The council of chemical standardization technology that held recently is chloric alkaline branch, plastic branch of product of colophony of pvc of standardization technology committee 2021 on annual meeting, recommend sexual level " disappear optical products uses polyvinyl chloride resin " passed examine and verify. " disappear optical products uses polyvinyl chloride resin " it is a standard appoint the 2nd batch of metric system built plan project 2019. Basis of the unit that draft investigates data and test in great quantities, decided product index is mixed eventually detect method, stalk of grain at sending go out for a battle to seek an opinion in May 2021, the group that draft undertakes proving study to 30 received opinions, adopted 26 opinions, form send go over a manuscript or draft refer this second examine can undertake checkup. In recent years, competition of market of domestic pvc industry is intense, polyvinyl chloride colophony by generalization to high-powered change, special change directional development to become breach, and as standard of living rise, smooth to the glossiness of surface of polyvinyl chloride goods and disappear effect also raises new requirement ceaselessly, drove disappear light then polyvinyl chloride resinous develops. But disappear optical products does not have uniform standard and occupation standard at present with polyvinyl chloride colophony, there also is uniform product standard on international. Producing a business is the industry standard that establishs his according to the characteristic of respective product and corresponding test method. Disappear finishing tastes those who use level of product of polyvinyl chloride colophony to make the quandary that because this kinds of product can depend on manufacturing company and downstream user to bring without mark,can solve already, be helpful for normative production and market order again, for the product current use with the user offer commerce basis and instructor, lead and standard the development of this product, to polyvinyl chloride the development of the industry will rise to urge action actively.

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