In the past 2021, face the concussion of new coronal epidemic situation, since new vessel order created financial crisis new tall, shipbuilding industry acquired the show of bright look in new label order and finishing quantity respect, and consign the high quality shipping of large quantities of one innovation, took off carbonization to contribute fundamental strength for shipping. With in former years, from the new vessel that 10 chose to have distinguishing feature in the shipping of dockyard consign 2021 (note: The rank presses delivery time) , serve a New Year 2022 the gift for all shipbuilding person! 1,   of professional   of date of “Antarctic Provider” of cargo ship of antarctic phosphor shrimp on Feburary 5, part comes blessing person overcome the A Kehai below group division for Norwegian A in limited company of foreign living things (Aker Biomarine) built antarctic phosphor shrimp carries consign of date of supply ship “Antarctic Provider” . This boat overall length 167.6 meters, model 27 meters wide, model deep 18 meters, designed draft 7 meters, service speek of a ship or plane 15 (27.78 kilometers / when) , enter class DNV, basically use between antarctic catching operation area and South-American haven phosphorous shrimp product is carried, catching boat fuel is supplied reach a staff member annulus hillock is carried. The distinctive requirement that this boat carries to satisfy phosphorous shrimp product only and design, own hold of 4 high capacity, total volume amounts to 40000 stere, every hold coping deploys aircraft of portable type condole, can realize the goods below special environment to assemble and unassemble exercise, contented Polar Code is polar and normative, to hull intensity, prevent cold function to wait have higher demand, can face the antarctic environment that provides challenge sex extremely, the mixture power that provides alterable airscrew advances system and advanced heat to reclaim system, have fuel economy extremely, can reduce greenhouse gas to discharge further. In addition, configuration is returned to have a movie theater on the boat, swim the series such as hall of pool, coffee is recreational recreational establishment, satisfy humanitarian to nautical consideration, can weighs major and luxurious banner phosphor shrimp sauce carries supply ship. 2, efficient train rolls lading “ to cut   of   of date of Nuo radical ” on June 8, yellow Bu Wen Chong is American CG Railway LLC (CGR) the home that the company builds have change inside the boat course assembles and unassemble functional train rolls lading “ to cut number of Nuo radical ” (CHEROKEE) consign. This boat overall length 180 meters, model 38.6 meters wide, model deep 10 meters, go up board 38.6 meters wide, go up board deep 16.2 meters, draft 6.9 meters, service speek of a ship or plane achieves 14.4, ship's classification society of the United States that join rank (ABS) . Its loading capacity achieves 21900 tons, orbit length achieves 2500 meters, but one-time carry 136 trains railroad car (only part railroad car is 14 meters long) , loading capacity exceeds 20 thousand tons, can call ” of train “ aircraft carrier, exceeded a contract to design a requirement not only, obtain ship-owner height opinion, and become in be the same as type shipping. Regard the specific line of the United States and Mexican haven as custom-built boat, “ cuts Nuo radical ” the board on date and advocate board all lades the train, seat of double deck board is taller, and this boat can change inside implementation boat course assembles and unassemble function, the train assembles and unassemble use the method that issues to go up completely again completely, provide special train colligation facility, lade efficiency is tall, inside 2 hours achievable of 136 railroad car assemble and unassemble requirement. 3, big   of advanced   of date of “Global Mercy” of civil hospital ship on June 16, the number of large “Global Mercy” of civil hospital ship that shipping of Tianjin new harbor is versed in consign is company of American ship-owner Mercy Ships to build again is signed. This boat overall length 174.1 meters, model 28.6 meters wide, designed draft 6.15 meters, gross tonnage 37000 tons, height of headroom of design waterline above 41 meters, service speek of a ship or plane 12, easy all is built according to standard of luxurious passenger liner with security standard moderately, lloyd's Register of Shipping of the England that join rank (LR) . The fixed number of persons when set out on a voyage 500 people, rated during harbor berth carry a guest to be able to reach 950 people. This boat shares 12 board, hospital portion is the crucial function area of this boat, outside dividing the medical treatment facility that provided modernization, still set 200 pieces of 6 surgery, ill bed, laboratory, ophthalmic clinic and dentistry clinic to wait. “Global Mercy” date is current also be advanced imperscriptible hospital ship greatly, according to standard of luxurious passenger liner the design is built, can sail inside limits, offer free and beneficent medical treatment and major to groom for impoverished area, it is industry the surveyor's pole of congener product, be paid close attention to extensively by international society. 