Recently, formal Xiang Kesai of DNV of orgnaization of fan domain attestation is achieved issue Zhang Xiuzheng blade polyurethane ageing is local fold decrease coefficient (statement of γm1) test and verify, this also is DNV second evaluate amend this coefficient. Division think of achieve undertook complex and rigorous more theoretical than be being mixed to the experiment analysis, theoretical to experimenting to be mixed as a result analysis undertook DNV evaluate, be based on wind report lamina to design a standard eventually (DNVGL-ST-0376:2015) affirm correction division thinks of the colophony of polyurethane vacuum perfusion that starts research and development to do obeisance to person model of much 78BD085 and solidify agent coefficient of 44CP20 resinous γm1, reduce scale to be about 8% . Let longer lighter blade design becomes a possibility γm1 coefficient is to reflect fan lamina data long-term ageing resistance can main index, also be to measure eventually blade is long-term the index of performance characteristics. Of colophony material fight aging behavior for a long time to be in get experimental test and verify, the proof is good Yu Zhi before beforehand after appraise, the security that just reduces limitative lamina to design application likely is folded decrease coefficient. DNV second reduce γm1 coefficient in the light of polyurethane colophony, this is thought of to the division of polyurethane contriver achieve for, have the important sense of milepost type. The epoxy resin photograph that uses with blade material middling is compared, polyurethane resinous is mechanical performance is more superior. After reducing γm1, when blade stylist is designing a program, can more make full use of the mechanical function of polyurethane, obtain bigger design to be spent freely. As the trend that blade designs ceaseless lengthen is increased, the weight of blade also is increasing ceaselessly, decrease the serious topic for discussion that makes blade trade again. When use polyurethane colophony designs large lamina, below coequal length, blade is OK lighter. This can provide vaster play space for the production of blade.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The road material innovation that dedicated material innovates is the important way that settles target of economy of trade difficult problem and implementation loop. Old since, epoxy resin is the main material of fan lamina all the time. However, the industry is seeking property all the time the innovation data that better, cost provides an advantage more. Division consider the force that starts market, will be thrown continuously for years, material of exploration polyurethane colophony is used at manufacturing the technology of fan lamina. Nowadays, polyurethane the new material of domain of lamina of this kind of fan is approbated by market place ceaselessly. DNV regards great independent energy resources as expert and attestation orgnaization, it is the independent expert of safeguard service and risk management field. It is this division think of achieve before issueing test and verify to state, with division think of achieved expert group to pass long-term for many times test and data test and verify. Its grasp maintaining rigorous consistent style, approved new-style resinous performance eventually. Industry keyword: Test and verify of #DNV of lamina of fan of # of # polyurethane colophony states #γm1 coefficient

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