Often contact acerbity, alkaline, salt, organic dissolvent to wait in chemical production process strong corrode medium, because this is corroded,be born with chemical industry. Meanwhile, anticorrosive Scientists and Technologists first and last with indefatigable effort, undertook defending effectively in a lot of domain. As the development of modern science and technology and the generation of all sorts of new material, new technology, more make anticorrosive technology had great progress. Because our country corrodes the pecuniary loss that cause one year to have thousand yuan. Especially the building in corrosion environment, build content ground anticorrosive still be an a Gordian knot. This kind is corroded often was ignored by people in the past, the erection that causes a few old plants appears relatively serious corrode. For example, fertilizer chemical industry produces workshop of ammonium of medium nitric acid, saltpetre, urea; In coloured metallurgy production wet electroanalysis the workshop of the workshop, floor, landing stage, platform and underground build thing. Because acerbity mist volatilizes, dust flies upwards, run risk the reason such as a leakage, deliquescence, make a building serious corrode, the steel structure with some place thick 10mm, be being corroded one year is to bear the weight of hard bear and must change. To steel structure corrode defend, at present home basically uses besmear to brush preservative coating, stick balata of model, gush model, line, bag to pester lead of glass reinforced plastics, line even line titanium board. These measure all because defend level low or cost is high use up person meaning hard. Go up century 90 time, pull crowded profile to have industrialized production in our country, make solve steel structure corroded a problem to have new approach. Pulled crowded profile to change glass reinforced plastics to be able to be stuck as line only in anticorrosive industry, the part of component, conduit and container, pledge excel in, gently with its, anticorrosive characteristic and replace rolled steel, one leap forward bearings into the building structural domain. Since pulling crowded FRP to produce craft to come out in the United States oneself, experienced development course of a few years. Suit to pull the raw material such as the synthetic resin that presses craft application, fibre glass and fabric to come out in succession, make pull crowded craft to develop quickly. On century of 80 time United States pull crowded FRP product to increase by degrees every year with the speed of 12.5% , the main raw material that profile place uses is not had for fibre glass twist successive felt reachs roving, fibre glass all sorts of Bo fine fabric, synthetic resin and corresponding auxiliary, filling, dye. Its technological process shapes beforehand for roving, fabric - macerate colophony is successive solidify shapes - cooling - fixed length cut - the product is packed. Whole production process is automation, successive change; Produce speed 0.3m-0.8m/min; The dimension of the big outline that reduce a range of profile or hollow profile is 1000mm×300mm. In profile sectional in, it is radial arrange fibre glass, its tensile strength (3500-3600MPa) than normally tensile strength of prestressing force reinforcing steel bar (450-1500MPa) get high much, synthetic resin is mixed as binder be able to bear or endure corrode layer, successive felt and fabric of fibre glass dimension are put by design shop, aim to provide broadwise strength. Pass the analysis of curves of pair of its stress meet an emergency, knowable the destruction of this kind of material is rupture as a result of abrupt brittleness and not be ductility succumbs be caused by. The research of long-term to its mechanical performance makes clear: Its Xu changes the logarithm value of the ratio of collapse strength and effect time shows linear concern. Alleged Xu Bianjiang is spent is to show fiber increases plastic in load long-term effect falls maintain stress changeless, its plasticity is out of shape also will be lengthened as load action and increase ceaselessly, tend eventually the data tensile strength when stability. Although be in alkaline fall with chloric ionic action, fiber enhances plastic material to have wear greatly excel convention rolled steel. Pulling crowded FRP profile and photograph of common structure steel to compare is to have excel in, qualitative light, tough, be able to bear or endure the advantage such as heat insulation of corrode, insulation, and when installation need not get angry, scintilla won't arise because of colliding between operating period, this want to be being attached most importance to especially for chemical production. Pull crowded FRP profile to bearing as the structure with next listing an example that is in chemical industry is anticorrosive medium applying. 