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Double raw material goes up, epoxy resin is pushed go up

25000-26000 of colophony of Hua Dong liquid yuan / ton, centre of gravity goes up. Market of domestic annulus oxygen exchanges views centre of gravity to go up, it is good to get benefit of double raw material pull move, solid and liquid colophony market all go up now prices, hua Dong mainstream exchanges views go up 200-400 yuan / ton. Double raw material goes up in succession, double phenolic A goes up greatly 1200-1500 yuan / ton, offer to 18000-18500 yuan / ton, some petrifaction contest pats Hua Dong yesterday the price relatively last week 4 rise 1600 reach 16300 yuan / ton, cost face profit is good prop up. Predict epoxy resin market continues to push now go up, pay close attention to raw material to carry prices continuously.

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