” of “ god boat this is bearing the weight of the brilliant name of dream of ethical chiliad flying Apsaras, had spread everywhere to the earth. Recently, 12 manned airship load divine boat again important task, in long march the help of 12 carrier rocket is downloading 2 F Yao 3 spacefarers sail to aerospace, finish a butt joint with day and core cabin, it is historic subsequently momently —— spacefarer second the airspace that enters oneself stands. In this backside of historic hour, the spaceflight career that chemical industry also is made a contribution. This, the backside of the boat ” in “ life, material of what chemical industry acted important role? Heat dominates data: Airship of the boat that it is a god wraps around new clothes   this, 12 manned airship and the look of “ elder ” that wear grey tonal jacket compare divine boat, more beautiful beautiful. This appearance is a when by group of spaceflight science and technology 529 factories last a period of time develops 5 courtyards meticulously two years new-style low absorb, low emissive heat accuses coating. This airship should compare the time that keeps in aerospace before longer, faced dimensional environment is more harsh also. Because airship greets the temperature of cabin substance appearance to sun side to will be as high as 90 ℃ , the temperature of cabin substance appearance that carries Xiang Taiyang side on the back is low to - 30 ℃ . The air temperature with internal to divine boat airship general of this kind of difference in temperature causes serious wave motion, the spacefarer's surroundings and a variety of accurate equipment also can be affected inside cabin. Not only such, long outer space stays, still can make airship experiences illuminate of abiding high strenth ultraviolet ray, material loss will be very severe. Accordingly, airship of boat giving a look wears a tailor-made appearance to appear particularly necessary. This low absorb, the appearance that low emissive heat controls coating, it is a kind of spray outside spacecraft exterior heat dominates data. What it has pair of sun irradiation is low absorb strong reflex ability, can reduce airship to suffer the sun long the interior that irradiation brings about warms up phenomenon, the infra-red emissive character with extremely low repass, radiation leakage heat decreases when airship is in face back this world, the temperature inside slow down cabin drops rate, have heat preservation effect. Not only such, this appearance still has counteractive space in high-energy and ultraviolet the function of bombard of irradiation, atomic oxygen and attack of a variety of high-energy particle and ionization radiate, make airship external protective protective screen.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
High strenth carbon fiber: Safeguard god boat still applied material of of all kinds high end and intelligence to change a technology inside airship of smooth firm moving   , those who ensured safety of regular job of the spacefarer, life and airship is smooth move. Carbon fiber serves as a kind of burgeoning material, its weight crosses aluminium gently, having more solidder than iron and steel strength however, and still have high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive, fight concussion, fight exhaustion to wait admirable and idiosyncratic, apply extensively at domain of aerospace manufacturing industry. Personnel of the design in in this divine boat airship blasts off and returning a process designs material of high strenth carbon fiber for the spacefarer operate club, its operate strong grip undertakes ode design according to the normal grab condition of spacefarer palm, can the easy in unit process of cargo bandling of great and contented spacefarer asks moderately. In the meantime, operate good staff put oneself in another's position can be according to spot condition inside certain limits random is adjusted operate marvellous length, and staff put oneself in another's position uses data of high strenth carbon fiber, realize the requirement with comfortable feel. In addition, on specifications, the intelligence of airship changes a level to also be in ceaseless promotion, interior basically controls the computer by airship own computation and executive orbit control. In chip respect, this airship undertook multinomial and homebred change chip application to improve, have the high accuracy, low ageing, property such as aseismatic lukewarm Bu Jingzhen, excel entrance. Yuan comprehensive implementation can accuse parts of an apparatus and raw material independently, the control computer that airship uses, data management computer uses homebred CPU chip completely. High-powered fiber: Let   of spacefarer spacewalk this, the spacefarer will be put on the work outside beginning activity giving cabin and cabin is taken outside homebred cabin. Photograph contrast is taken outside the cabin before to it, brand-new take outside generation cabin added a lot of new elements in the design not only, still optimized more function. “ aerospace environment is very complex, the characteristic such as difference in temperature of radiate of strong universe ray, huge, small gravity and high vacuum will be right the spacefarer produces immediate effect, minatory even life is safe. If do not have cabin outward protection, cannot realize operation giving cabin. So the design of the space suit outside cabin has the place that needs a consideration more very much, still need the support of high-tech. Institute of spaceflight of university of ” Nanjing aerospace teachs Introduction Wenxin. As we have learned, take outside new generation cabin have 6 in all. By special antistatic treated the comfortable layer that cotton cloth weaves, the backup inner liner of balata quality of a material, compound and articulatory structure comprises advocate inner liner, the limitative layer of polyester fibber fabrics, will realize adiabatic thermal insulation through heating up reflection, and outside outside defend layer. Defend data can bear outerly the difference in temperature that suffers ±100 ℃ above changes. Can work 6 hours continuously, long can achieve 8 hours, big limit makes sure the spacefarer gives the security when cabin activity, begin a series of dimensional station is complex operation and relevant load experiment. Shoe field is used inside the spacefarer's cabin, spacefarer of Dong Hua university designs section of style of international of university of group controller, Dong Hua to achieve a center to teach Introduction Zheng Rong with shoe research and development inside cabin, the data that the shoe uses inside cabin with thermoplastic material, blending knitting material is given priority to, those who made sure the spacefarer reachs ministry of the foot when the take action below environment of dimensional station weightlessness inside airship cabin is comfortable with safety. In the meantime, carry weight requirement of the person considering the small gravitational state inside cabin and airship, the common shoe that wears than daily common people with the shoe inside cabin wants a lot of lighter. Polycarbonate copolymer: Clear exploration takes it may be said of helmet face window outside cabin of mysterious universe   is “ eye ” of the spacefarer, want to offer clear, favorable view to the spacefarer not only, also be one of parts with spacefarer life crucial safeguard. Zhengzhou university is rubber-plastic Liu Chuntai of executive director of mould engineering research center, professor introduces: “ regards space suit as weak link, face enormous atmospheric pressure, face window has any flaw, let a spacefarer possibly face life risk. ” as we have learned, place of helmet face window is taken to be comprised by the copolymerization mixture of polycarbonate or polycarbonate with material outside cabin. To raise spaceflight face window fight aging behavior, project group studied polycarbonate thermal stability, make helmet face window has the characteristic such as tall impact resistance, tall spectral transmitance, can say “ to 300 ℃ difference in temperature not each function index satisfies the face window product of ” completely spaceflight requirement.

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