Since 1964 ” of train of “ bullet head fleets pass through Japan, a lot of beginning to install and reform oneself Gao Tie (HSR) project. Current, enterprise of a few newly established is realizing a kind eagerly brand-new formal high speed carries: ” of “ super Gao Tie. Super Gaotie can bring a certain number of advantages. In fuel skyrocket today, what super Gao Tie offerred a kind to replace car or plane trip is cheap choice. Because what need motivation to decrease considerably, super Gao Tie makes the viatic way that can develop continuously on a kind of environment possibly still. Model of cabin of a kind of car still is in even cabin top installed solar energy board. Same outward appearance mixes the idea that super Gao Tie travels high speed plane and train to advance technical be in harmony revolutionarily to be an organic whole. Accordingly, —— of this kind of mixture technology is not simple only constitute the part together, of course also should depend on mixture material. Composite material provided material benefit of a kind of price for prospective train, can measure produce and the solution that can last.   of of the innovation that is used at HSR system composite material lets us return super Gao Tie again. To the interior trim of cabin, urgent need seeks the data of new generation, let train become lighter, harder, more energy-saving also have more but durative. And the material that reduces car cabin bulk, weight and specific power consumption and technology need to realize mass production. Current, such as aluminium is mixed a record pattern is plastic (a variety of application that the material such as SMC) already used at railroad. But, these material are reducing weight and ply respect to exist limitation. For example, the field uses in certain train interior trim, although SMC and aluminous photograph are compared,be lighter material, but in production periodic, quantity produces cost and volatile organic compound (it is certain that VOC) discharges a respect to exist the limitation of degree. To break through these limitation, participator of a few industries and manufacturing business are searching new settlement method, increase like successive fiber thermoplastic composite material. These solutions show the extraordinary potential that gave to surmount function of traditional metal, plastic material, provide absorbing aesthetic feeling and design flexibility at the same time, can measure yield manufacturing technology especially. “ the demand to large quantities of quantities, our client need machines effect one kind to lead the product with tall, short cycle. Maezio can accomplish this, still bring at the same time more plastic than sex of magnesium alloy, hot solid with the craft that note model plastic more the remarkable gains of actor. ” division is thought of achieve Li Yilan of development department of composite material market to express. Division of   of of focusing Maezio composite material thinks of achieved composite material Maezio, it is successive fiber increases thermoplastic (CFRTP) composite material, wait by carbon fiber and polycarbonate thermoplastic composition of colophony base material. With aluminium (7020) photograph is compared, because have but the mechanical function of custom-built anisotropy, the weight of Maezio composite material can be reduced 40% , hardness intensity is 2.5 times taller, 6 times higher. According to applied need, this kind of composite material still can compare SMC light 20% . Treat of is beautiful quality, maezio? Have the exterior like the metal and feeling, but have again at the same time thermoplastic plastic design nimbleness, have the high-end surface quality that organic aesthetic feeling builds carbon fiber more. In addition, this kind of material can be united in wedlock with photograph of the craft that note model, implementation is complex appearance and function are compositive. With respect to safety and stability character, maezio? Thermoplastic composite material shows a tremendous potential. In preliminary FST (fire, smoke and noxiousness) in the experiment, this kind of material is using improved polycarbonate grade to fall as the circumstance of base material, showed very strong fire prevention performance, and produce very low noxiousness and aerosol concentration only. At present relevant personnel is passing strict test, use different material combination to confirm these positive preliminary results. In addition, this kind of material does not contain harmful VOC, and can reclaim on certain level use. After service life ends, these material can pass machinery mincing, form short cut fiber composite material to be used at noting model craft. Foreground light: Maezio is brought can last, the cabin of pod of “ flight ” that can measure yield design   to be like super Gao Tie to issueing generation application —— , can you use Maezio? Innovation gives deft, long and thin interior space idea, hold a top-ranking surface concurrently character and traditional metal, plastic had full strength. High-powered thermoplastic composite material can be used at producing cladding of back of a chair of such as seat, rack, metope, table and floor board. This kind of material but custom-built function, satisfy specific requirement, can use acquired one pace style shapes craft is made, cycle is short, comfortable produce at large quantities of quantities. This kind of advanced composite material had drawn the attention of car, boot and business of electronic product production, they hope to make lighter than in the past design. For example, with Maezio? Prototype of made case of computer of a notebook was won Europe is plastic 2017 innovation award.

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