Ba Sifu rolls out the Elastollan that applies in the light of high-end synthetic leather®This uses TPU ● namely model the solution can fall in the case that does not use solvent, be in efficiently same pressure delay produce the production on the line. ● can make chemically and mechanical method reclaim, aid force to be able to develop continuously. This advanced solution has ● outstanding wearability and be able to bear or endure hydrolysis sex. The exterior with costly ● and simple sense gift glamour of more of high-end synthetic leather. Ba Sifu of   of of solution of high grade synthetic leather can pass Elastollan nowadays thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) , offer for fashionable consumable, furniture and car domain use namely model, the solution of high-powered, high grade synthetic leather that can last. This solution can let press delay and squeeze produce the line all can be used at machining Elastollan TPU, make polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturer can be not had seam and have cost effectiveness ground to delay press with what have delay “ of production yield a line to be used namely model the Elastollan TPU of ” . Produce   without solvent in addition, the synthetic leather that uses Elastollan TPU can leave production in the case that need not use solvent. Reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) discharge capacity, improve air quality effectively, accord with rigid VOC standard. Elastollan? TPU can use machinery and chemical method to undertake reclaiming, drive further thereby can develop continuously. Marilyn Lye of vice president of ministry of industry of government of business of division of high-powered data Asia-Pacific expresses Ba Sifu: “ is used this namely model the solution makes treatment process more agile and efficient. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturer can offer PVC and high-powered TPU at the same time nowadays these two kinds of option, your product is combined more diversification. And production more by thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) the synthetic leather that makes also more conduce to can develop continuously. ”The soft tactility with outstanding Elastollan TPU, can gift the more rich exterior of terminal product and simple sense, accord with the demand of high-end application. It easily coloring and press a flower, convenient implementation of all sorts of color and design appear. These include tall anti-wear properties, be able to bear or endure the crackajack character of hydrolysis sex and cold-resistant sex, the made select material that makes manufacturing synthetic leather expects.

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