On Feburary 10, labour believed the 8 branches such as the ministry to combine print and distribute " accelerate drive industrial resource to use executive program integratedly " , accelerate those who drive industrial resource is integrated use give out relevant file. Plan puts forward: Explore burgeoning solid to abandon use method integratedly. Drive the burgeoning solid such as lamina of report of component of useless old smooth dog days, wind to abandon use technical research and development and industrialization application integratedly, increase use research and development of equipment of whole set technology integratedly to popularize strength, explore burgeoning solid to abandon use technical line integratedly. Industry and informatization ministry development and Department of Commerce of ministry of environment of zoology of ministry of rich of treasury department of ministry of reform committee science and technology   of duty Wu total bureau accelerates the announcement   that drives industrial resource to use executive program integratedly about print and distribute city of only kind of municipality directly under the Central Government and each province, municipality, plan, Xinjiang is produced; Sheet of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan lists duty Wu total bureau city revenue: Now will " the executive plan that promotes industrial resource to be used integratedly about accelerating " print and distribute gives you, carry out seriously please fulfil. Industry and informatization ministry   develop and reform   of   of total bureau of Wu of duty of   of Department of Commerce the resource of industry of executive plan   that   drove industrial resource to be used integratedly about accelerating on January 27, 2022 is used integratedly it is compose. To carry out " law of prevention and cure of environment of pollution of republican solid trash " , fulfil " republican countryman economy and society develop the 14th 5 years to plan to mix 2035 compendium of distant view target " and " green of 945 ” industry develops “ program " , drive industrial resource to be used integratedly energetically, stimulative industry high quality develops, make this plan. One,   of overall demand   (one)   of guiding ideology insists to be guidance with thought of socialism of characteristic of Xi Jinping new era, carry out a party in the round 19 mix greatly spirit of plenary meeting of 19 all previous, carry out Xi Jinping to lay form culture idea deep, phase of new development of base oneself upon, complete, accurate, comprehensive implement new development concept, compose builds new development structure, with the technology innovation is lead, with sex of supply side structure reform gives priority to a line, drive useless fountainhead of firm of key industry industry to decrease quantity and dimensions to change energetically efficient and integrated use, accelerate advance renewable resources high cost to change a loop to use, stimulative industry resource is used in coordination, exert oneself promotes industrial resource to use efficiency, stimulative economy society develops comprehensive green transition, aid force to realize carbon to amount to peak carbon to neutralize a goal as scheduled. (2) basic principle   insists to develop as a whole. Use efficiency promotion and requirement of industrial green transition around resource, combinative industry firm is abandoned and structure of renewable resources industry, space distributings characteristic, as a whole compose is built cross an industry to cooperate with, go up to cooperate with downstream, the industrial resource that cooperates with between area uses structure integratedly. Hold to a problem to direct. Useless breed of focusing key solid and industrial catenary weak point, aim at industrial firm to abandon decrease quantify high cost of pain spot, renewable resources to change resource of difficulty, industry to be used in coordination block a dot up, essence of life uses plan, target definitely to hair force, cogent the quality that improves industrial resource to use an industry integratedly to develop and benefit. Hold to innovation to lead. Position of main body of aggrandizement enterprise innovation, extend produce learn to grind with shirt-sleeve passageway, firm of industry of exert oneself breakthrough abandons the technology of pivotal general character that uses integratedly with renewable resources, the industrialization that accelerates equipment of advanced and applicable technology uses promotion, raise digitlization level, promote the system mechanism innovation such as policy, management. Hold to market dominant. Sufficient play market configures medium decisive action in resource, action of better play government, give priority to with the market measure such as demand, supply, price, it is with the administrative measure such as program, policy complementary, arouse produce use the main body of of all kinds market such as the enterprise useless enterprise, integratedly to be abandoned to solid decrease measure and use, the enthusiasm of synergism of renewable resources appreciation. (3) main goal   arrives 