polyester of GMA) undertakes modified, get the colophony with high impact strength and fibre glass enhance colophony. Polish university discovery increases along with TDI content, the viscosity of resinous of not saturated polyester of TDI modified rises, achieve when TDI quality mark 3% when, colophony is had touch denaturation goodly. Join in colophony 4, 2 horses of 4- come acyl inferior amine radical 2 benzene firedamp (when BM) undertakes modified, the resinous after modified compresses intensity to raise 159MPa, vitrification temperature is 184 ℃ , decompose temperature to raise 280 ℃ , at the same time solidify speed also is accelerated accordingly. (3) low bibulous model   of colophony of not saturated polyester about low bibulous model colophony of not saturated polyester, germany makes the resin of not saturated polyester of IR radiate solidify, its are when IR radiate solidify the solidify retention period of composite material is brief, bibulous rate drops the product. Transparency is not saturated polyester colophony, spend princes and dukes to manage development goes tensile strength to be 44.1MPa by Japan, transmissivity is 48% , and the double phenolic A that has good hear resistance transparency is not saturated polyester colophony scagliola. And the colophony of not saturated polyester that incomplete measures low dissociate styrene, already issued by development of company of Japanese NOF combination have good prevent yellow change model colophony of not saturated polyester, its can use as colophony of FRP, SMC, BMC, mark of quality of styrene of the remain after 130 ℃ solidify is only 0.03% . Achievement of colophony of PET not saturated polyester is more, the United States and Egypt get together with PET(to benzene glycol of 2 formic acid ester) flotsam alcoholysis content synthesized colophony of not saturated polyester, through adjusting reaction can get solidify temperature is 74 ~ 90 ℃ , solidify time comes many minutes 20 for a few minutes only between the colophony of not saturated polyester that can choose arbitrarily. Korea synthesized resin of a series of not saturated polyester that get by all sorts of alcoholysis content, and the alcoholysis degree that through all sorts of mellow compositions content controls PET, control time of gel of resinous of PET not saturated polyester and brittleness, use successfully at SMC and BMC. Colophony of epispastic not saturated polyester also jumps shade of pleasant to see, colophony of not saturated polyester serves as the expanded plastics of matrix, tenacity, strength is better than epispastic PS, treatment is easier than bubble PVC, add fire retardant to wait to also can make its flame retardant and be able to bear or endure ageing, cost is more plastic than bubble polyurethane low. Resinous of epispastic not saturated polyester is epispastic and main use chemical foaming agent. The document of use physics vesicant is not much. Physical vesicant basically is freon but pollute an environment. Chemical vesicant basically has: Ester of different cyanic acid kind, occasionally nitrogen kind, sulphur acyl hydrazine kind, anhydride of carbonic acid ester kind. (4) low volatile colophony is low volatile colophony and breed of gel coat colophony are more. Low volatile colophony is the task that at present abroad is developing, general requirement is air is medium all round the workshop styrene content must under 50ug/g. Its method is: Join watch film to form an agent to reduce styrene to volatilize; is used join agent of couplet of tall boil hand over item by item to replace styrene; to adopt 2 Xi of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem of annulus of in order to and its ramification and UPR photograph couple, make small element quality is changed, achieve the goal that reduces use styrene thereby. Foreign BYKChemie company develops LPX-5500 of a kind of new-style auxiliary, can make styrene volatilizes the quantity reduces 70 ~ 90% . Gel coat colophony is the special colophony of layer of gel coat of goods of the glass reinforced plastics that make. Styrene still is the appropriate monomer that current UP colophony chooses. But the evaporate steam pressure that styrene issues in room temperature is higher, volatilize easily, using hand paste or eject to shape especially the gel coat layer of goods of the craft glass reinforced plastics that make, in the process that enhances a layer with back line volatilize more easily. When its steam chroma exceeds a certain quantity of (> the eye nose mucous membrane that exciting person meets when 50ug/g) is caused dazed, disgusting wait for a symptom. Because this development develops low styrene to send out colophony of sexual gel coat, appear very necessary and the real significance with be had very important. Company of American Sartomer technology developed the contains monomer of Ma Lai acid anhydride UPR of low VOC to form content, apply at colophony of gel coating, adhesive, lamination or moulding colophony. The United States and Germany were developed without (styrene) the colophony of not saturated polyester of monomer and its composition content, its can be used at mouth mould respectively, in gel coating and electronic industry. (5) WCUP of colophony of hydrous not saturated polyester is in WCUP of colophony of hydrous not saturated polyester arisen. WCUP of colophony of hydrous not saturated polyester is to go up century the makes filling with water new-style resin that 50 time are published. This kinds of colophony besides having marked low cost characteristic, still have a lot of and superior performance, if the quantity gives off heat when solidify systole of small, bulk is small, flame retardant shape with easy treatment etc. Its can be used at concrete of material of man-made lumber, adornment, foam products, porous material, housing materials, polyester, size and coating to wait. The person such as Horie reported the basic material such as natrium of the oxidation that use hydrogen the 1st times 1967, the latex of colophony of hydrous not saturated polyester with stable preparation, this method is weighed become saline law for polyester. Learn a law to study heterogeneous with trends in recent years / system of much constituent polymer causes huge to pay close attention to in the world, nguven-Thue studied trends shedding changes the correlation of behavior and shape structure, ever since this kind of research already became multinomial polymeric system to flow change the heat that learns research. Kicko-walczak, ewa summed up the new progress of resinous of not saturated polyester of requirement of contented European Union. Compare with international industry posture, course of study of colophony of not saturated polyester is in our country nearly 10 although development is rapidder,come for years, but as bigger still than difference as foreign photograph, scale of production quality of small, product is low, breed model is controlled 500 times only, raw material is in short supply, short of of quality of a few new raw material asks, development of new breed technology is devoted and insufficient, place of scientific research courtyard and cooperation of manufacturing application unit remain to be strengthened further. Especially numerous small plant, detect the step is wrong, product quality gets very hard assuring, at present this kind of low grade competes to bring a lot of hidden trouble to market of product of our country glass reinforced plastics, should cause concerned respect enough take seriously.

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