1, cobalt electroanalysises workshop extract workshop section operates platform; 2, nickel electroanalysises the workshop purifies workshop section to operate platform; Landing stage; The bracket inside scuttle and electrobath; 3, platform of operation of zincic soak workshop, footpath platform; 4, aluminium electroanalysises bracket of chamfer of precipitation of workshop positive pole. Afore-mentioned environments all are mixture acid mist, acerbity fluid burn-in condition, PH value is 1.7-5.0 between; Bear the weight of greatly time of 6t/ ㎡ early application is in October 1994. By user appraisal and us the spot is observed, nondestructive is bad, without bend be out of shape, without corrode a phenomenon apparently. Compare with original steel structure, not must besmear every year not only brush anticorrosive paint, and reduced overhaul to change. Pull structural member of crowded FRP profile to need to be cleaned with water only present a bright-coloured colour, greatly beautification the workshop produces an environment. About join, pull crowded FRP profile to be in as bear the weight of big discomfort is when structural member cannot electric welding, the join means that uses at present basically is chuck rabbet, sleeve is inserted receive, spacer butt joint and stick receive, advocate the common bolt that if bear the weight of,the structure also uses besmear to epoxy resin is protected or stainless steel bolt even titanium bolt will join fixed, the plug of glass reinforced plastics that some business development go is in applied experiment. The volume price that helps crowded FRP profile is 2 times of common rolled steel about, 1/2 of stainless steel. In accept hard at that time as the building, enterprise when building thing, but pull crowded FRP profile to need not besmear every year brush preservative coating, economic cost comes down 3 years can keep balance with steel structure and project cost. Important is to pull crowded FRP profile to build thing service life not under 10 years, and the service life of common steel structure in afore-mentioned corrosion environment only 3 years two. It is very considerable that from the point of this angle our applied practice proves to pull crowded FRP profile to regard corrosion environment as the medium building, economic benefits that builds thing. In industrial application practice, we still discovered the two big profit that help crowded FRP profile be produced to industry as structural member. It is in coloured metallurgy electroanalysis in the process, as a result of steel structure especially of the bracket inside electrobath corrode, many iron ion entered electrolyte, serious effect electroanalysises the purity of the product, the enterprise must cost many manpower material resources every year to keep clear of the iron in electrolyte is ionic, and use this one difficult problem was solved after drawing crowded FRP profile, its effect is the problem of economic benefits not just. On the other hand, domestic company adds a look in extend, increase a lot of equipment to reach build thing, often exceed the design carrying capacity of all workshop foundation. And use pull crowded FRP profile to serve as structural member, special interest is transformed at the enlarge look of workshop. The production that hauls crowded FRP profile through be opposite and industrial application are carried out, to corrosion environment medium building, build thing for, with pull crowded FRP model replacing common structure steel and stainless steel is the way with an efficient economy. Pull those who squeeze FRP profile recipe to be able to design a gender, make its have wide promotion application perspective, make its produce bigger effect in anticorrosive industry. Squeeze to strengthen domestic and international composite material to pull shape the technical communication of craft and market butt joint, advance forward position craft, advanced equipment and applied product development, drive catenary of composite material entire industry to optimize upgrade, study pulls crowded new technology, understanding to draw crowded new facility, master terminal new application, understand thoroughly market new trend, international of scan widely of answer ability network, home of base oneself upon, is on October 2021 27-29 day in Zhejiang? Jia Xingshao opens “2021 international composite material to pull crowded craft to apply height forum and plant site to demonstrate to groom meeting ” . This second conference pulls crowded craft and applied ” to give priority to a problem with “ composite material, kelaosimafei and division are thought of achieve assist do. The conference plans to invite international to play crowded technology expert, help research and development of crowded products company the splendid report that total industry and scholar of expert of terminal application domain make technology and applied photograph union, craft and market phase tie. Session visits the organization the chemical plant of Jia Xingyi body that inspects German brand to overcome Laosimafei, do 4 intelligence change industry of learning understanding composite material 5 large dominant positions moxa chart? Pull crowded shape systematic whole solution, promote and deepen forum delibrate achievement. Invite sincerely domestic and international composite material to pull expert of crowded craft domain, scholar, entrepreneur and industry colleague to arrive at congress, conspire answer material new tomorrow. Sponsor unit   composite material website   assist do unit   to overcome machinery of Lao Sima humble () division of   of limited company is thought of achieve (Shanghai) constant of Zhejiang of   of unit of assistance of   of of investment limited company 100 million amount to   of of composite material limited company Huadongli. Class highlights contributive expert. Was graduated from Hubei to visit middle school of fierce prosperous experiment 1958, was graduated from 1963 China in engineering college (today university of Hua Zhongke ability) mechanical workmanship and equipment major. Basically study way: Makings of phenolic aldehyde moulding and mould pressing, successive shape, fiber is twined, pull film of space of crowded, large reseau rotational moulding of type radar cover, PA/PE. 251 factories of Ceng Ren Beijing (academy of Beijing glass reinforced plastics) secretary-general of association of industry of director of Electromechanical equipment lab, composite material, standing vice-chairman. 