2025, the firm of key industry industry such as steely, coloured, chemical industry abandons generation intensity to drop, what a large amount of industry firm abandon is integrated use a level to promote significantly, renewable resources profession persists healthy progress, industrial resource uses efficiency integratedly to promote apparently. Strive a large amount of industry firm abandon integrated utilization rate to achieve 57% , among them, smelt broken bits is achieved 73% , industry deputy produce gesso to achieve 73% , bare mud uses a level integratedly to rise effectively. Dosage of benefit of breed of main renewable resources exceeds 480 million tons, among them scrap iron and steel 320 million tons, useless nonferrous metal 20 million tons, waste paper 60 million tons. System of standard of policy of regulation of integrated benefit use perfects industrial resource increasingly, technical equipment standard promotes significantly, the industry is spent centrally and develop ability to rise considerably in coordination, hard the scale that compose constructs innovation drive is changed change link of circulation of collateral, industry to increase apparently with high cost, in coordination the industrial resource that coupling vigor arouses significantly exploits industrial modes of life and relation to their environment integratedly. 2, industrial firm is useless use integratedly carry   of   of qualitative synergism project (4) drive a technology to upgrade reduce solid to abandon generation intensity. Increase technical reformation strength, drive industry to digitlize intelligence to change green to change shirt-sleeve development. Law of oxidation of photograph of fluid of phosphorite of the smelt of short circuit of puddling of promotion blame blast furnace, nonferrous metal, low grade in be not vitriolic law to decompose, chromic salt, refrigerant nitric acid, gangue and gangue former fill up below the well wait for advanced technology. What aggrandizement produces process resource is efficient use, stair is used and use circularly, reduce solid to abandon generation intensity. Encourage produce useless enterprise to strengthen production process management, optimize solid to abandon processing technology, raise solid to abandon resource character, reduce use difficulty integratedly. (5) accelerate industrial firm to abandon dimensions to change efficient use. Drive industrial firm to abandon by elemental value integrated development is used, accelerate advance gangue (accompany unripe mine in all) , broken bits of fly ash, gangue, smelt, industry deputy produce waste residue of mud of gesso, bare, chemical industry to wait for industry solid is useless in constituent having price extraction, building materials is produced, fill up below municipal facilities construction, well, zoology rehabilitate, soil is administered. Firm of industry of exert oneself promotion is useless producing fiber material, glass-ceramics, super- refine cement of filling, low carbon, solid to abandon base high-powered concrete, prefabricated component, energy-saving model the high cost of the domain such as housing materials is changed use a level. The organization begins industrial firm to abandon resource to use an evaluation integratedly, drive conditional area to take the lead in coming true to add industrial firm newly to abandon can spent with, firm of the industry that put an amount is useless decrease in order. (6) promotion is complex abandon hard with solid use capacity integratedly. In the light of the part solid abandons part content of complex, harmful material much, property is flabby wait for a problem surely, classification uses strategy, rise to use capacity integratedly steadily. Begin slag actively to classification cent is used character, enlarge slag to wait for the application in green building materials and roadbed material in low carbon cement, promotion slag uses scale integratedly. Accelerate drive manganese broken bits, magnesian broken bits to be used integratedly, encourage construction manganese broken bits to produce the dimensions such as active small pink to change interest expenditures to look. Exploration alkaline broken bits is efficient and integrated use a technology. Advance aerification broken bits actively efficient and integrated use, increase dimensions to change use technical equipment to develop strength, build broken bits of a batch of aerification to produce the efficient interest expenditures such as gel material to look. (7) drive phosphorous gesso to use quantity effect integratedly to be added together. Drive phosphate fertilizer to produce government of enterprise aggrandizement process, raise phosphorous gesso from fountainhead but resource changes character. Breakthrough phosphor gesso is harmless change processing bottleneck, adjust measures to local conditions makes phosphorous plaster stone harmless change processing plan. Expedite the application that phosphorous gesso is making vitriolic couplet produce the field such as gesso of excel in of cement and alkaline fertilizer, production and its goods. Below the premise that assures safe environmental protection, exploration