Recently, institute of electrician of academy of sciences and Feng Dr. Changping and Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology signs postdoctoral researcher to develop an agreement jointly. Double since one science and technology is awarded Shandong to save postdoctoral innovation to carry out base, the company regards a talent as to introduce construction of platform of base of postdoctoral innovation practice, dynamic of ecbolic new development is important way, combinative company grows way, be opposite actively with place of each big college courtyard receive, high-end talent is dug in composite material domain, offer the hardware establishment such as equipment of field of research and development, test for its, provide senior technology engineer and group of professional research and development, provide the software service such as technical tell sb one's real intentions, invite talent advantage and couple of industry need photograph, the company that help strength can grow continuously.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology built provincial industry to design lab of research center of technology of center of technology of center, provincial company, provincial project, provincial project, provincial postdoctoral innovation to carry out base in recent years platform of many innovation research and development, had done incubate to bring phoenix the foundation works, will farther henceforth perfect mechanism is built, increase a talent to introduce strength, attract talent of more high end to garrison a company, build talent of high administrative levels to develop base, develop group dominant position adequately, deepen produce learn to grind shirt-sleeve, raise level of research and development, achievement of stimulative scientific research is changed, promote company high quality development, serve local economy construction. Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology held water 2000, it is one is handing in place greatly to do poineering work board appear on the market, collect is advanced design of composite material product, research and development, make, sell and serve the class at an organic whole company of new and high technology, stock code: 300690. Double one science and technology registers fund 160 million yuan, capital total 1.6 billion yuan, have stuff nearly 2000 people, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 430 thousand square metre. Double all place saves the city zone of heart of heart state city at Shandong, set hill city, Wu Cheng, Tianjin 3 branches reach salt of pair of one science and technology city limited company, Shandong double one houseboat limited company, produce grind new material academy (heart city) limited company 3 subsidiary, dominant product includes: Report of wind of metalloid exact pattern, new energy resources composite material component, car is small quantify goods of component, advanced composite material and high-quality goods to swim angle a light boat 5 big board piece, among them product of composite material component, metalloid mould spreads all over report of wind of new energy resources the market, quantity of produce and sale ranks industry front row.

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