1963 only then be engaged in Bo fine namely composite material research and science and technology popularize the job, made the contribution that initiates a gender to build conduit of our country glass reinforced plastics and industry of lay aside canister. Be dedicated to industry technology progress, since promoting 75 ” of “ our country glass reinforced plastics / the development of composite material industry. Chief editor has " encyclopedia of industry of glass reinforced plastics " , " manual of technology of brachylogy of glass reinforced plastics " etc. Ever won the award such as project of committee of science and technology of scientific plenary meeting, national defence, great science and technology. Research and development still is dedicated to now after retiring technology of new-style composite material, with place of relevant college courtyard business communication cooperates. Report title: Pulled 2021 crowded shape outline of report of product market and   of analysis of prospective development foreground: 1. Trace to the source 2. Raw material makes progress 3. Domestic craft and its equipment 4. Domestic product representative application 5. Foreign new technology and its equipment 6.   of of proposal   He Tianze overcomes Laosimafeila to squeeze shape product chief   is graduated from the university that be the same as aid to apply Chemstry Department, industry of deep ploughing polyurethane more than 10 years, dedicated serve at polyurethane recipe and technology development and client, basically be engaged in recipe of polyurethane composite material and technology development and technical service, epispastic domain technology serves development of recipe of polyurethane of ability in swimming and polyurethane. Joined Kelaosimafei 2019, responsible crawler is pulled crowded shape to the whole set development of the entire line of equipment works and be pulled crowd shaping technology development. Report title: Craft of the crowded inject that shut a model is in Kelaosimafeila light the outline of applied   report that quantifies a domain: 1. The international that pulls crowded craft to produce equipment develops a tendency 2. The promotion that helps crowded craft manufacture efficiency 3. The craft dominant position that draws the crowded inject that shut a model 4. The technology of intelligent numerical control that helps crowded technology 5. Moxa chart TM is pulled crowded shape systematic whole solution is in light division of strong   thinks of the Guo Song of innovation application   that quantifies a domain achieve (Shanghai)   of chief inspector of composite material business affairs basically is in charge of   of of investment limited company the market development of polyurethane composite material, for but second birth the sources of energy, green building, infrastructure construction offers corresponding solution. Report title: Polyurethane pulls crowded composite material and outline of applied   report: 1. Division think of achieve company introduction 2. The performance that polyurethane helps crowded composite material is summarized 3. Market of 3.1 window profile and case analyse the market application brief introduction of polyurethane composite material the design of 3.3 railroad sleeper and production should nod the solution of technical pain spot of girder of 3.2 wind report 3.4 adipose a group of things with common features play crowded manufacturing note the preparation craft of frame of component of 3.5 smooth hot season 3.6, the graduate student was graduated from material of high polymer of Wuhan industry university 1989 / composite material is professional, labour learns a Master. Rising 2001 to teach course senior engineer. Development of estate of outfit of besmear of institute of director of association of composite material industry, equipment government promotes a center senior expert; Association of industrial anticorrosion technology is standing committee member of director, committee of experts, was granted title of ” of “ anticorrosion Great Master by association of industrial anticorrosion technology and combination of association of chemical business management 2009. Basically study way: The industrial application of composite material and project technology serve colophony radical. Ginseng make up the monograph that reachs chief editor and composite material to concern to have: " composite material encyclopedia " (arrange of new scent edition second-class award of books of the 10th outstanding science and technology, Chemical Industry Department first prize of the 6th outstanding books) , " design of composite material product and its apply " , " anticorrosion composite material and its apply " , " quality of housing materials project is supervised with. Report title: Policy of energy-saving environmental protection and the outline of report of market prospect   that draw crowded profile: 1. Policy of new energy-saving environmental protection unscrambles 1.1 buildings energy-saving environmental protection 1.2 industry domain is energy-saving environmental protection 2. Home plays current situation of crowded profile technology 3. Abroad helps brief introduction of crowded profile technology 4. Play prospect of crowded profile market 4.1 buildings domain (door window, hutch is defended, bivouac and mobile building, large public construction) 4.2 energy field (coal, electric power) field of 4.3 new energy resources (wind energy, smooth hot season, store can) 4.5 traffic carry territory of 4.4 industry anticorrosion. About the