4, powerful marine and integrated family takes an examination of   of   of date of ” of university of Zhongshan of training vessel “ on June 26, foreign integrated section takes an examination of the sea of home of 6000 tons of class that Changjiang Delta shipbuilding builds for Zhongshan university consign of date of ” of university of Zhongshan of training vessel “ . This ship captain 114.3 meters, model 19.4 meters wide, model deep 9.25 meters, designed draft 6 meters, economic speek of a ship or plane 12, try speek of a ship or plane to spend 16.5 greatly, displacement 6880 tons of class, ability of boat of the add below economic speek of a ship or plane 15000 sea mile, enter class ship's classification society, have B3 to put class on the ice to strengthen. Number of name of ” of “ Zhongshan university is at present home designs displacement big, integrated division checks performance the marine and integrated division with much window of design of strong, innovation takes an examination of training vessel, have window of 12 big designs: Prevent bubble invisible ball unifinication design ensures embedded function of acoustics transducer whole; Side of flange permanent magnetism pushs the division that optimizes DP1 operating mode to fall to take an examination of what work requirement and living environment easy make moderately to achieve COMF (N2/V2) ; Channel type side pushs close over to realize replacement of technology of curved surface unifinication; Complete speek of a ship or plane is active decrease shake fin improves operation the adaptability of sea condition; Dc mother is discharged + store can accumulator realizes full electric power advance exceed Jing Yin division mediumly to take an examination of; Special deposit cabin satisfies container the pressing demand that division take an examination ofing investigates; Second use propeller of low noise of L whole slew to satisfy requirement of noise of SILENT F underwater; Helicopter descends enhance personnel of division take an examination ofing and ability of have a change of luck of goods and materials; Special and unmanned garage and container of unmanned a light boat are preliminary realize cloth of type of unmanned equipment group to put; Litre fall end platen offers type to cable is protected and use board space neatly; Cab coping division takes an examination of observation room to assist increase capacity of observation of division take an examination ofing; Weather radar installs special platform to satisfy atmosphere to investigate high accuracy requirement. 5, report of harbor of cloud of “ of pure dynamoelectric tug pulls high-power”On August 16, the country that controls a group to be built independently by haven of the harbor that connect the cloud report of harbor of cloud of “ of pure dynamoelectric tug pulls”Cloud harbor pay is linked in Jiangsu. This boat overall length 35.5 meters, beam 10 meters, load draught 3.5 meters, speek of a ship or plane is not less than 13, grow when the job not under 8 hours, total n design is 5000 kilowatt hour, to pull force 48 tons. This boat uses group of battery of lithium of phosphoric acid iron to regard motivation as the source, can achieve tug of 4000 horsepower convention to use the effect, can replace tug of traditional high-power fuel completely, realize air pollution thing 0 discharge, fill the blank that harbor of low carbon of domestic high-power green makes tug. This project is the second exploration that pure batteries applies in seagoing vessel, built up force of tip of field of domestic new energy resources, motivation advances a system to include lithium battery system, dc distribution system, permanent magnetism to advance a system to wait by in boat group research and development of the 712nd institute, the 708th institute provides boat group in the design that make a boat, center of picture of careful of Wuhan of ship's classification society undertakes blueprint examine and verify, be in eventually base of shipbuilding of Hong Yun company builds even cloud port harbor annulus refute, realize own concept to be built independently. According to calculating, this are dynamoelectric tug is annual and OK section yo-yo 300 tons of fuel, will decrease an oxide of about 900 tons of carbon every year, energy-saving to promoting shipping decrease a platoon, accelerate shipping to upgrade newlier, report of promotion shipping use bank, implementation of target of ” of double carbon of the “ that help strength has important sense. 