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China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

The electric composite material that is based on polymer is the heat government that has an outlook and electromagnetism interference (EMI) screen material, often need in contemporary and compositive electron and Central Africa of technology of mobile of the Five Dynasties, but make rise to still have challenge sex extremely (for example, the even and dispersive, successive compose of accept rice filling builds electric conduction network and form strong interface interaction to wait) . The article, the researcher such as Dong Jie of Dong Hua university, Zhang Qinghua's researcher is in " Carbon " periodicalPublish a name to be “Interlayer Decoration Of Expanded Graphite By Polyimide Resins For Preparing Highly Thermally CoThe paper of Nductive Composites With Superior Electromagnetic Shielding Performance” , Research is opposite through large measure is being proposed in the compose inside PI matrix neat black lead piece will rise get together acyl inferior amine (PI) radical the strategy of the heat conduction of composite material and EMI screen function.

Main measure includes PI tiny ball is initiative assemble oneself enter get together much cling to amine modified expands black lead (EG-PDA) the space between the layer, subsequently PI colophony passes the space between tiny ball melt and the layer that permeate pair of EG-PDA to undertake got-up, postheat pressing is compact change. Such, in composite material by transverse Fan Dehua (VdW) the rice of black lead accept of bond and orientaton piece large size black lead of composition piece can form successive electric access, enhance the interfacial affinity between PI and EG-PDA at the same time. Does hydrogenous key raise the thermal conductance inside the face 65.6 W M -1 in coordination? The beautiful of K -1 is worth, the effect of outstanding EMI screen of 101 DB is had below the filling load of 60 Wt% . In addition, its are tall after thermal conductivity and EMI screen function are enduring combustion or chemical corrosion environment, via still can maintaining after treatment repeatedly, wide perspective is shown in domains of next generation electronic parts.

Graph article introduction

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Graph 1. (The production process sketch map of A) EG-PDA/PI composite material. (The digital photograph of the typical 60-EG-PDA/PI composite material of B) different ply.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Graph 2. (A, b) EG and PDA function are changed - the SEM image of EG; (C) EG and PDA function are changed - the water of EG contacts horn; (The FTIR of D) EG, PDA and EG-PDA is spectral; (The XPS wide chart of E) EG and EG-PDA is investigated; (F) EG and EG-PDA enrage the TGA curve in atmosphere in nitrogen.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Graph 3, the heat conduction of composite material and medicinal powder hot property graphic representation

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Graph 4, electromagnetism disturbs screen function

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Graph 5. 60-EG-PDA/PI handles the coefficient of thermal conductivity of around and EMI SE: (A) the 20s on park fire, (B) immerge is different PH is worth solution 60 times, (C) reconditioning 5.

Brief summary

Anyhow, the PI that put forward a kind of preparation to have exceedingly good thermal conductivity and efficiency of freeboard EMI screen base the useful method of functional composite material. Because EG and PI are had,exceedingly good hear resistance is mixed be able to bear or endure chemical sex, the tall thermal conductivity of EG-PDA/PI composite material and function of electromagnetism interference screen are OK maintain after be handled in harsh environment. Accordingly, earning PI base the versatility of composite material is these material to apply in compositive electron equipment and communication system the prospect that offerred light in order to solve problem of ” of its “ overheat and electromagnetism pollution.

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