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[direct seeding of answer ability network] Hai Yi and everybody talk about composite material to infiltrate those things

Friends of industry of   of   of direct seeding of answer ability network, everybody is good! Composite material wetability can effective promotion, it is the technical heat that industry pays close attention to all the time. one-stop does auxiliary solution solve what in producing a course, appear all sorts of difficulty and pain spot? How to choose a whole journey not to have the advanced auxiliary product of care? This also made the topic central point that industry pays close attention to. Dedicated Yu Fu adds up to material auxiliary solution and act as agent the sea leisure company of advanced auxiliary product, the major that passes answer lumber industry more than 20 years is accumulated, in embellish of auxiliary solution, answer material product of wet function promotion, auxiliary chooses a respect to have experience and right to speak more. Reason this, answer ability network invites technologist of sea leisure company between the direct seeding on reticle of material of answer of be a guest, for everybody solution of auxiliary of promotion of wet function of embellish of composite material of give a lecture, answer material, composite material is stuck receive product of selection of product of the difficulty in reaching drawing of patterns and pain spot, advanced auxiliary, anti-foaming agent to choose to wait for problem and heat, will interact with the audience, solve the problem of the audience. Direct seeding time: On March 19 afternoon at 3 o'clock. The 2 dimension on the picture are piled up below scanning, register enter direct seeding, can leave your question ahead of schedule, answer ability network gives direct seeding reader feedback.

Huang Li of instructor introduction   is good, it is technology of ministry of career of adhesive of answer ability of sea leisure company to use a manager now. One's previous experience of regular professional training of major of high polymer material, after graduation all the time deep ploughing originallies at heat composite material industry. Include nearly 20 years to heat up support of technology of company of solid colophony data, C919 from already all previous big airlines recipe of answer material colophony reachs some part shape craft task group, auxiliary devotes oneself to to apply a recipe to reach each in domain of sticky agent of answer material, glue after joining Hai Yi shape the function below craft is evaluated, technical servive routine. Limited company of development of business of leisure of sea of   of company introduction   Introduction Hai Yi is to be engaged in product of foreign chemical industry what entrance representative sells is professional company, headquarters established in Shanghai 1999 - trade of division of Shanghai sea ease limited company, be in and other places of He Ningbo of Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, Changzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen established branch and delegate to be in, each district all deployed perfect storage and content to shed a service. Composite material regards Hai Yi as early development direction, the experience that having 20 one's remaining years is accumulated, there is numerous client in the industry base and taller famous degree.    Direct seeding time: On March 19 15:00-16:00

Are you wet to the embellish of composite material, stick receive, what inquisitive problem do drawing of patterns and respect of auxiliary product selection have? The welcome leaves a message beneath, or hair to of customer service mailbox, we give an expert feedback, ask an expert to make major solve for you. Dedicated brand transmits the major below the line on line of industry of   answer lumber 19 years promotion media

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