proposal market of 5.2 new products extends respect of research and development of 5.1 new products respect 5.3 help crowded equipment research and development 5.4 retire product and manage of Hua Dong of phenanthrene   of Xing Ming of litter processing   are versed in   of director of development of market of international trade ministry basically is engaged in   of of limited company of polymer of university China prosperous, composite material of domain of responsible wind report is new-style colophony demand solution. Report title: Pull outline of development of resinous of matrix of crowded composite material, type selecting and report of solution   : 1. Pull crowded industry to develop new condition 2. The principle that helps crowded technology and matrix resinous are developed 3. Pull auxiliary of Bi Ke of   of of Liu Jiang of   of of solution of colophony of matrix of crowded composite material (Shanghai)   of   of manager of plastic technology service was graduated from sex of limited company hot solid 2000   of major of composite material of college of Wuhan grain industry composite material industry from course of study 20 years of   are opposite shut a model to shape the auxiliary of craft recipe: High-powered the outline of report of   of auxiliary solution that draws crowded composite material: 1. Bi Ke chemistry introduces 2. Fast fiber soak and product interior blemish are eliminated 3. Composite material static state and dynamic and fatigue intensity promote 4. Manufacturing technology stability and later period treatment are handled 5. Tall flame retardant science and technology of Jin Feng of   of of Wu Zhiquan of   of of the problem of the product and solution offers group of quality of answer material of square quality ministry to be in charge of   to be engaged in wind report composite material quality, craft works more than 10 years, responsible wind report composite material supervises the work for square quality. Report title: Wind report lamina pulls with Bo fine crowded board quality provides outline of report accusing   : 1, fine of Bo of wind report lamina pulls crowded board   of   of current situation overview 2, pull crowded board applied quality canal accuses   company brief introduction: Golden wind science and technology is clean the sources of energy and domain of energy-saving environmental protection get run enterprise, devote oneself to to drive the sources of energy to change, invite everyone but the benefit of burden, reliable, the sources of energy that can last and, compose builds “ to be able to last the future of better ” . Internet of report of wind of focusing of deepness of golden wind science and technology, the sources of energy, environmental protection 3 big fields, with innovation of powerful scientific research and beautiful business practice, will but of second birth the sources of energy use efficiency promotion to come new height. Hold water oneself up to now, golden wind science and technology kisses all previous and witness but facilities of second birth energy develops flourishingly, and the market of establish of internationalization ability root with comprehensive deepness, business pervades 6 continent, 32, the compose of center of 8 big research and development of layout builds the core power that has development of technology of drive forward position. Up to spent first half of the year 2021, installed capacity of accumulative total of report of wind of golden wind science and technology exceeds 77GW, be equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide every year to discharge 15, 7.63 million tons, forest of give somebody a new lease on life 8, 6.14 million stere. Golden wind science and technology devotes oneself to “ to be blue sky of water of human dedication green jade from beginning to end, keep the mission of more resource ” to future. More expert, expect … please…  of   visiting enterprise session visits the organization the chemical plant of Jia Xingyi body that inspects German brand to overcome Laosimafei. The Kelaosimafeijia that is located at growing trigonometry core area starts a plant, design of volume product research and development, engineering, production is made, the strategy is purchased, the sale serves at an organic whole, create value for client and partner. The factory sees link, show the scene TM of two moxa chart to pull crowded shape product line of systematic whole solution - the static state reveals produce a line: Moxa chart TM pulls 10 tonnage crowded shape product line of systematic whole solution, apply to crossbeam of manufacturing wind report board - move reveal produce a line: Moxa chart TM pulls 5 tonnage crowded shape product line of systematic whole solution, the production that shows the scene door window profile - relevant application reveals: Wind report crossbeam board, polyurethane draws profile of crowded door window, epoxy resin and fibre glass are compound the sample   time such as anchorage lever: On October 27, 2021 - place of 29 days of   : Unit of member of network of answer ability of   of relevant item of   of of limited company of big public house of Zhejiang beautiful source: 1900 yuan / person, person of 3800/ of blame member unit (contain pass of data of all and relevant conference, conference and conference have dinner) note: Accommodation unites arrangement by meeting Wu group, charge provides for oneself. Limited company of science and technology of news of network of answer ability of   of means signing up (answer ability network)   contact:   of Yu Zhen connects a telephone call: 186 5346 3667

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