6, all-pervasive LNG adds   of   of date of the “GAS VITALITY” that concentrate a ship on October 31, shanghai east the 18600 stere LNG that builds for merchantman Mitsui adds date of the “GAS VITALITY” that concentrate a ship to name consign. Completely own research and development designs this boat You Hudong, own completely own intellectual property, technical index is advanced, it is to go up at present the cabin capacity that can provide whole technological process to serve is large, add note the LNG with rapid rate to add concentrate a ship. Overall length of “GAS VITALITY” number 135.9 meters, model 24.5 meters wide, model deep 16 meters, use system of the Mark III FLEX of French GTT company filmy palisade, ship's classification society of the France that join rank (BV) . With Shanghai east 18600 stere added the V1.0 edition of consign 2020 the photograph that concentrate a ship is compared, new vessel came true 3 upgrade greatly: It is tall “ takes in and send out in large quantities ” rate, lade rate promotes 25% , note rate to promote 2000 stere substantially / hour, can offer add quickly fix rate. 2 it is tall compatibility, the LNG motivation boat of the service is to use the LNG fuel cabin of A cabin, B cabin, C cabin or filmy cabin no matter, all can realize fast safety to add note. 3 it is tall enclothe rate, use tall, low double add design of the canal that record part, can come true to arrive from ferry of small-sized LNG motivation giant LNG motivation container motivation of VLCC of motivation of boat, LNG, LNG is luxurious the boat of passenger liner enclothe completely, it is all-round model add concentrate a ship, have outstanding versatility. 7,   of   of date of “AUTO ADVANCE” of motor transportation boat on November 26, the 3600 cars that Changjiang Delta shipbuilding builds for Norwegian UECC company motor transportation boat (PCTC) consign of the “AUTO ADVANCE” that make a boat, this is to go up a LNG double fuel + batteries mixes motivation + the motor transportation boat that canal of EMS the sources of energy controls a system. This boat by Shanghai shipping designing institute (SDARI) design, enter class DNV. This boat overall length 169.1 meters, model 28 meters wide, find a place for have C of a 600 cubic pot, use power of double fuel of fuel and natural gas, contented IMOTIER III NOx is discharged be restricted to be worth, the natural gas capacity on the boat can satisfy full range requirement. This model the boat builds covered almost roll lading now all mainstream technology: Double fuel system, batteries is mixed move (Battery Hybrid) , the axis takes a dynamo (PTO) , canal of EMS the sources of energy accuses system, modular unit passenger's cabin in a ship, adjustable be apart from report of bank of helix airscrew, high pressure (AMPS) car of system, module carries a boat to cross refute floating dry dock to go greatly enter the water etc. The lead plane of this boat, dynamo and boiler all are double fuel form, compare with the PCTC boat photograph of traditional fuel power pattern, shipping is reached in harbor of normal voyage, pass in and out can come true truly below the circumstance such as outfit discharging super- low discharge, this boat can reduce oxide of nitrogen of 99% sulfur, 80%~85% and 20%~25% carbon discharge capacity, reduced the pollution to the environment greatly, can satisfy discharge a standard strictly. This boat performance is superior, in speek of a ship or plane, oily bad news, board on index of the index of 4 big contracts such as valid area, book of 5 big norms, be worth all excel actually to assess a value, it is the shipping with beautiful of low carbon of a green, fast sex, excellent stability, also be international rolls lading domain to decrease a boat of low carbon surveyor's pole model. 