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Does composite material acquire mold of fine of FPCs of China prosperous polymer? 3 ancestry award of third class of contest of poineering innovation of talent of 3 international high administrative levels

The project of composite material ” of “FPCs fine model of Hua Chang company was saved in Jiangsu on September 11, 2021 double in starting a contest, acquire group of group of environmental protection trade the 3rd achievement, got the accord of expert commissioner and investor reputably. While this project is coming true to reduce carbon effectively to discharge can the implementation of useless old textile that will not handle reclaims for many times use, produce better social value and economic value.

On October 19, 2021, before be obtained in provincial match 3 project gets 3 ancestry of · organizing committee of contest of poineering innovation of talent of 3 international high administrative levels invites, dr. Liu Hua suffers invite Zhejiang 3 undertake the spot rejoins the match. Model of fine of “FPCs of China prosperous company composite material”Project product involves microtherm solid addition to be versed in, interfacial modified, reaction is crowded go out to shape with unifinication the multinomial difficulty such as equipment, gram of the assault fortified positions below the joint efforts that waits for a colleague in Chen Shaojiang of career department manager and Liu Xingyun is difficult, realized successive batch production. Composite material floor has the fine model that production of China prosperous company gives the character such as high standard quantity, tall tenacity and tall percentage elongation, and raw material comes from spin at abandoning, product value is competitive, accordingly, no matter this project is the technology in project itself, still be market competition respect, all have the core competition ability that comparative. Author: China young composing: Brand of green tree nation walks along the road     of innovation to contact name of our   company: Huadongli is versed in company of   of of limited company of polymer of university China prosperous: Shanghai dragon Wu Lu 4600 11 date buildings, postcode: 200241   factory: Hua Lu of order of district of Shanghai chemical industry phone of   of 130 postcodes 201507: 86-21-64253377 turns; Or factory 67120007 turn   mailbox: Huachang
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