Organic coating is to protect metallic stuff to avoid suffer corrode convenient, effective technology, especially annulus oxygen coating. However, current epoxy resin coating is injured easily by physics and chemistry. Intelligence develops from what build paint of answer annulus oxygen in the function preservative coating domain has important sense. Recently, associate professor of Bin of Zhang Bin of group of institute of ocean of academy of sciences Professor Duan Jizhou reported a kind of heat spark from coating of repair epoxy resin, can come true to be corroded continuously defend. This research was published in on Feburary 11 " data research and technical magazine " on. Amino phenyl of researcher use 2- 2 sulfide (APD) serves as stiffening agent, use at design and be being built new-style from coating of repair epoxy resin (EAPD coating) in order to restore nick of small measure machinery. APD element is passed with controlled means (for example medium temperature, activator and ultraviolet radiate) destroy and form 2 sulfur to bolt afresh and have character of “ loop ” . 2 sulfur key exchanges the aromatics of APD element it is general that with aromatics 2 sulfur bolt, and relatively easy union arrives in polymer network, conduce to form have reversible aromatics the network of dynamic EAPD colophony of cross-linking of 2 sulfur key. The EAPD coating that “ develops shows exceedingly good heat to spark from repair function, mechanical nick is completely self-educated after below 80°C 20 minutes answer, dr. ” Dr. Zhang says. According to result of electrochemistry impedance chart, the value of a quantity of model of low frequency impedance of the EAPD coating that discovers nick rehabilitate is close to initiative EAPD coating, make clear an overheat to spark structure and chemical self-healing process. The intelligence that “ may be development to have interesting character from coating of repair annulus oxygen and muti_function protective coating material offers new design strategy, dr. ” Dr. Zhang says.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Of place preparation from coating of repair epoxy resin from repair behavior and anticorrosive mechanism

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