LFI (long fibre glass enhances polyurethane to react inject shapes) craft is to develop a successful kind of new-style polyurethane to shape in recent years craft, this craft has automation rate tall, shape cycle weak point, product is light quantify and make the good point with low cost, wide application is enclothed at project roof canopy, engine cover, by the interior trim that use a car, wait for car assembly domain like dashboard, have good applied prospect.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology shapes as composite material supplier of craft unifinication solution, the development that pays close attention to new technology of composite material industry, new technology for a long time is dynamic, the research and development that increases pair of car assembly projects continuously in recent years is devoted, LFI shapes craft regards key research and development as one of direction, the course checks test and verify for many times during, debug craft parameter, make polyurethane and fine of fibre glass implementation blend the effect, detect according to sample data result, adjust spray contrail ceaselessly, make fibre glass distributings more even, infiltration is more complete, structural performance is more steady. In product production process, shape equipment intelligence changed a level to reach an industry advanced level, in assure product quality stability and consistency while, promoted production metre. LFI craft and conventional technology photograph are compared, its product strength is high, be able to bear or endure temperature change performance is good, product density low, quality is light, exterior flatness, glossiness all has promote considerably, reduced VOC to discharge, accord with requirement of green environmental protection, in achieve a client to ask to product function while, satisfied a product to change extremely fast answer demand. At present we had had batch to change productivity, reach cooperative intent with many well-known company. Cultivate Gao Xiemao, fasten Yu Genshen. Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology is dedicated composite material shapes craft domain more than 20 years, maintaining the susceptibility that develops to composite material industry from beginning to end, this LFI shapes the breakthrough of craft, it is we come for years the technology is accumulated, experience is accumulated and the report of the comprehensive strength such as level of research and development, also be the beneficial attempt that quantifies career progress gently to car and practice. Henceforth, we will continue to take drive of science and technology, the train of thought that innovation develops, the pulse that develops with the times is the same as frequency resonance, with high quality health of development drive industry grows, offer a variety of solutions for broad client, the car that help strength is small quantify a career to develop flourishingly.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Shandong double Inc. of one science and technology held water 2000, it is one is handing in place greatly to do poineering work board appear on the market, collect is advanced design of composite material product, research and development, make, sell and serve the class at an organic whole company of new and high technology, stock code: 300690. Double one science and technology registers fund 166 million yuan, capital total 1.6 billion yuan, have stuff nearly 2000 people, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 430 thousand square metre. Double all place saves the city zone of heart of heart state city at Shandong, set hill city, Wu Cheng, Tianjin 3 branches reach salt of pair of one science and technology city limited company, Shandong double one houseboat limited company, double one science and technology (Shan end) limited company, produce grind new material academy (heart city) limited company 4 subsidiary, dominant product includes: Report of wind of metalloid exact pattern, new energy resources composite material component, car is small quantify goods of component, advanced composite material and high-quality goods to swim angle a light boat 5 big board piece, among them product of composite material component, metalloid mould spreads all over report of wind of new energy resources the market, quantity of produce and sale ranks industry front row.

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