April 2022, path silent chemistry announces banner project data vendor will have long-term investment to the market, enlarge product of series of its TECHNYL® high-powered polyamide to be in continuously China produce can mix crop, in order to satisfy car, electron electric the demand that increases ceaselessly with the industry such as industrial consumable, aid force to make can not come continuously. The TECHNYL® that path silent chemistry bought Suoerwei 2020 is high-powered polyamide brand, come at selling its limits to expand on Feburary 1 this year, will be one of markets of strategy of its future core. Current, the demand to polyamide material with be as high as 3% year all increase rate develops flourishingly. Predict 2030, car of new energy resources (include pure dynamoelectric, mixture motivation and fuel cell car) use rate general to achieve 45% , and car manufacturer is used increasingly can last material produces component, these are the main factors that promote polyamide market growth. In addition, the electron is electric the applied latent capacity that the requirement that changes the package such as switch of breaker, contactor, outlet to miniature with industrial consumable industry opened polyamide material further. Investment expands in China manufacturing facilities, with more high yield can satisfy area of market demand Asia, basically be, it is to go up the polyamide market with rapid growth. As polyamide 6 produce business integratedly with the unifinication of 66, path silent chemistry is devoting oneself to to improve and enlarge the manufacturing facilities that be in to be able to be mixed in order to raise high yield crop, in firmly take root, and the manufacturer follow closely of help and Asian area is burgeoning trend, make innovation, high-powered with the product that can last and application. To achieve this one goal, the yield that path silent chemistry will enlarge his to produce base in Zhejiang Jia Xingsheng ceaselessly can, this plan cent is 3 paces dovish undertake: In March 2022, the plan increases 6, 000 tons are produced can, since April the yield of this factory can be achieved 14, 000 tons; 2023 the 3rd quarter, plan those who complete new to sea salt plant to build a project, path silent chemistry already exceeded 14 million euro for this investment (97 million money) , new plant is produced can will achieve 35, 000 tons; Future, path silent chemistry will still enlarge factory dimensions further, continuously step up is produced can, achieve eventually 50, 000 tons. Produce besides dilate can, this factory also will use reproducible the sources of energy as far as possible, use advanced water and air processing technology to be used up in order to reduce water discharge with carbon dioxide, abide healthy, safety and environmental management system completely (HSE) regulation. Path silent chemistry will add up to compasses sex and local government to establish close companionate relationship through improvement, cooperate cheek by jowl with mainland and crucial client, drive all trades and professions to accelerate innovation and development.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
TECHNYL® develops the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, since the client that help strength promotes TECHNYL® of low carbon competition ability to be born from 1953, offerred a variety of with polyamide 66/ polyamide the 6 whole set solutions that are base material. Depending on outstanding flame retardant, high temperature resistant, be able to bear or endure chemical, fight concussion and environment friendly function, TECHNYL® helps car, electron all the time electric the product that the original equipment that waits for fractionize industry with industrial consumable and component manufacturer produce deft, durable, beautiful, intelligence and environmental protection. Fabrizio Cochi of chief inspector of operation of district of path silent chemistry, express: “ started the production of TECHNYL® brand and sale network formally on Feburary 1, 2022 as path silent chemistry, this brand also is in greeted development the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor. The promotion that realizes TECHNYL® is path silent chemistry a crucial milepost that can develop the strategy continuously, face carry increasingly fast can develop a tendency continuously, we will help mainland the client achieves low carbon goal and promote competition the advantage. “Picture (Fabrizio Cochi of chief inspector of operation of district of path silent chemistry) path silent chemistry is mixing DOMAMID® , ECONAMID® stage by stage the project material solution of THERMEC™ brand incorporates TECHNYL® brand is subordinate, form brand-new TECHNYL® framework of high-powered polyamide brand. TECHNYL®4 EARTH is one is based on can reclaim material, and the environmental protection product that carried carbon dioxide to decrease an attestation, the new plant of path silent will produce this material and offer to home and client makings. In addition, TECHNYL®PURE is an electron that applies to tall sensitive, tall purity and fuel cell system is electrically neutral product; TECHNYL®The easy treatment product that SHAPE squashs to be technically and blow model craft and designs. Notable is, the group of research and development that depends on powerful material knowledge, rich application experience and major, path silent chemistry is set in applied center of Europe to also develop new product, application and technology ceaselessly in in a steady stream, accelerate rate of product research and development in order to help a client, answer innovation to challenge, this also will make the client is benefited further. Can develop continuously deep take root Yu Daomo wishs chemically in scene and mission. Path silent chemistry is affirmatory: To 2030, with counteracted than achieving carbon 2019, the carbolic content of 15% reduces in the combination of the sources of energy of DOMO, reduce the industrial trash of 7% . As TECHNYL® network enlightened, and advance what enlarge produces a plan in order, path silent chemistry will span the important milestone that can develop continuously, build the strength that can supply catenary to contribute silent continuously to compose. Since Feburary 2022, combination of whole TECHNYL® product is produced solely inside limits by path silent company and sell.

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