On Feburary 28, heilongjiang produces 350 thousand tons when cast polycarbonate of chemical industry of group dragon river to combine an item newly / year picket of phenol acetone project base formal start builds the project. This project is the 100 big projects that Heilongjiang saves, also be the priority discipline that implementation “ oily head changes end ” .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Project first phase plans to invest 3 billion yuan, include to build 350 thousand tons / year phenol acetone, 200 thousand tons / year double phenolic A, 200 thousand tons / year pure benzene 3 suit buy, year predict 4 billion yuan to will achieve sales revenue, profit tax 1.5 billion yuan; Project 2 period the plan invests 3 billion yuan, build 260 thousand tons / year polycarbonate project, amount to produce the year after next to predict 4 billion yuan to achieve sales revenue, profit tax 1.3 billion yuan. According to introducing, this project advocate do transition of structural adjustment of Daqing petrifaction oil refining to upgrade the downstream raw material of the project carries on. Cite a case, after project put into production, will use raw material of 250 thousand tons of toluene (Daqing petrifaction company offers 220 thousand tons, outside buy 30 thousand tons of) , produce 200 thousand tons of benzene. Raw material of 200 thousand tons of benzene, enter plant of downstream phenol acetone entirely, with the raw material of 100 thousand tons of propylene that Daqing petrifaction company provides, production gives 130 thousand tons of acetone and 220 thousand tons of phenol. 50 thousand tons of acetone and 170 thousand tons of phenol enter plant of downstream double phenolic A, produce raw material of double phenolic A 200 thousand tons, odd 80 thousand tons of acetone and 50 thousand tons of phenol are all export. Current, area of project place garden already built water supply, sewage disposal, industry to manage the project such as station of end of corridor, raw material for project form a complete set, building cop of railroad industrial siding, electric power, vapour, danger to change in form a complete set taste a parking lot to wait. Project of all form a complete set, will 2023 all first half of the year finishing, satisfy need of project put into production.

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