5G promoted signal the demand of the material of high transmission rate. Come from division think of achieved new-style Desmopan? 7000 thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) have tall penetrability to 5G signal frequency, can reduce signal loss. Accordingly, this product special apply to 5G application, for example the protection of the mobile phone is covered.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
New-style TPU series has low dielectric constant (Dk) with loss of low interpose report (Df) , protect housing as the mobile phone, can reduce interference as far as possible when transmission signal, the data run time with higher network rate, shorter implementation (defer) , lower power comsumption and stabler join. In addition, besides TPU material impulse withstand outside drawing performance with vibration, desmopan? The product of 7000 series still is had outstanding wearability and be able to bear or endure lukewarm sex, and the good flexibility that gets used to different hardness demand, can very good protection mobile phone. In product development, TPU and other and plastic, be like polycarbonate or propylene nitrile - butadiene - styrene (ABS) good adhesiveness also is his main advantage. Multilayer and filmy the mobile phone of 5G of rear     that originallies with Yu Jian needs more aerial spaces, manufacturer also must replace metallic the reverse side with other data, in order to ensure data is transmitted, contain acrylic acid to carry the Makrofol of coating on the head? SR is multilayer polycarbonate film is the good choice that satisfies these requirements, its are had to 5G signal good osmotic, and mechanical intensity. Division think of achieve still offerred many design freedom for its. This kind of film can be used at mobile phone rear cover, the exterior can be rivalled with vitreous photograph. It is this to be able to use all sorts of technologies, be like elaborate three-dimensional structure, non-conductive n vacuum metallization, screen printing, relief printing shapes etc. Besides all sorts of adornment and grain design, filmy surface still can offer comfortable tactility. The 5G of   of polycarbonate   that is used at contemporary radar cover the close together network that the development of infrastructure is more and more complex aerial composition. For protection base station crust (radar is overspread) avoid the effect that suffers weather, division think of achieve developed the polycarbonate that fights concussion modified, although fall to also have excellent mechanical performance in microtherm, fight ultraviolet ray, and because its are tall processability and have design flexibility. This kind of material has inferior dielectric constant (Dk) with interpose report loss (Df) value, the uniformity that can ensure signal is transmitted, insurable service life of 10 years, station of active antenna device, miniature radical and way can be protected between outdoors operating period by implement medium advanced electron equipment, conduce to ensure the investment redound of 5G network infrastructure.

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