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Dispatch of two ministries and commissions " 945 " wind report develops direction to decide

Hair change appoint print and distribute " 945 ” of “ are contemporary system of the sources of energy plans " , to 2025, domestic energy resources year integrated productivity achieves above of coal of 4.6 billion tons of standard, crude oil produces per year a quantity to pick up and stability is in 200 million tons of level, natural gas produces per year a quantity to achieve above of 230 billion stere, generate electricity outfit aircraft total capacity achieves about 3 billion kilowatt. The file expresses, our country enters compose to establish the new level of system of contemporary the sources of energy. Contemporary energy industry enters innovation to upgrade period. Ability of innovation of energy science and technology promotes significantly, the industry grows ability to increase continuously, new energy resources and power equipment engineering capability are banner, wind-force of low wind speed generates electricity to obtain new breakthrough efficiency of changeover of batteries of technology, smooth hot season ceaselessly, master technology of cable of 3 acting nucleuses in the round, coal is made oil gas, medium presently east kilovolt of conduit of line natural gas, ±500 is flexible the major project put into production such as transmit electricity of dc of kilovolt of dc net, ±1100, exceed large-scale electrified wire netting to run control to carry out experience to be abounded ceaselessly, overall look, equipment of technology of our country energy formed stated dominant position. Around do good carbon to amount to peak, carbon to counteract the job, system of the sources of energy is faced with brand-new change need, pressing demand increases science and technology further innovation leads and the strategy supports action, increase energy industry base in the round advanced change and level of industrial catenary modernization. The file expresses, want to strengthen lash-up safety valve to accuse. Safety of electric power of aggrandizement key area is ensured. According to the local and “ key safeguard, tough, principle that restores ” quickly, with city of municipality directly under the Central Government, provincial capital, plan only kind city attachs most importance to a dot, lash-up of promotion electric power is supplied and the accident restores ability. As a whole structure of this locality electrified wire netting is optimized and passageway of interconnection transmit electricity is built, reasonable the relevant line that increases core area and principal user, transformer substation builds a standard, strengthen the aid of each other of electrified wire netting below breakdown state to prop up. Advance this locality lash-up to ensure power source construction, encourage the principal user that has a requirement to develop distributed power source and small electrified wire netting, perfect configuration of power source of user lash-up provide for oneself, arrange urban Hei Qi to move power source and power source of shift of public meet an emergency to build as a whole. During 945 ” of “ , in key city layout a batch of firm and local electrified wire netting. Valve of safety of network of promotion the sources of energy controls a standard. Safety of perfect power supervisory system is prevented control a system, strengthen safety of infrastructure of information of key of industry of electric power, oil gas to protect ability construction. Advance north to fight the satellitic navigation system application in energy industry. Strengthen research of technology of network safety key, drive build safety of energy industry, intranet sth resembling a net to posture is felt and monitor early-warning platform, raise risk analysis to grind sentence and early-warning ability. Drive compose to build new-style power system. Promote power system to get used to gradual progress of direction of new energy resources of large-scale high proportion. As a whole development of high proportion new energy resources and stability of electric power security move, accelerate power system digitlization to upgrade to build iteration development with new-style power system, promote application of technology of new-style electric power and operation pattern innovation in the round, deepen power system reform. It is fundamental platform with electrified wire netting, enhance power system natural resources to optimize configuration ability, intelligence of promotion electrified wire netting changes a standard, the type new energy resources and quantity bedding face are extensive distributed energy resources in driving electrified wire netting to get used to extensive collection actively develops. Increase strength plan and construction to be a foundation with base of large scene phone, with its circumjacent cleanness is efficient and advanced energy-saving coal report is prop up, in order to stabilize on the safe side especially high pressure is defeated change the new energy resources that electrical wiring road is carrier furnishs. Construction intelligence attempers efficiently moving system, a variety of the sources of energy such as exploration electric power, heating power, natural gas attemper jointly mechanism, promote harmonious carry to go. It is a center with the user, strengthen supply and demand two-way and