On June 2, division think of achieve announce with reclaim technologist CarboNXT spreads out collaboration, the flotsam that the successive fiber that is Maezio to name of banner inferior brand enhances polycarbonate composite material to arise in producing a course undertakes reclaiming. Division think of achieve express, although composite material is formed by a variety of material, depart hard, but depend on CarboNXT new development reclaim the technology can realize large-scale industry level to reclaim.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
“ because technical reason, we cannot undertake reclaiming to its independently. ” division is thought of achieve thermoplastic Lisa Ketelsen of composite material controller expresses, “ passes the collaboration with CarboNXT, these manufacturing flotsam can the raw material with precious translate into throws reproduction, and function and compare formerly without very difference. This is contribution of pair of circular economy huge, saved precious raw material. ”“ increases by right of the carbon fiber that accumulates for years thermoplastic of composite material reclaim experience and ability, 3 water chestnut of ” are chemical and advanced carbon fiber of data general manager, director reclaims the Tim Radamacker of business expresses to say, “ we can become manufacturing waste treatment new carbon fiber to enhance polycarbonate product. ” (note: CarboNXT 2020 by chemistry of 3 water chestnut advanced material is bought. )   division is thought of achieve express, this kind reclaims the market demand of the product is very considerable. This not only because raw material is god-given, more because agree with the target photograph that can develop continuously. As we have learned, division think of achieve what combining chemistry of 3 water chestnut and other partner to promote this project to commercialize operation.

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