Division think of achieve already developed a kind to be used at reclaiming the innovation craft of polycarbonate. In this one craft, plastic by new translate into its monomer (plastic before body) , so that they can serve as,replace raw material to throw manufacturing process afresh. Think of in the division that is located in Germany to strap Wokusen achieve, the technology that chemistry reclaims is carried out already began now pilot. In the way that realizes industrialized dimensions, this craft still is in optimize ceaselessly, be in further development phase.

Division think of achieve chief technology officer to say: “ serves as the plastic manufacturer such as polycarbonate, our nature is responsible handle these important material, include the processing when its product life ends. Division think of achieved advantage to depend on: We know how our product is designed, because this is OK,to reclaiming the solution undertakes having the research of specific aim. The chemistry of polycarbonate reclaims is one of case, colleague of our research and development answered knock off art to prove future closes through this circular possibility. We need to will discard as useless plastic as a kind of resource, serve as its replace raw material to undertake recycle, come true thereby close circularly. ”

Plastic use the main fossil raw material in can replacing production through reclaiming. Accordingly, reclaim in the round conduce to implementation climate counteracting and protective rich and environment. The physics of polycarbonate reclaims to already was become division think of achieve reclaim main component of the strategy. As long as trash shedding is enough and pure, and reclaim the requirement that polycarbonate accords with prospective application, can use physics to reclaim this one craft.

Chemistry reclaims with physics is the —— chemistry that supplement each other reclaims will plastic member is new translate into monomer. These monomer can be come out by depart, regard future as plastic raw material. Accordingly, the bigger trash that does not suit physics to answer knock off art flows can make chemically absorption method gets reclaiming using, produce thereby piece those who accord with top quality requirement is plastic. Division think of achieve developing chemistry actively to reclaim technology.

Change credit solution to be able to make polycarbonate is used circularly directly form closed circuit

The craft of new development is driven by an international group, it is a kind of become privileged that applies to polycarbonate learns deliquescent craft. Division think of achieve engineering technology controller to explain: "Through beforehand the trash of sorting flows in polycarbonate product content exceeds 50% , can undertake reclaiming through this kind of means. This already flowed in all sorts of plastic waste material that contain polycarbonate in got successful test and verify. Below the help that decomposes in chemistry, of polycarbonate before body can enter a loop directly. This makes reclaim the process is had very strong but durative " .

But will answer results to get a product to use as directly raw material

The body before answering the product that harvests is polycarbonate, can have mass balance and regard the raw material that produces polycarbonate as reuse, need not machine further. Division think of start a project controller of plastic business substance expresses: “ the second birth raw material of this kind of high quality is those what extremely tall to quality requirement application needs. For example, can use in automobile industry to have the application of special requirement to security, optical diaphaneity or beautiful sex, and the product in daily life, if consume electronic product. ”

investment millions euro

After the lab develops a success, issue the development of one phase, namely the technology of successive craft is carried out had begun. The pilot factory that is in program level at present will be used at collecting to enlarge the experience that industrial dimensions place needs further. Be in in the near future inside, division think of achieve will invest millions euro for this. Pilot factory will be built in Germany to strap Wokusen.

Meanwhile, division think of achieve the innovation that still considers to polycarbonate is driven further in the lab in its to answer knock off art. These craft include chemistry to decompose substitute, use enzymatic decompose plastic answering to receive craft and intelligent heat to understand technology. The substitute that has an outlook also can have a test through experiment factory.

Plastic it is the key that implementation can grow continuously and green did not come to. To ensure plastic product won't make waste material after service life ends, must serve as its replace raw material to be used afresh. Innovation reclaim using is division think of start one of 4 big fields that push actively on circular economy path. Absorption method of chemistry of no less than in that way, division think of start the research that strengthening a debit law with open technics, popularize these innovation methods actively.

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