phosphor gesso is used at underground to collect empty area to fill up, the application of the respect such as road material. Support builds phosphorous gesso dimensions to change in and other places of Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan efficient use demonstrative project, encourage conditional area to carry out “ with ” of broken bits a system of fixed quotas for grain production. (8) raise bare mud to use a level integratedly. According to harmless change, resource changes a fundamental, capture cent of bare mud modified is used character, low cost is taken off alkaline wait for crucial technology, advance bare mud to be in the material of ceramists, new-style gel, industrialization application that assembles type building materials, road to material is produced and choose the field such as iron. Encourage and other places of Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan to build bare mud to use demonstrative project integratedly, bring cravat to move bare mud to use industry and alumina industry green integratedly to develop in coordination. (9) optimize industrial structure to drive solid to abandon fountainhead to reduce an amount. Severe accuse to add iron and steel newly, electroanalysis the relevant industry such as aluminium is produced can dimensions. Timely edit the directory of backward production technological equipment that the industrial firm that deadline washs out generation to pollute an environment badly abandons, use the measure such as environmental protection, energy-saving, quality, safe, technology integratedly, depend on lawfully compasses drive backward produce can exit. Steely industry science advances scrap iron and steel in order craft of short circuit of advanced electric stove; Coloured industry put forth effort increases the supply such as second birth copper, aluminous, zinc; The sources of energy (electric power, heating power) the industry enlarges the clean the sources of energy such as heat energy of hydraulic, wind energy, solar energy, ground to use steadily, reduce solid to abandon generation cause. 3, efficient loop uses renewable resources project     (10) advance renewable resources standardization to use. The renewable resources such as cell of executive scrap iron and steel, useless nonferrous metal, useless plastic, useless old tire, waste paper, useless old power, useless old mobile phone uses a trade integratedly standard management. Encourage enterprise and the renewable resources such as large iron and steel, nonferrous metal, papermaking, plastic aggregate treatment to machine an enterprise to cooperate, construction unifinication is large scrap iron and steel, useless nonferrous metal, waste paper, useless plastic wait for green treatment to deserve to send a center. Promote development of assemble of renewable resources industry, encourage renewable resources domain small small company enters an area into garden. Encourage the low cost such as useless old textile, useless glass renewable resources is used integratedly. Push the product generator responsibility such as electric equipment electron, car outspread and pilot, encourage build manufacturing company to be built oneself, entrust construction, collaboration to be built in all etc with all possible means the product standardization of linkage reclaims system, promotion resource uses a level integratedly. (11) promotion renewable resources uses value. Strengthen the Internet technology such as catenary of big data, area piece to be in the application of renewable resources domain, the efficient renewable resources that aids force compose to build the photograph below the line on the line to be united in wedlock reclaims system. Exert oneself is outspread renewable resources is profound treatment industry chain, stimulative iron and steel, copper, aluminous, zinc, nickel, cobaltic, lithium strategical the efficient second birth that the metal abandons broken makings is used, high cost of promotion renewable resources is changed use a level. Advance reproducing of high-end intelligence equipment in order. Lead the import of second birth raw material that accords with product standard actively. (12) cell of perfect useless old power reclaims use a system. Perfect administrative system, source control of go against the river of complete lifecycle of cell of power of car of aggrandizement new energy resources. Drive industrial catenary to go up to cooperate to be built in all downstream reclaim channel, compose is built cross area to reclaim use a system. Advance cell of useless old power to be in equipment report, fill change the domain emergency staircase such as report second application. The key area such as area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of look forward to of ferry is in Beijing, long triangle, another name for Guangdong Province builds a batch of ladder second use demonstrative project with second birth. Breed a batch of ladder second use backbone company with second birth, increase dynamical cell nondestructive to detect, automation tears open solution, metal having price the research and development of the technology such as efficient extraction