Recently, of research and development of Ba Ling petrifaction " makings of join of printing ink of polyurethane of ability in swimming of modified of oxygen of be surrounded by mountains of a kind of lake and its preparation method " " the hydroxide that a kind of moisture can accuse - system of reaction of phenol epoxy resin " obtain authorization of intellectual property bureau 2 times. Since this year, side of data of epoxy resin of Ba Ling petrifaction already obtained authorization 6, nearly 5 years accumulative total obtains authorization 40. Enter “ 945 ” , ba Ling petrifaction greets new development phase, this company perfects construction further company of data of banner chemical industry is overall deploy, the progress that according to “ epoxy resin of “ of 945 ” program achieves domestic banner ” as soon as possible is overall train of thought and target, oxygen of environmental protection annulus the technology serves as the 5 big core such as chloric propane to basically tackle key problem direction, positive try to find a solution, layout 143. The beginning of the year, new technology of this company epoxy resin has used a liquid in the round one unit “3 changes 5” to dig go in synergism project, product purity, colour and lustre promotes in the round, bad news of specific power consumption, content, useless get together content volume drops again and again, manufacturing man-hour shortens considerably, 1 to July, liquid one unit output blazes new trails repeatedly tall. This technology will become colophony ministry to develop the core technology of new project, raise colophony ministry effectively the market competition ability of epoxy resin. Epoxy resin includes sex of this company function oxygen of oxygen of lake be surrounded by mountains, annulus of phenolic aldehyde of 5G report subclass, tall hear resistance annulus oxygen, it is the ongoing direction of technology of colophony of future of Ba Ling petrifaction and new profit point of growth. DCPD phenol epoxy resin already realized industrialization, passed 5G manufacturer to grow cycle application to check in the round, july, center of this company epoxy resin upgrades again to technology of DCPD phenol epoxy resin, implementation reclaims phenol circulates completely, reduced product only cost substantially. Technology of chloric propane of oxygen of annulus of direct combustion legal system has passed this company hydrogen peroxide solution attestation of group company technology, odd ton product liquid waste reduces 90% above than former technology; Liquid waste uses the integrated processing technology that is new technology of epoxy resin of form a complete set integratedly, via producing device experiment proof, total organic carbon is reduced considerably, realized sodium, chloric total circulation; 4 cardinal principle fasten composite material in the domain such as traffic of oil field, orbit to get partial client approbate.

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15-18 December

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