8, can the peaceful of “ of heavy condole boat of load pull promotes ” annulus     on December 6, in the boat is settleclear 4 when build for medium wave ship on the west 62000 carring capacity ton heavy condole boat makes boat “ peaceful promote ” annulus consign, this is the heavy condole multipurpose with banner tonnage of current carring capacity boat, boat structure is banner, can effect index is outstanding, workmanship is excellent. This model boat overall length 199.9 meters, model 32.26 meters wide, model deep 19.3 meters, load draught 13.5 meters, designed draft 11.3 meters, service speek of a ship or plane 14.4. This boat sets 5 hold, hold uses big mouth, box structure, big cabin is about 40 meters long, hold hatchcover end face is successive level off, install rice of 166×30 of dimension of goods area region effectively, can lade neatly all sorts of measure are significant an equipment money, pulp goods and bulk cargo of of all kinds solid, also can lade container of nearly 2000 standards, take to importing supply of goods to pull have an advantage likewise. “ peaceful promotes ” annulus shipboard configuration has two 150 tons of grams make condole and two 80 tons of grams make a string of 1, couplet as string of 1 heavy ability amounts to 300 tons big cases, have admirable comfortable goods sex and advantage of dimensions of acceptance of consignment of project project goods and materials. This boat agrees with the market to be mixed to goods and materials of large capital construction highly not only of all kinds the carriage requirement that exceeds dimension goods, at the same time give attention to two or morethings carries the flexibility of of all kinds bulk cargo and convenience sex, more the development trend that accords with environmental protection of industry green low carbon, EEDI index satisfies Phase3, NOx to achieve Tier Ⅲ to discharge a requirement, contented new SOx discharges a requirement, its advanced design and admirable comfortable goods sex, will provide more excellent service for the client. 9, big LNG is carried add   of   of date of the “Avenir Allegiance” that concentrate a ship on December 16, pacific Ocean of the collect in Nantong what sea labour builds for company of British Avenir LNG is big 20000 LNG are carried increase pay of date of the “Avenir Allegiance” that concentrate a ship. Canister of this shipowner goods is canister of C double valve, boat overall length 159.9 meters, model 24 meters wide, have safe, low evaporate the characteristic such as rate and environmental protection, it is the sublimate of a technology of LNG cargo ship, can carry LNG already, can add for other boats and ships and terminal again note LNG. This boat uses double fuel lead plane and double fuel subsidiary engine, the evaporate with LNG goods is gas evolution for main fuel; Look of cabin of canister of oily bad news, fluid and LNG fuel are added note wait for parameter index the design is good; Environmental protection requirement is contented discharge a standard newly; To enhance the maneuverability of this boat can, configured end side to push, adjustable be apart from paddle and one person is enclosed cab; Vibration and noise satisfy the requirement of class symbol COMF(V-3) . This boat decorates many goods to operate collect abbacy and condole of vitta of goods of the type that lose an arm, raised LNG to increase the flexibility that notes work and security; Send angry processing to liquid goods evaporate, besides can press through goods canister harbour save outside be being used up with the machine, aeriform burner (GCU) increased to deliver gas to evaporate further (BOG) and the processing capability that accept a gas, obtain what steam of ship's classification society reclaims to enter class symbol VR, rose to handle convenient sex and security. 10, luxurious settle or live in a strange place rolls   of   of date of boat “Viking Glory” on December 23, what mansion boat is versed in for passenger liner of Finnish dimension Beijing the company is built again is luxurious 2800 guests passenger liner guest rolls number of boat “Viking Glory” finishing consign. This boat is used energy-saving model duck end and end press billow board design, overall length 222.6 meters, model 35 meters wide, model 46.8 meters tall, speek of a ship or plane 22.1, configure double fuel lead plane, use electric power to advance, wei ministry matchs propeller of 2 towed bird. 1124 cabin are set in all on the boat (include luxurious suite inside much grade cabin and each function cabin) , can take 2800 passengers and 200 crews, have the roadway that makes an appointment with 1500m. The configuration inside the boat is dining-room of amorous feelings of of all kinds Europe, duty-free inn, act art hall, muti_function promenade deck of conference center, adventure playground, large sightseeing, SPA, Xue Wu, rotate the recreational recreation establishment such as dining-room, let a passenger travel in safety while, all enjoy the city ” beautiful with mobile and maritime “ comfortable experience. This boat each technology is banner, it is a collect is carried, travel, recreational, business affairs, shop the new generation passenger liner that waits for a function to be an organic whole guest rolls a boat, boat beautiful, decorate safety of luxurious, height, energy-saving environmental protection.

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