interactive, drive source net actively to carry on one's shoulder or back store unifinication develops. Configuration of structure of innovation electrified wire netting and operation pattern. Accelerate distribution network to transform upgrade, drive intelligent distribution network, active distribution network to build, the bear the weight ofing that raises distribution network to admit new energy resources and diversity negative charge force and flexibility, promote new energy resources development of nearby of first on the spot is used. Develop the intelligent small electrified wire netting that gives priority to with the sources of energy of disappear take in the fresh-take in new Party members actively, implementation and big electrified wire netting are compatible and complementary. Perfect area electrified wire netting advocate the net wears a structure, drive electrified wire netting between flexible can accuse interconnection, compose constructs scale the power system of statified and reasonable, divisional, on the safe side, the trends that promotes electrified wire netting to get used to new energy resources stabilizes a level. Science advances electric power of new energy resources to cross a province to cross an area to carry, popularize steadily flexible dc transmit electricity, optimize transmit electricity curve and price mechanism, strengthen send electrified wire netting getting end to move a peak to move in coordination, increase capacity of energy of take in the fresh-take in new Party members of entire network disappear. Enhance power source to coordinate optimize serviceability. Raise wind report and electric power of hair of smooth hot season to calculate a level, perfect and net standard system, construction system is friendly model field of new energy resources stands. Carry out flexibility of group of coal electric machinery to transform in the round, first promotion deepness of group of electric machinery of coal of class of 300 thousand kilowatt moves peak capacity, advance power plant of provide for oneself of enterprise coal fired to participate in a system to move a peak. Natural gas of construction of adjust measures to local conditions moves peak power station and development store heat solar energy is hot generate electricity, drive gas electricity, solar energy heat to generate electricity with wind report, smooth hot season shirt-sleeve development, combination moves. Accelerate push pump water labor can power station construction, carry out new harbour of round of pump water can be medium long-term development program, drive the harbour of large pump water that already brought into maturity of program, condition can construction of power station start working. Optimize power source side much can complementary attemper run mode, sufficient mining power source moves peak latent capacity. Strive 2025, flexibility of group of coal electric machinery transforms dimensions accumulative total to exceed 200 million kilowatt, pump water harbour can installed capacity achieves above of 62 million kilowatt, in build installed capacity to achieve left and right sides of 60 million kilowatt. Accelerate new-style store can technical dimensions turns application. Drive power source side energetically store can develop, reasonable configuration store can dimensions, station of field of ameliorative new energy resources exerts oneself characteristic, support distributed new energy resources reasonable configuration store can system. Optimize side of layout electrified wire netting store can, play store can the sources of energy of disappear take in the fresh-take in new Party members, cut a peak to fill cereal, enhance the multiple action such as stability of electrified wire netting and lash-up power supply. Side of active support user store can diversity develops, raise dependability of user power supply, urge the user side such as electric car, UPS store can participate in a system to move peak frequency modulation. Widen store can apply setting, drive electrochemistry store can, stair power station store can, compress air store can, flywheel store can wait for technical diversity application, explore Chu Nengju to close use, share use wait for condition of new pattern new job. Promote power load flexibility energetically. Strengthen power demand side to answer ability to build, integrated and dispersive demand answers resource, guide an user to optimize store the mode that use phone, high proportion releases dweller, general industry and commerce to use the flexibility of electric bear. Guide big industry bear to share auxiliary service market, encourage electroanalysis the electrovalency such as aluminous, ferroalloy, polycrystalline silicon is sensitive model improvement of Gao Zaineng bear produces craft and flow, play can suspend negative charge, can control the function such as bear. Develop industry side of bear of bear of adjustable bear, floor space air conditioning, big data center, user store can, car of new energy resources and electrified wire netting (V2G) energy is interactive the fictitious power plant that waits for group of of all kinds resources sets an example. Strive 2025, the 3% ~ that power demand side answers ability to achieve big negative charge 5% , its east, China area of medium, southern and other places achieves big negative charge 5% the left and right sides.

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