The demand of medical treatment equipment in function and durable sex respect is higher and higher. Automatic injector and inject pen are such example. The patient uses them to undertake injecting independently remedial medicaments. When the patient hopes to use these device every time can on the safe side, no matter be,still be in the home on the road. To these equipment, division think of achieve offerred two new-style polycarbonate Makrolon series: The vitreous fill product of improvement low attrition type and great strength. Latter also applies to complex operation appliance. Need not lubricant, run smoother   Makrolon M204 LF of polycarbonate of new-style low attrition, Makrolon M402 LF and Makrolon M404 LF can ensure in need not additional lubricant case issues a patient or cure protects personnel successful inject medicaments. In nursing with the patient in surgery, of low attrition and wear-resisting plastic the processing that conduces to medicaments carrying equipment. Division think of achieve Irving Paz Chagoya of manager of branch of Medical Protection of polycarbonate of area of Europe, middle east, Africa to say: "Pass new-style polycarbonate, we are helping development of company of medical treatment equipment get used to medicaments to carry equipment new instrument. They can be in from us Medical Protection industry the benefit in 50 old experience. "All new products all make work in limits sale in domestic market. Low attrition is plastic still have good dimension stability characteristic, get together in this respect excel oxygen ethylene (POM) . They also accord with a requirement in durable sex respect, accord with standard of consistence of ISO 10993-1 biology, if the different method such as the gamma ray undertakes alexipharmic,can use. Polycarbonate of fill of new-style glass of high strenth and endurance   satisfies the requirement of great strength and durable sex respect. Self-help uses medical device bearing inside it is an example, especially the equipment of those high capacity medicines and chemical reagents. One-time asepsis appliance is a kind of way that at present surgical operation reduces infection risk. In addition, solid is thermoplastic polymer is taller than the efficiency of metallic stuff. These product component are two series, intensity grade is different. High-powered series includes polycarbonate Makrolon M810 GF, Makrolon M820 GF and Makrolon M830 GF. High flow series includes polycarbonate Makrolon M410 GF, Makrolon M420 GF and Makrolon M430 GF. Latter is used at fill bigger or smaller part, improved manufacturing efficiency. The product of all types has dimension stability and biology consistence, accord with ISO10993-1 standard. Enhance polyamide photograph to compare with competitive product fibre glass, polycarbonate of fibre glass fill is being used at medicaments conveyor and operation appliance, show better different performance. This improved their fluctuant to humidity and temperature resistance and mechanical performance. Type of use Makrolon GF adds fast hot loop to shape (RHCM) special technology, can produce the part that gives brightness or smooth appearance.

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