popularizes strength. (13) deepen useless plastic loop to use. Accelerate deserted carefe, plastic express to pack wait for generation generous to basically abandon plastic breed to reclaim use, foster business of mainstay of a batch of bibcock, raise an industry to be spent centrally. Drive useless plastic high additional cost is used. Encourage an enterprise to begin useless plastic and integrated use product green to design attestation, raise reworked plastics to wait for the use scale of the domain in electron of car, electric equipment, building, spin. Science is reliable advance plastic replace goods application promotion, help strength plastic pollution processing. (14) explore burgeoning solid to abandon use method integratedly. Research makes shipping safety and environment harmless change a loop to use program, strengthen shipping design, build, form a complete set, examine, battalion carry and maintenance, transform, tear open solution, use wait for complete lifecycle management, promote relevant enterprise and orgnaization information to share, stimulative shipping abandons old stuff second birth to use. Drive the burgeoning solid such as lamina of report of component of useless old smooth dog days, wind to abandon use technical research and development and industrialization application integratedly, increase use research and development of equipment of whole set technology integratedly to popularize strength, explore burgeoning solid to abandon use technical line integratedly. 4, industrial resource uses ability integratedly to promote project     (15) aggrandizement crosses an industry to be used in coordination. Strengthen the cooperation between the industry, the industry such as chemical industry of stimulative coal mine, metallurgy, building materials, petrifaction cooperates with coupling develops, stimulative solid abandons resource to cross an industry to be used in coordination. Encourage conditional area to begin “ not to have construction of useless city ” , conditional industrial garden area and enterprise found “ not to have useless enterprise ” without ”“ of area of useless industry garden, drive solid to abandon inside the area, inside garden area, inside plant area use circularly in coordination, raise solid to abandon resource of on the spot to change efficiency. (16) strengthen cross area to be used in coordination. In Beijing ferry look forward to reachs circumjacent area, build a batch of entire firm to abandon gel material demonstrative project and large gangue, mullock to produce base of arenaceous stone aggregate. Be in the Huanghe valley, the solid such as exert oneself stimulative gangue, fly ash abandons an overmuch type through traffic to cross area to be used in coordination. In belt of economy of the Yangtse River, use waterborne dominant position, widen broken bits of phosphorous gesso, manganese uses a product integratedly to sell radius. The renewable resources generation such as area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of look forward to of ferry is in Beijing, long triangle, another name for Guangdong Province measures earth area, build a batch large cross area renewable resources to reclaim use assemble area, compose builds the green that crosses an area to cross accrete of industrial circulation link, coupling to change high cost to change renewable resources to use industrial system integratedly. (seventeen) drive industrial device to handle town solid to abandon in coordination. Accelerate industrial device to deal with in coordination the technology upgrades transform, the industrial kiln furnace such as report of supportive cement, steely, fire and oil refining, gas change, the petrifaction chemical industry such as caustic soda device deals with in coordination solid trash. In accord with the premise such as safe environmental protection to fall, rely on foundation of existing equipment unit, it is rubbish, municipal sludge, dangerous that construction of adjust measures to local conditions transforms establishment of a batch of industries to treat the life in coordination the project such as trash, medical treatment trash, exploration forms industrial kiln furnace to deal with in coordination method of solid useless technology and commercial pattern. (18) strengthen digitlization to endow with can. Combine the key industry characteristic such as steely, petrifaction, building materials, drive new generation IT and make confluence of deepness of whole process, complete element, improve products plan, innovation manufactures technology, carry out seed profit management, implementation resource uses efficiency to be changed greatly, big limit reduces solid to abandon generation. Encourage benefit to use Internet of computation of catenary of artificial intelligence, big data, area piece, cloud, industry, 5G to wait for digitlization technology, strengthen management of resource complete lifecycle. Around industry solid abandons treatment of sorting of manufacturing housing materials, renewable resources, high price to be worth useless old goods and materials to be changed subtly tear open the key domain such as solution, break through a batch