Sand of enterprise of global diversity chemical industry is special fundamental industry company (SABIC) rolled out NORYL™ , Flexible NORYL, NORYL GTX™ and NORYL PPX™ series a few days ago all brand resinous biology radical version, implementation of the client that help strength can last strictly with each passing day development target. These material of biology radical colophony uses attestation of classics ISCC PLUS (international can last with carbolic attestation) get together benzene aether (PPE) colophony raw material, have with the function show with fossil radical similar shop sign, offer different live thing base the NORYL product of content chooses for the client.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

To prove the feasibility of biology radical method, the NORYL brand with SABIC3 deeply welcome money already realized commercial application, but these 3 material are overall product is medium only very small one part. After be based on consumption besides what roll out before this, reclaim (PCR) raw material (PCR content exceeds 25% ) besides the product, the biology that rolls out this base version material expanded further but durative NORYL resinous chooses limits.

SABIC is special material ministry LNP and NORYL business chief inspector express: “ we are very glad to can bring brand-new NORYL material to choose for the client with reducing the whole world calefacient potential is worth, no matter be,use at its to show some or brand-new application. SABIC comes true through using raw material of biology radical PPE but the efficient production of durative NORYL material, they are had as equal as traditional name stuff function and easy processability, can regard its as immediate substitute. Of biology radical product roll out the NORYL colophony product line that enlarged us further, supplier of the brand that help strength, OEM, one class and moulding business implementation its can develop a target continuously. ”

NORYL biology base name stuff uses case

Biology radical product already appeared on the market now under, if need to order biology radical NORYL, NORYL GTX, Flexible NORYL or NORYL PPX stuff, the SABIC that contacts you please sells a delegate.

Colophony of ● NORYL NH5120BIO4 special apply to crust and enclose, heating / ventilated / air conditioning (HVAC) component and smooth hot season / the application such as box of solar energy wiring. This is a kind of biology radical, without bromine / without chloric flame retardant colophony, the UL of 1.5 millimeter ply is flame retardant grade is V1, do not contain the complete fluorine that adds of purpose and much fluoride (PFAS) . Give attention to two or morethings of NORYL NH5120BIO4 colophony hear resistance, fluidity, be able to bear or endure hydrolysis and dimension stability and fight creep function, still can maintain good mechanical performance in harsh outdoors environment.

Colophony of ● NORYL GFN2BIO3 has high strength, be able to bear or endure hydrolysis and dimension stability, and the character such as low warp and small proportion. Outdoors applicability grade is the UL746C that base material of this kind of biology expects F1, it is a building construction, lawn is horticultural the outstanding choice that waits for application of room inside and outside.

Colophony of ● NORYL GTX902BIO3 is alloy of PPE of a kind of biology radical, have be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly chemical sex and but spray sex, can use at car hub lid, car electric component and lacquer car are acted the role of wait for application.

The manufacturing facilities of NORYL material and its raw material all obtains ISCC PLUS attestation

SABIC is special as senior as innovation manager shows material ministry craft, skill: We are located in “ the factory of Ke Ke of Er of a place of strategic importance of new York state is first production that acquires ISCC PLUS attestation and one of modified factories, this attestation is used at production to be based on but the PPE colophony of resource of loop of second birth biology and modified makings. We plan to be in what Saierkeke and factory of modified of NORYL of other whole world produce to use these the NORYL brand of biology radical raw material can obtain ISCC PLUS attestation. This also revealed SABIC to be opposite again the firm commitment that builds loop plastic industry. ”

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