On August 8, division think of achieve announce new plant of elastomer of its Shanghai polyurethane is formal already put into production. This project laid a foundation in July 2022, in May 2023 end complete, total investment amounts to euro of several ten million. This is a company in recent years a series of elastomer raw material inside global limits invest one of projects, before this, division think of achieve already expanded in Thailand and Spain relevant produce can. New product line will add for Shanghai unifinication base after building. New Shanghai factory aims to satisfy the demand that Asia-Pacific market increases increasingly to elastomer material, especially but field of second birth energy. For example, this material applicable is protected at submarine cable, and the cut equipment of silicon chip of smooth hot season.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

The road that we march toward 0 carbon and circular economy for the whole world offers “ material solution. Shanghai new plant is vivid to this explanation, its product satisfies supportive client the market to be opposite but the demand that solution of second birth the sources of energy increases ceaselessly. ” division is thought of achieve Su Zhiya of presiding trade official (Sucheta Govil) express, “ from this, we are promoting a growth that protects crucial industry to climate. In addition, we still will be offerred contain but the elastomer of portion of second birth raw material, can last what promote numerous trade development. ”

The elastomer material that Shanghai factory produces can be used extensively at product of of all kinds terminal. For example, in industry of maritime wind cable, submarine cable protects the fundamental application domain that is elastomer material. In addition, elastomer also can be used at the production of face plate of smooth hot season to make a process, or it is to use as the screening material of mining industry. Have through tightening the elastomer material of close joint development with the client outstanding wear-resisting and fight tear off function, can resist the harsh ambient conditions in afore-mentioned application.

Division think of achieve president of whole world of elastomer career ministry Dr. Bai Tawen (Dr. Thomas Braig) express: “ our hope sustains client growth, take an active part in crucial industry grow. We predict elastomer market add fast add GDP of prep above China fast, we expect to aid force client to seize this one business chance. This also is the reason that our elastomer business has a series of investment in the whole world, include newest Shanghai plant among them. ”

New plant is division think of start the 12nd plant inside Shanghai unifinication base. Start working built Shanghai base 2001, be division think of start the synthetic production base with the largest whole world. Up to by last year, investment of base accumulative total already amounted to about 3.7 billion euro.

Division think of achieve Lei Huanli of Chinese division president to express: “ division is thought of achieve wish with realizing overall circulation to be scene, the target realizes operation climate neutral to 2035, target of ’ of this as double as Chinese ‘ carbon special agree. By right of division think of achieve the product combination that abounds ceaselessly in Shanghai unifinication base, we can are include but second birth the sources of energy inside numerous domain offers the material solution such as elastomer, can last what be China and more market thereby development make important contribution. ”

The division that Shanghai unifinication base is attestation of mass balance of classics ISCC PLUS is thought of start one of manufacturing base. This means its to have supply contain but the ability of the mass balance material of portion of second birth raw material. Balance a product through service mass, downstream industry client can reduce carbolic footmark, and need not transform manufacturing technology. In the meantime, it is client place more easily to see to make the product combines medium circular solution, division think of achieve already rolled out a name to be “CQ” (Circular Intelligence) brand concept, use at marking to replace content of sexual raw material the product of at least 25% .

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