of intelligence to make crucial technology. Encourage capable platform of big data of large bibcock enterprise or Internet of industry of construction of tripartite orgnaization, drive breath of fluctuation You Xin to share, resource is shared, interest win-win. (19) push demonstrative promotion of crucial technology research and development. Catenary of orgnaization of business of supportive bibcock mainstay and scientific research school, industry, industry swims up and down the collaboration such as the enterprise, found industrial resource to use innovation platform integratedly. Breakthrough one give an official is miscellaneous abandon hard with solid harmless change use, renewable resources is efficient high cost is changed use, automation intelligence is changed flexible transform wait for technology of general character key and equipment of large whole set, drive a station (set) equipment demonstrative application. Trends releases industrial resource to use list of equipment of advanced and applicable engineering technology integratedly, accelerate promotion of advanced technique equipment. (20) aggrandizement industry surveyor's pole leads. Advance industrial resource to use base construction integratedly deep, choice industry firm is abandoned or the area with nice basis of renewable resources assemble, property, build 50 industry resource to use base integratedly, exploration forms the industry that is based on area and solid to abandon a characteristic to develop way. Breed industrial resource to use “ integratedly to get enterprise of ” of the person that run, “ only champion of individual event of medium and small businesses of new ” of spy of essence of life, manufacturing industry, drive promotion of ability of entire industry innovation, development, service. 5,   of safeguard measure   (21) strengthen constituent leader. Method of innovation work way, play is various the action of each function branch, establish liability an organic whole of clear, fluctuation, job mechanism that advances in coordination. Resource of 945 ” industry uses condition of oneself of various places union and the “ that the characteristic studies to put forward to apply to our region integratedly working program, make clear target, task and measure, increase counterpoise to nod the directive strength of area and weak point, aggrandizement process is supervised, strengthen policy linkage, catch solid catch good program to fulfil. (22) perfect code standard system. Research makes industrial resource use administrative method integratedly, encourage a code of mesa square sex, establish drive and tie mechanism. Establish industrial resource to use occupation standard integratedly to change technical organization, accelerate advance industrial resource to use product, evaluation integratedly, detect wait for metric system to edit, between aggrandizement and level of downstream application field join, encourage establish the industry standard that has an industry to lead action. (23) increase policy to support strength. Use existing capital channel, supportive industry resource uses a project integratedly to build. Integrated to according with industrial resource of the condition benefit gives the support that use the land with the project. Build industrial green to develop directive catalog and project library, support accords with industrial resource of the condition to use a project integratedly to bring into project library. Produce effect of platform of collaboration yield be in harmony, begin “ to fill borrow protect ” linkage pilot, encourage the financial orgnaization such as the bank according to commercialize and commerce can last the principle gives industrial resource to use project diversity credit integratedly to support, credit of green of application of eye of integrated interest expenditures mixes the industrial resource that support accords with a condition issue green bond, innovation banking product and service, perfect assure means. Produce social capital effect adequately, encourage social capital contributive establish industrial resource to use an industry integratedly to develop fund. Fulfil resource to use the favourable policy such as value added tax, enterprise income tax and environmental protection duty integratedly by the regulation. (24) deepen cooperative communication and conduct propaganda to guide. The communication outside strengthening home cooperates, advance the resource element such as resource, technology, capital, talent to use industrial gather integratedly to industrial resource. Innovation publicizes means, abound propagandist instrument, summary popularizes resource of a batch of industry to use experience practice, typical pattern integratedly, develop demonstrative belt to move action. The market that improves industrial resource to use a product integratedly is accepted degree, guide stimulative green consumption. Encourage use wait for informatization platform from media, Internet, begin conduct propaganda of much channel, polymorphous type to groom, build the good atmosphere that whole society participates in jointly hard.

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