On April 1, division of polymer production business is thought of achieve announced to complete colophony of group of royal to Holand Di Siman and functional material professional work successfully (of RFM) buy. Division think of achieve buy an agreement at be being signed by last year September with Di Siman. Division think of achieve express, should trade to expand considerably division think of achieve in can last the product combination of coating colophony domain, make its become one of banner suppliers of market of this one fast growth. Integrated RFM will is division think of achieve add thick the sale of about 1 billion euro, produce a network to increase 20 many base newly for its. Buy through this, division think of achieve its business will be extended in partial domain. Division think of achieving already was one of banner manufacturer that polyurethane of ability in swimming divides territory of prose style free from parallelism. Through buying RFM, division think of achieve the polypropylene of ability in swimming that will increase whole set business of acerbity ester colophony, Niaga? Etc can develop a field continuously strong brand, a series of adding material makes a solution, and advanced solar energy defends reflection coating professional work. In addition, division think of achieve also will abound its technology mix further, incorporate colophony of technologies of a variety of ability in swimming, coating and technology of radiation solidify colophony among them. Through comprehensive analysis, division think of achieve after predicting to be finished to comprehensive 2025 conformity, the value that long-term synergism place creates predicts to will be achieved make an appointment with 120 million euro every year, include to make an appointment with the cost synergism of 2/3 and the income synergism of 1/3 among them.

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15-18 December

New York City