PDCPD (get together double-loop the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem 2 Xi) material has high strenth, tall tenacity, anti-corrosive, low density, be able to bear or endure microtherm (- 40°C is not sent fragile) , fight the characteristic such as ageing, because its composition is,at the same time carbon is mixed hydrogen, can burn adequately and do not have remain, also do not arise in combustion process include 2 flower inside harmful material, it is superior environment friendly profile makings, below frame of relevant occupation standard, shape PDCPD material through RIM craft, can make large and complex, product of ultrathin, high strenth, environmental protection, artistic commercial vehicle part, belong to encouragement new and high technology, had made a car light the development way with quantify a domain important. However, below current technology current situation, PDCPD-RIM shapes to use steeliness pattern generally, although steel model has stability of high strenth, tall stiffness, dimension good, apply to big batch production to wait for an advantage, but also put batches cycle of production of big, design is long, small in one-time investment to make amortize cost advanced defect.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shandong double the composite material that Inc. of one science and technology precedes as the industry shapes supplier of craft unifinication solution, active and active search ” of pain spot of industry technology “ , produce oneself technology advantage, ceaseless innovation research and development, in assure product measure precision while stable, function asks, reduce a mould to make considerably, amortize cost and mould make cycle, got used to new model of current car domain, new design to change quickly, the trade that component cost reduces continuously grows a tendency, satisfied new era traffic to quantify demand green, safely, gently, and have price cycle of low, production is short, beautiful and ultrathin wait for a characteristic, apply those of Yu Ka spy extensively already to strap at present, the manufacturer such as machinery of root of Xu Gong machinery, dimension spy, make the economic point of growth that the company grows.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Future, double one science and technology will continue to hold to “ to never be satisfied, do one's best is better the innovation spirit of ” , focusing industry grows trend and ” of technical “ pain spot, new material technology, craft and intelligence production photograph combines, promote an enterprise competition ability ceaselessly, continue to offer exceedingly good product solution for broad client, make contribution to our country auto industry flourishs and can develop continuously.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology held water 2000, it is one is handing in place greatly to do poineering work board appear on the market, collect is advanced design of composite material product, research and development, make, sell and serve the class at an organic whole company of new and high technology, stock code: 300690. Double one science and technology registers fund 166 million yuan, capital total 1.6 billion yuan, have stuff nearly 2000 people, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 430 thousand square metre. Double all place saves the city zone of heart of heart state city at Shandong, set hill city, Wu Cheng, Tianjin 3 branches reach salt of pair of one science and technology city limited company, Shandong double one houseboat limited company, double one science and technology (Shan end) limited company, produce grind new material academy (heart city) limited company 4 subsidiary, dominant product includes: Report of wind of metalloid exact pattern, new energy resources composite material component, car is small quantify goods of component, advanced composite material and high-quality goods to swim angle a light boat 5 big board piece, among them product of composite material component, metalloid mould spreads all over report of wind of new energy resources the market, quantity of produce and sale ranks industry front row.

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