From 2013, the domestic station steel of research and development of golden wind science and technology is mixed mast amounts to slope city in Xinjiang and since the net, according to not complete count, the manufacturer of wind report lead plane that has 3/4 about already was undertaking steel of 140m above freeboard mixes application of mast research and development, more and more owner choose steel to mix mast to develop chosen mast plan as project of low wind speed, development of market of mast of new-style wind report warms up ceaselessly ……Recently, by Inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind (next weighing ” of science and technology) science and technology of cable of wind of Gaoke of Tian Sha of Beijing of the subsidiary below the banner is finite liability company (fall call “ Tian Sha Gao Ke ” ) the 155m that research and development installs is prefab assemble, the mark is worn 155m height steel mixes mast to enter commercialize moving phase. Evaluate according to parameter of local wind resource, 0.27~0.4 of span of shear of wind of area of river of Shandong Jinan business, by 140m when mast height promotion comes 155m, wind speed can promote 2.8% , electricenergy production promotes 4.4% , accrual amplitude is apparent. This successful investment commercializes the 155m that move prefab assemble type steel to mix mast, acceded day fir tall division mixes mast, complete ring to distribute a form in cast-in-place type steel prefab the mature technology concept that assembles mast craft, the aircrew that writtens guarantee alloy wind science and technology precedes controls strategy, those who realized mast design and aircrew intelligence match, to explore “ further light quantify, intelligence changed ” mast to offer new thinking. Current, steel of 155m of day fir tall division mixes a tower to be in build a project to already broke through 300 thousand KW.   of craft of node of join of bolt “ dry ” in recent years, the area such as low wind speed of ” of ministry of middle east of large base of 3 north ” , “ is opposite “ the requirement that mast raised completely much setting, seasonal construction. Steel mixes mast batch project to turn the measure such as management through centering profit of production, seed, satisfying manufacturing schedule while, can assure the requirement of high quality of high accuracy of component of concrete tower canister. 155m of day fir tall division is prefab assemble type to be in charge of a mast to work ” join plan through bolt “ , match “ subway to be in charge of a prefabricated components of class ” high accuracy, replace traditional “ wet plan of ” grouting join, reduce annulus paragraph joining together time is made an appointment with 50% , promote the hoisting that mix a tower efficiency considerably. Freeboard mast - overall unifinication designs   as mast of project of domestic wind cable taller and taller, vane wheel is larger and larger, those who be based on safety is overall stability is evaluated it is important to be sent more. When the mast that has unit plans to match, the design of mast of report of wind of 120m height above all should consider mast first-order, 2 rank the coupling vibration of 6P and frequency and 1P of impeller rotate speed, 3P, high-ranking frequency, mast that does blame moving condition to fall Guo Jizhen. Steel of freeboard of above of 150m of day fir tall division mixes mast to be passed in program level evaluate mast frequency, make its and impeller low rank, high-ranking frequency matchs, define reasonable steel thereby, mix paragraph of scale limits; In the meantime, undertake mast, aircrew and blade whole mode matchs, analysis of time domain sweep, damp intervenes reach vibration of operating conditions mast to analyse, realized mast - overall of unifinication again test and verify, ensured effectively group of electric machinery of tall mast wind from overall hoisting arrives the tall stability of moving phase. Already broke through 160m in diameter of impeller of type of mainstream of our country low wind speed today, day fir tall division devotes oneself to as always to offer stable, efficient freeboard mast solution, in par times and “30·60” carbon Da Feng, carbon counteracts strategic goal to fall to move for the project lay solid foundation, for but development of high quality of industry of second birth energy contributes more force.

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