Grabbed 2021 outfit, 2022 par, fall pressingly this pressure is the ” of “ labour pains that report of our country maritime wind is experiencing. But be like an enterprise tenaciously, these experience great value to depend on, make be in among them enterprise to be in pressure personally peek good luck, the breakthrough is sought in chance. Author:   of   of Ran Xiaoran 2021 grab outfit those who exposed domain of construction of telegram of our country maritime wind is short board ability of construction of hoisting of made of baked clay unit of inadequacy of equipment of —— boat aircraft, big sign, far-reaching sea is defective wait for a problem. Report of “ maritime wind is our country main strategy burgeoning industry, it is the important grasper of transition of the sources of energy. Long-term in light of, we hold upbeat mood to maritime wind report, and drill through this round of all previous, enterprise general more in throwing an industry to build with tough attitude and the concept that innovate continuously, go, compose builds the maritime strength below double carbon target. Electrified wire netting of wind- driven to Polaris hair says ocean of Inc. of heavy industry of ” China cable and Liu Yufei of general manager of department of environmental project enterprise. 1, the cold ” that maritime wind report still is faced with “ of challenge     to freeze 3 feet are not one day, those who grab outfit phase is short board also be not a day and become. Report of our country maritime wind carries out “ surveyor's pole + mode of allowance electrovalency ” , 935 ” of “ of electric power of the according to when those plan, the outfit of maritime wind report 2020 machine target is 5GW, end by 2019, industry of cable of our country maritime wind takes shape with 5.9GW installed capacity, but industrial catenary was not done good should erupt to the industry the preparation of growth. “ falls in new electrovalency policy, 2021 grab no matter outfit is right whole industry catenary, still built order to bring very great pressure. ” Liu Yufei points out, from will look currently, development of report of our country maritime wind is facing the challenge of two respects: On one hand, industrial catenary, supply catenary bottleneck to be broken through urgently. Before July 2021, overall, foundation, conduit tubal stake wears wind report, of the equipment such as sea cable produce can pressure is great, although this phenomenon alleviates somewhat when 3 quarters, but produce all can not cause major equipment to be centered in installation of second half of the year, create very great pressure to the allocation of construction boat engine. In the meantime, the quickness of the price that rent of construction boat engine climbed boat of litre of —— pile, hoisting, construction to turn over cable of double superabundant, sea to lay boat price already was amounted to even grab before outfit fourfold. Of the price cannot accuse to bring about a few projects to cannot reach level of expectant investment gain rate directly. Subsequently and the next difficult problem that come is —— resource does not match phenomenal aggravate. Why to match for resource? Cite a case, because produce,can be in short supply, or weather cannot accuse, the installation that plans hoisting formerly cannot carry project scene on time, construction boat engine must stop the spot awaits; On the other hand, equipment already transferred the spot, construction boat engine cannot press plan construction to work because of the reason such as weather however. “ supplies catenary to be illogical free, can cause carry, the crucial link such as construction cannot join effectively, occurrence ‘ both ends awaits, the phenomenon that both ends wastes ’ . From the point of this angle, grab those who hold pair of whole industries to be able to develop continuously cause adverse effect, this is a problem that is worth entire industry to think over. ” Liu Yufei says frankly. The 2nd challenge comes from Yu Dazhao to cover with tiles aircrew is versed in to applying the Yan Ke of ability of equipment, construction asks. The maritime wind report of depth of water of rice of our country 50-70 can develop resource to amount to 500 million kilowatt, move toward far-reaching sea stage by stage as maritime wind report, depth of water of 40 meters of above makes one of ability standards of engine of boat of construction of telegram of large and maritime wind. And, as domestic head overall the maritime unit equipment that the enterprise releases 8MW-16MW in succession, in meaning the process that develops in par, tile of far-reaching sea, big sign has become maritime wind report to be in “ the target of main assault fortified positions of 945 ” phase. But in fact, the boat engine that can satisfy ability of hoisting of fan of above of depth of water of 40 meters of above, 10MW at the same time at present can be counted on one's fingers, this brings enormous challenge to construction company undoubtedly. 2, answer a challenge,   of China report broken bureau regards the project of China cable group as technical board piece main component, develop as industry of maritime wind cable, china report is versed in again be in ascendant passageway from beginning to end on ability of construction of maritime wind telegram and innovation development. Current, china report weighs labour to have number of ” of Zhen Jiang of 1001” of “ China report, “ , 02” of the collect in “ China report installs strong 01” of platform and “ Hua Dianbo from fan promoting style, strong 02” of “ Hua Dianbo takes boat of installation of bottom type fan; 01” of the collect in “ China report goes partly boat of construction of type fan foundation, the resource of important boat engine such as IHC3600 pile hammer, formed the complete construction ability that covers installation of pile, foundation, fan to carry hoisting inside. Be worth what carry is, date of 01” of the collect in “ China report already uncovered Yang Shenquan at will be being finished in June heavy stake of single stake of root of project of electric field of one maritime wind works, came true to go partly type as string of 1 platform is in again the battle win victory of construction of foundation of single