Division think of achieve express, it is in with a shoe kind stylist cooperates, use solution of its composite material to develop innovation shoe further kind concept, especially high-powered basketball shoe and be based on a foot model ran shoe. Division think of achieve a company to express, the product hopeful that new composite material produces is revealed to consumer comfortable, vogue, durable with outstanding performance, this and KT6 basket gym shoes are very similar.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Vamp by the Desmopan of this company thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fiber is formed, the bottom passes alternative laser agglomeration in (SLS) use thermoplastic polyurethane is pulverous (TPU) print. Division think of achieve a company to express, its TPU powder is had taller fight tear off gender and wearability, and because its are had,flexibility is mixed offer high-energy quantity to pass on, it is the good choice of running shoes. As an additional benefit, a lot of odd powder in this process can be reclaimed. The Maezio carbon fiber that this pair of shoes still used this company to develop enhances TPU (CFRTP) as shoe handle, this kind of material is very allegedly light, but adamant also and fight twist, the design that has height is spent freely and huge aesthetic appeal, have marked one-way (UD) carbon fiber exterior. This kind of material also can reclaim. Division think of achieve a company to point out, maezio composite material can be after service life end the remelting that be mixed by cut with reuse, new perhaps and abrade become short staple compound and use at noting model craft. According to division think of achieve a company to say, to hoping the help alleviates crural ministry exhaustion provides campaign for the basketball shoe manufacturer of comfortable sex, placing the stretch polyurethane foam that is in in sock liner is a kind of choice that optimizes energy to absorb function and aseismatic sex.

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