stake of domestic big diameter. “ faces the development demand of severe exacting of all the more, the enterprise is faced with farther promotion technical actual strength, accelerate the pressing demand that increases construction capacity. At present China cable heavy industry also is in according to industrial demand, cooperate cheek by jowl with manufacturer of designing institute, lead plane, the innovation sex program that exploration increases construction equipment capacity. ” Liu Yufei points out. In the construction upsurge since 2020, china report weighs labour to obtain —— of achievement be obvious to all to aid force Tang Shan demonstrative project of windward report 300MW, report delivers of great capacity of island of happy booth bodhi project of channel of altar of project of the H3 austral seaside, Hua Dianfu clear sea and net put into production; China can shoot Yang Hai to go up south report of project of H5 of can big abundant, state joins state of city of area 300MW project, salt one project construction ends spring of Jie Yang god; The project of first phase of annulus of jade of city of Zhejiang China broadcasting station, 3 date projects austral Shandong peninsula all are in orderly construction. Send electrified wire netting to understand according to Polaris wind-force, china report heavy workpoint is not in pasture of Cao the wife of a prince, Tianjin, Wuhan and Zhengzhou create 4 production base, part to establish center of technology of 4 designs, research and development in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Zhengzhou, all-around raise equipment of maritime wind phone to make with construction ability, for our country the implementation of the development of industry of maritime wind cable and double carbon target contributes China electricity power. 3, help near future of   of price of maritime wind n two maritime aircrew send bid price depreciate considerably and par is maritime the start working of the project, what the par that pulled open report of maritime 2021 wind develops is prelusive. But face of no help to stick electrovalency, can the maritime wind report 2022 still last current upsurge? This year in June, guangdong saves print and distribute " the executive plan that windward report develops stimulative of great capacity in order and relevant industry can develop continuously " , inside 3 years when put forward to rise from 2022, provide partial subsidy to according with maritime wind report of the condition to develop a project, drive a project to develop by allowance Xiang Ping price is smooth and excessive. The partial project that “ industry predicts to Guangdong was saved 2022 will have start working requirement. Lift head of in relief, Shan, the project of maritime wind cable of maritime space is in in relief Jiang Qingzhou to be advanced actively, the program project of maritime space of Shandong, Zhejiang accelerated the process of start working, jiangsu saves contest recipe case to come on stage, the progress of project be born also is being accelerated. These projects that have construction requirement are like at the appointed time can start smoothly, so installed capacity of start working project can achieve 5 million kilowatt 2022. ” Liu Yufei expresses, in these positive signal release, it is relatively hopeful that the market prospect 2022 returns the industry. At the same time Liu Yufei also expresses, made of baked clay trend of the par development that is aimed at maritime wind report and deep far the sea, big sign, china cable heavy industry also is in the construction capability that promotes oneself further, carry dimension ability, explore around “ wind report + ” concept extends business. During wind is exhibited this year, china report weighs labour to carry “ intelligence to change a foundation to prevent erode plan ” appears, revealed the base of maritime wind phone that is based on new material, new technology to prevent erode plan, at present this plan already was in some project applies Jiangsu, the effect acquires owner reputably. In the meantime, china report weighs labour to also will continue to explore maritime wind report and the possibility that coupling of a variety of the sources of energy admit, if maritime wind report makes report of hydrogen, maritime wind breed,wait, wind cable industry grows a space on further spread sea, the compose of the implementation that is double carbon target and new-style power system establishs contribution power of a China electricity. Editor's note: On November 19, 3 gorge the sources of energy releases first phase of bay of city of Lai of “ Chang Yi (300MW) announcement of ” of invite public bidding of group of electric machinery of wind of project of maritime wind cable, this was 2021 sea of open of the 3rd home is windward the project of electric invite public bidding. Be in before long before, open of intelligence of bright this world the group of wind electric machinery on the four seas of “ in relief Jiang Qingzhou invite public bidding, this project installs machine 505.2MW, exceed type of 2 40 rice, 16.6MW to obtain with depth of water fix eyes upon inside course of study. On November 8, electric power of another name for Guangdong Province releases announcement to say, in relief Jiang Qingzhou of report of another name for Guangdong Province of decision investment construction project of electric field of one maritime wind and in relief Jiang Qingzhou of report of another name for Guangdong Province project of electric field of 2 maritime wind, project construction dimensions is aggregate 1 million kilowatt. Plus early days open sealed tenders in project of the 400MW austral dark green of electric power of project of 280MW of Ci of besmear of hill of wide nucleus elephant, Hua Run, already in start working wide nucleus a cycle of sixty years one project, these already the maritime wind capacitance of invite public bidding already amounted to 2GW. In addition, there is a message to say inside course of study, in wide nucleus a cycle of sixty years 2, and 3 gorge green administrative division 5, 6, 7 projects also hopeful 2022 start working, look so, report of maritime 2022 wind is worth to expect!

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